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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nude Celebs Movies & Clips

Marisa Tomei Here’s a list of nude celebrity movies and clips in one place (hosted at that were posted at Nudography, mostly under Nude Celebs in HD articles.

Updated: April  15th 2010

Cate Blanchett, Amanda Ryan and Fanny Ardant from the movie Elizabeth.: rapidshare: 1, 2, 3, 4 : megaupload: 1, 2, 3, 4

Rachel McAdams topless from movie The Notebook: rapidshare: 1, 2,3; megaupload: 1,2,3

Linda Fiorentino and Angie Everhart nude from movie Jade: rapidshare: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; megaupload: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Monica Bellucci from movie Le Pacte des loups: clip1, clip2

Kim Cattrall from the movie Big Trouble in Little China: video clip

Jennifer Jason Leigh topless from movie The Machinist: movie clip1, movie clip2

Claire van der Boom nude from the episode three of HBO's TV series The Pacific: clip1, clip2

Nicole Kidman, Melora Walters, Katherine Durio and Taryn Manning from the movie Cold Mountain: clip1, clip2

Vida Taylor and Judi Bowker from Clash Of The Titans: clip1, clip2

Kate Mara in a see through top  from the movie Shooter: movie clip1, movie clip 2

Cinthia Moura's nude scene from Masters of Horror: clip1 clip2

Lucie Laurier  and Leah Graham topless from Masters of Horror: video clip1, video clip2

Sarain Boylan and Lucie Laurier from movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop: clip1

Angelina Jolie nude in Original Sin: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Joey Lauren Adams and Priscilla Barnes topless  from movie Mallrats. : clip1, clip2

Kimberley Nixon and Jessica Biel from the movie Easy Virtue: clip1

Emilie de Ravin in a bikini from the movie The Hills Have Eyes: movie clip

Vanessa Angel in a see through from the movie Spies Like Us: video clip

Catherine Zeta-Jones topless from movie The Mask of Zorro: movie clip

Erika Eleniak topless  from Under  Siege: video clip

Kate Winslet nude from Titanic: clip1

Kat Dennings and Alexis Dziena from movie Nick And Norahs Infinite Playlist: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Kelly Preston's sex scene from movie Jerry Maguire: movie clip

Madeline Zima's nude scene from the horror movie The Collector: movie clip

Rene Russo topless from movie The Thomas Crown Affair: video clip

Olivia Hussey's brief topless scene from movie Romeo and Juliet: movie clip

Actress Jenna Dewan in a white bikini from movie American Virgin: movie clip

Helena Bonham Carter topless in a CGI made sex scene from Fight Club: movie clip

Ashley Tisdale in a bikini from movie Aliens in the Attic: clip1, clip2

Lauren Lee Smith and Alyssa Milano nude from movie Pathology: clip1, clip2, clip3

Katherine Waterston and Lauren Birkell from movie The Babysitters: clip1, clip2

Julie Delpy topless from movie Killing Zoe: clip1, clip2

Charlize Theron's nude scenes from  the movie Reindeer Games: clip1, clip2, clip3 

Christina Hendricks nude from an episode of sci-fi series Firefly: clip1, clip2, clip3

Morena Baccarin and Vanessa Kai from movie Death in Love: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Indira Varma, Kerry Condon, Zuleikha Robinson and Lyndsey Marshal from TV Series Rome: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5, clip6

Rinko Kikuchi nude from movie Babel: video1, video2, video3, video4, video5

Amber Heard in a bikini from The Stepfather: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5

Rachel Hurd-Wood nude from Dorian Gray: clip

Laura Linney topless from movie The Other Man. movie clip

Lindsay Lohan sexy from movie Labor Pains. video clip, video clip2

Kiele Sanchez naked from movie A Perfect Getaway: clip1

Anna Faris from comedy Observe and Report: clip1, clip2

Francesca Fowler nude from TV series Rome: clip1, clip2, clip3

Kelly Monaco topless from Bikini Destination - Fantasy: video clip

Michelle Williams leggy in Deception: movie clip

Natasha Henstridge's sex scene with Ewan McGregor in Deception: movie clip

Ewan's sex scenes with Shannan Click and Charlotte Rampling in Deception: video clip

