Kim Kardashian sex tape

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Filmed: February 2004
Age when filmed: 23
Released: March 2007
Before sex tape was release Kim Kardashian was more or less known as a friend of Paris Hilton. But after the tape got out she became very popular. So popular in fact, that Paris Hilton felt threatened and now the two are no longer best friends.
On the sex tape Kim Kardashian is having fun with R&B singer Ray J, who was actually the one who sold sex tape to Vivid for just one million dollars. I guess he also wanted some more fame. According to Ray