Maggie Q in a see through lingerie in Deception: video clip

Jessica Alba from Into the Blue: movie clip

Various topless actresses from Good Luck Chuck: movie clip

Chelan Simmons topless from Good Luck Chuck: video clip

Yasmine Vox topless from Good Luck Chuck: video clip

Jessica Alba sexy from Good Luck Chuck: clip1, clip2

Paz Vega  from movie Not Forgotten: video clip

Polly Walker's nude scenes from TV series Rome: clip1, clip2, clip3

Rachel McAdams nude The Time Traveler's Wife: movie clip

Autumn Reeser's sex scene in Smokin Aces 2: Assassins Ball: video clip

Martha Higareda from Smokin Aces 2: Assassins Ball: movie clip

Erin Cummings nude in Spartacus: Blood and Sand: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Lucy Lawless nude in Spartacus: Blood and Sand: video clip1, video clip2

Viva Bianca nude in Spartacus: Blood and Sand: clip

Michelle Ryan flashed her boobs in Mister Eleven: video1, video 2

Amy Landecker's nude scene from A Serious Man: RS video clip

Crystal Lowe topless from horror movie Wrong Turn 2: Dead End: clip1, clip2

Deja Kreutzberg topless in Sorority Row: rapidshare clip

Nicole Moore topless in Sorority Row: RS video clip

Monica Bellucci topless in Baaria: RS video clip

Jessica Paré's hot lesbian scenes with Piper Perabo in Lost and Delirious: movie clip

Alice Henley's sex scene from Rome: rapidshare video clip

Eliza Dushku topless in Nobel Son: RS movie clip

Mischa Barton nude from Assassination of a High School President: clip1, clip2

Alexis Bledel in a bra from Post Grad: RS movie clip

Lindsay Lohan going down on some guy in movie Georgia Rule: rapidshare video clip

Rosario Dawson nude from Alexander: RS video

Leslie Bibb topless from The Midnight Meat Train: RS movie clip

Yvonne Strahovski white bikini from Chuck: rapidshare clip

Mini Anden  and Yvonne Strahovski in lingerie from Chuck: rapidshare clip

Sarah Lancaster in lingerie from Chuck: rapidshare video clip

Margo Stilley nude from 9 songs: RS video clip1RS video clip2

Jeanne Tripplehorn' sex scene with Michael Douglas from Basic Instinct: video clip

Paula Patton nude in Deja Vu: video clip

Sharon Stone's sex scenes from Basic Instinct: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5, clip6, clip7

Katherine Heigl's nip slip from The Ugly Truth: movie clip

Lindsay Lohan and friends perform Jingle Bell Rock from Mean Girls: video clip

Rachel McAdams in a bra, making out from Mean Girls: video clip

Alexis Dziena nude in Broken Flowers: movie clip

Marisa Tomei  topless from Untamed Heart: video clip

Ornella Muti topless from Italian movie Il bisbetico domato: clip1, clip2

Holly Hunter's nude scenes from The Piano: video1, video2

Natasha Henstridge topless in Maximum Risk: video1, video2

Milla Jovovich topless from The Fifth Element: clip1, clip2

Marg Helgenberger topless in Species. video

Natasha Henstridge nude from Species: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5

Lucy Lawless, Erin Cummings and Viva Bianca nude from Spartacus: videos

Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly  from Bound: video clip

Sandra Bullock sex scene from All About Steve: movie clip

Heather Graham nude in  Boogie Nights: movie clip

Julianne Moore nude Boogie Nights: movie clip

Glee's Lea Michele topless in play Spring Awakening: videos

Kerry Condon  nude in TV series Rome: movie clip

Beth Behrs topless in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love: video

Holly Eglington topless in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love: video clip

Taryn Maria topless in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love: movie clip

Melanie Papalia topless in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love: video clip

Jennifer Holland topless in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love: clip1, clip2, clip3

Polly Walker's nude scene from TV series Rome: clip1

Kira Miró from Los Abrazos Rotos: video clip

Penélope Cruz from Los Abrazos Rotos: clip1, clip2

Laura Harring and Naomi Watts from Mulholland Dr.: video1, video2

Jade Ramsey and Nikita Ramsey from movie Gamer: clip

Kelly Hu from The Scorpion King: movie1, movie2

Paz de la Huerta nude from The Limits of Control HD: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Tania Raymonde naked in a bathtub, Crash: clip

Ellen Woglom topless on Crash: video1, video2

Gabrielle Chapin topless from movie The Final Destination: video clip

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried from Jennifer's Body. clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Heather Graham topless in  The Hangover: movie clip

Gretchen Mol topless from movie American Affair. clip1, clip2, clip3

Jennifer Carpenter in lingerie, scene from Dexter: video

Courtney Ford topless on Dexter, naked in the shower: video clip

Jodie Foster's boob slip from movie Contact: video clip

Jenny Mollen sex scene from Crash: movie clip

Ellen Woglom topless from Crash: video1, video2

Eva Mendes nude from movie Training Day: clip

Alice Eve from Crossing Over: video1, video2, video3

Nicole Parker's sex scene with Adam Sandler from Funny People: movie clip

Nydia McFadden's sex scene from Funny People: video

Kira Miró topless from Los Abrazos Rotos: video

Penélope Cruz topless from Los Abrazos Rotos: clip1, clip2

Angela Serrano topless in The Keeper: movie clip

Alexandria Morrow topless in The Keeper: movie clip

Leah Cairns nude scene from 88 minutes: video clip

Paz de la Huerta nude in Limits of Control (DVD): video1, video2, video3, video4

Monica Bellucci topless in Ne te retourne pas: clip

Sophie Marceau in a see-through bra in Ne te retourne pas: video

Moon Bloodgood's nude scene from Terminator Salvation (Director's Cut):clip

Julie Delpy's nude scene from movie The Hoax: movie clip

Julia Benson topless from Masters of Horror: video

Robin Sydney topless from Masters of Horror: clip

Louise Cliffe's nude scene from movie Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead: video clip

Anne Heche nude in Spread: video1, video2

Margarita Levieva topless in spread: clip1, clip2

Rachel Blanchard shaving her papaya in Spread: movie clip

Sonia Rockwell giving head in Spread: movie

Courtney Ford topless on Dexter: movie clip

Beau Garrett topless in Turistas: video

Lucy Ramos nude in Turistas: clip

Malin Akerman's and Emmanuelle Chriqui threesome from Entourage: video

Hayden Panettiere's nude scene from movie I Love You, Beth Cooper: video

Monet Mazur nude scenes from movie Stoned: video1, video2

Tuva Novotny topless in Stoned: clip

Samantha McLeod's nude scene from movie Snakes On A Plane: video

Holly Eglington nude scene from Stan Helsing: clip

Diora Baird from Stan Helsing: video1, video2, video3

Rebecca Davies from BBC's mini-series Desperate Romantics: clip1, clip2, clip3

Courtney Ford topless from Dexter: video

Eva Amurri topless strip dance in Californication: clip

Gillian Jacobs nude from Choke: video1, video2

Paz de la Huerta nip slip from Choke: clip

Suzanne Shepherd topless during sex scene in Choke: movie clip

Alice Barrett topless during sex scene from Choke:video

Jessica Blank topless in Bored to Death: video

Whitney Anderson nude in Crash: video

Brandy Ledford hot in Modern Family: video

Vanessa Ray in lingerie from Bored to Death: video

Jana Kramer cleavage and upskirt on Entourage:clip

Sharon Stone topless in The Quick and the Dead: clip1, clip2

Demi Moore nude in Indecent Proposal: video1, video2, video3

Mischa Barton topless in a bath tub from Assassination of a High School President: video

Sasha Grey naked in The Girlfriend Experience: video1, video2

Sandra Bullock walking around naked in The Proposal: movie clip

Sophie Monk nude from The Hills Run Red: video1, video2, video3

Olivia Williams topless in The Postman: clip

Amber Heard and Amanda Seyfried topless in Alpha Dog: movie

Heather Wahlquist nude in Alpha Dog: movie

Amanda Seyfried's nipple slip from  Mamma Mia: video clip

Michelle Williams topless in Brokeback Mountain: clip

Anne Hathaway topless in Brokeback Mountain: video

Victoria Dillard topless in Coming to America: movie

Catherine McCormark topless in Braveheart: video

Dina Meyer topless during a sex scene from Starship Troopers: video1, video2

Olivia Wilde topless in Alpha Dog: video

Ali Larter whipped-cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues: clip

Tuuli Shipster naked in The Boat That Rocked: video

Nicole Kidman nude in Dead Calm: movie1, movie2

Juliette Binoche topless in The English Patient: movie

Kristin Scott Thomas nude in The English Patient: clip1, clip2

Ludivine Sagnier topless during sex scene with Vincent Cassel from movie Mesrine part two: video

Florence Thomassin topless from movie Mesrine part one: movie clip

Kelly Brook nude from movie Three: video1, video2, video3, video4

Elisha Cuthbert in a red and black bra from The Girl Next Door: movie1, movie2

Rachel Sterling topless lap dance from The Girl Next Door: video

Lizzy Caplan's sex scene from True Blood: video

Holly Weber nude in The Devil's Tomb : clip

Angelina Jolie nude from Gia: video1, video2

Lisa Bonet's nude scenes from Angel Heart: video1, video2, video3, video4

Elizabeth Whitcraft topless in Angel Heart: clip

Rebecca Romijin topless from Rollerball: video clip

Niki Huey's nude scene in Entourage: movie

Ivana Bozilovic topless with Kal Penn in Van Wilder: movie

Molly Stanton striptease dance from Miss March: movie clip

Porn star Alexis Amore topless in Horsedick.mpeg's music video from Miss March: video

Tanjareen Martin topless in Miss March: video

Eve Mauro topless druing lesbian sex in Miss March: movie clip

Amber Heard's nude scenes from movie The Informers: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4, clip5

Amy Adams topless; full frame version with nudity from Sunshine Cleaning: movie clip

Alanna Ubach sex scene from Hung: movie

Anna Paquin's sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood: video

Lena Olin nude from The Ninth Gate: movie clip

Emmanuelle Seigner sex scene from The Ninth Gate: video

Tatjana Patitz nude in Rising Sun: clip1, clip2, clip3

Shelley Michelle and Tylyn John nude in Rising Sun: video

Joanna Page's sex scenes from Love Actually: movie clip

Laura Linney topless from Love Actually: movie clip

Riki Lindhome topless from The Last House on the Left: clip

America Olivo's nude scenes from Friday the 13th: video1, video2

Julianna Guill sex scene: from Friday the 13th: video1

Willa Ford topless on a water ski board from Friday the 13th: video1

Annette Bening nude in The Grifters: video clip

Denise Richards' sex scenes from Wild Things: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Mena Suvari topless during sex from The Mysteries of Pittsburgh: video

Sienna Miller sex scenes from The Mysteries of Pittsburgh: clip1, clip2

Natalie Zea’s sex scene from Hung: video clip

Mary-Louise Parker having milked sucked out of her boobs. Clip from Weeds: video

Jamie Lee Curtis topless from Trading Places: clip1, clip2

Michelle Mais & Barra Kahn topless from Trading places: movie clip

Zooey Deschanel's nude scenes from Gigantic: topless, lingerie

Halle Berry's nude scenes from Swordfish: topless, lingerie

Elizabeth Berridge topless in Amadeus: movie clip

Lizzy Caplan topless from True Blood S1E8: video

Keira Knightley’s sex scene with Cillian Murphy from The Edge of Love: video

Anna Paquin nude in True Blood: video1, video2

Patsy Kensit topless in Lethal Weapon 2: video

Bridget Fonda having sex with Robert De Niro in Jackie Brown: movie clip

Malin Akerman nude in The Watchmen:clip1, clip2

Lizzy Caplan’s sex scene from True Blood: video

Odessa Munroe flashing her boobs in Final Destination 2: movie clip

Crystal Lowe and Chelan Simmons topless from Final Destination 2: video

Denise Richards topless from It's Complicated: video

Jennifer Tilly nude from The Getaway: video1, video2

Kim Basinger nude from The Getaway: clip1, clip2, clip3

Kelly Lynch nude from Road House: clip1, clip2

Julie Michaels striptease dance from Road House: video

Laura Albert wet t-shirt contest from Road House: movie clip

Dawn Ciccone short sex scene from Road House: video clip

Jane Birkin from movie La Piscine: video

Romy Schneider topless in La Piscine: clip1, clip2, clip3

Kate French topless from movie Fired Up: video

Barbara Nedeljakova and Jana Kaderabkova topless in Hostel: clp1, clip2

Beverly Mitchell bra scene from Extreme Movie: video

Simona Fusco and Christina DeRosa topless from Extreme Movie: clip1, clip2

Heather Hogan topless strip dance from Extreme Movie: video clip

Lena Headey nude scene from movie The Broken: video

Michelle Duncan nude from The Broken: clip

Patricia Arquette’s nude scene from movie True romance: movie clip

Anna Paquin sex scene from True Blood: video

Jeanette Hain walking around naked from The Reader: video

Kate Winslet topless from movie The Reader: clip1, clip2, clip3

Apollonia Kotero topless from movie Purple Rain: video

Zoe Kazan topless from movie Revolutionary Road: video clip

Chrisitna Fulton topless from movie The Doors: clip1, clip2

Kathleen Quinlan nude from The Doors: video

Meg Ryan topless from movie The Doors: clip

Jennifer Grey wet t-shirt from movie Dirty Dancing: video

Scarlett Johansson from He's Just Not That Into You: clip1, clip2

Kathryn Erbe sex scene from Stir of Echoes: video

Jenny Agutter sex scene from An American Werewolf In London: movie clip

Kristen Bell in Princess Leia costume from Fanboys: video

Kobe Tai sex scene from Very Bad Things: movie clip

Diane Lane see-through top from Killshot: video

Alexis Butler topless in Killshot: clip1, clip2

Betsy Rue nude in My Bloody Valentine: clip1, clip2

Audrey Tautou topless in Hors de prix: movie1, movie2

Moon Bloodgood topless in What Just Happened: video

Maria Bello nude in Downloading Nancy: clip

Emily Wachter toplessfrom Compulsion: video

Parminder Nagra’s nude scene from Compulsion: clip

Jamie Lee Curtis striptease dance from True Lies: video

Charlize Theron nude in The Burning Plain: movie1, movie2

Jessica Biel nude in Powder Blue: clip1, clip2

Mena Suvari nude in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh: video

Christina Ricci nude from Black Snake Moan: clip1, clip2, clip3

Marisa Tomei's nude scenes from Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: video1, video2, video3

Marit Thoresen topless in Naked Weapon: video

Maggie Q topless in Naked Weapon: link1, link2

Cameron Diaz see-through and side boob movie clips form There's Something About Mary.: clip1, clip2

Charlotte Salt’s sex scene from Tudors: link

Gwyneth Paltrow flashing her boob in Two Lovers: link

Jennifer Aniston nude skinny dipping from Marley & Me: link

Amber Heard topless from Informers: link

Juliette Lewis boob flash in Natural Born Killers: link

Charlotte Salt nude in Tudors: link

Naturi Naughton nude scenes from Notorious: clip1, clip2

Michelle Williams topless during sex scene with Ewan McGregor from Incendiary: link

Susan Sarandon topless from Pretty Baby: link

Mena Suvari pole and lap dance Sex and Lies in Sin City: link

Yvonne Strahovski makes out with Chuck: link

Anne Hathaway nude in a bathtub from Rachel Getting Married: link

Teri Hatcher’s dance act and the topless girls from Tango & Cash: clip1, cilip2

Eliza Dushku topless in The Alphabet Killer: link

Ling Bai naked HD clips form Gene Generation: clip1, clip2, clip3

Marisa Tomei nude  HD clips from  The Wrestler: clip1, clip2, clip3 

Andrea Langi quickie sex with Mickey Rourke movie clip from The Wrestler: link

Mircea Monroe topless from Into The Blue 2 : link

Fairuza Balk sex scene from American History X: link

Sian Breckin and Jaime Winstone sex scene from Donkey Punch: link

Charlize Theron nude in The Burning Plain: clip1, clip2

Angelina Jolie’s sex scene from Taking Lives: link

Eva Mendes naked from The Spirit: link

Karoline Herfurth sex scene from The Reader: link

Kate Winslet nude from The Reader: clip1, clip2

Jennifer Aniston nude from The  Break-Up: link

Roxy Saint topless striptease from Zombie Strippers: link

Shamron Moore topless striptease dance from Zombie Strippers: link

Jenna Jameson nude strip dance from Zombie Strippers: link

Charlotte Salt nude from The Tudors: link

Patricia Clarkson striptease dance from Elegy: link

Penélope Cruz nude clips from Elegy: clip1, clip2, clip3

Katy Mixon's nude scene from Eastbound & Down: link

Charlie Spradling's nude scene from Wild at Heart: link

Lisa Ann Cabasa topless dance from Wild at Heart: link

Mia M. Ruiz  and Valli Leigh topless from Wild at Heart: link

Laura Dern topless from Wild at Heart: clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4

Sarah Figoten topless from Beerfest: link

Candace Smith nude from Beerfest: link

Tina Casciani topless sex scene from Role Models: link

Amanda Righetti in a black bikini movie clip from Role Models: link

Jessica Simpson in a red bra video clip from The Dukes of Hazzard: link

Jessica Simpson in a red bikini video clip from The Dukes of Hazzard: link

Topless sorority girls video clip from The Dukes of Hazzard: link

Katy Mixon makes out with Danny McBride clip from Eastbound & Down: link

Katy Mixon sex with fiancee clip from Eastbound & Down: link

Sylvia Jefferies topless clip from Eastbound & Down: link

Halle Berry’s sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton from Monster’s Ball: link
Billy Bob Thornton going down on Halle Berry from Monster’s Ball: link

Amber Rules sex scene with Heath Ledger from Monster’s Ball: link

Amber Rules sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton from Monster’s Ball: link

Eliza Dushku in bra from Dollhouse: link

Jaime Lee Kirchner in bra from Dollhouse: link

Yvonne Strahovski sex scene from Chuck: link

Jennifer Coolidge huge cleavage from Soul Men: link

Michelle Williams in a see through top movie clip from Synecdoche, New York:link

Emily Watson Topless video clip from Synecdoche, New York:link

Robin Weigert Topless video clip from Synecdoche, New York:link

Taryn Manning topless in Hustle & Flow:link

Michelle Williams topless in Incendiary: link

Julianne Moore and Alice Braga nude shower from Blindness: link

Paz de la Huerta nude in The Guitar: link

Saffron Burrows nude in The Guitar: link

Carly Craig topless in Role Models: link

Jessica Morris topless in Role Models: link

Malin Akerman sex scenes from The Heartbreak Kid: scene1, scene2

Maria Bello nude from A History of Violence:scene1, scene2

Lauren Holly's ass from Dumb & Dumber : link

Naomi Watts nude in 21 Grams :scene1, scene2, scene3

Elizabeth Berkley topless video clip from Any Given Sunday: link

Angelina Jolie nude in Changeling: link

Mena Suvari's nude sex scene from movie Stuck: link

Kathleen Turner nude from Body Heat: link

Caley Hayes' nude scene from Sex Drive Unrated: link

Porn Stars (Capri Cavalli, Kylie Reese, Brynn Tyler, Brea Bennett and Bridgette B ) from Sex Drive Unrated: link

Monica Bellucci topless in L'Uomo Che Ama: link

Shannon Elizabeth topless from American Pie: scene1, scene2

Diane Lane's nude scenes from Unfaithful: scene1, scene2, scene3

Katherine Moennig topless during a sex scene with Mia Kirshner, video clip from The L Word: link

Julia Roberts topless in Pretty Woman: link, 1080p version

Rachel McAdams sex scene from movie The Notebook: link

Amy Smart nude in movie Mirrors: link

Keira Knightley's nude scene from movie Domino: link

Angelina Jolie's ass clip from movie Wanted: link

Wei Tang and her amazing nipples from movie Lust Caution: link

Carly Pope in a bra from movie 24 Redemption: link

Jennifer Connelly ass to ass double dildo scene from movie Requiem for a Dream: link

Anna Faris' nude scene from movie House Bunny: link

Malin Akerman topless from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: link

Keira Knightley's nude scene from movie The Duches: link

Rumer Willis and her bouncing boobs from movie House Bunny: link

Kat Dennings big cleavage from House Bunny: link

Eliza Dushku's nude scene from movie The Alphabet Killer: link

K.D. Aubert sex scene from movie Surfer Dude: link

Leonor Watling nude scenes from The Oxford Murders: scene1, scene2

Marisa Tomei's nude scene from movie The Wrestler: scene1, scene2, scene3

Andrea Langi's bathroom sex scene from movie The Wrestler: link

Jennifer Esposito nude sex scene from movie Crash: link

Kate Groombridge's nude scenes from movie Virgin Territory: scene1, scene2

Silvia Colloca and Chiara Gensini nude from Virgin Territory: link

All caps from Nude Celebs in HD articles- All caps from 2008 in four part archive: part1, part2, part3, part4

Funny scene with Verne Troyer from Celebrity Big Brother: link

Miriam McDonald topless in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society: scene1, scene2

Shawna Waldron topless in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society: scene1, scene 2

Renée Zellweger's nude scene from movie Appaloosa, probably a body double: link

Maria Tornberg topless from movie Super Troopers: link

Diora Baird's nude scene from movie The Wedding Crashers: link

Andrea Stefancikova topless from movie Kill Switch: link

Katie Morgan's sex scene with Jason Mewes from movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno: scene1, scene2

Jason Mews full frontal nudity from movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno: link

Moon Bloodgood's nude scene from movie What Just Happened, could be a body double: link

Valentina Cervi's nude scene from movie Miracle at St. Anna: scene1, scene2

Video clip of Paris Hilton's nip slip from movie Repo - The Genetic Opera: link
by KazooKid @ Wednesday, March 31, 2010 5:38 PM
This list is incredible! Thanks so much. When might there be the next one? :)
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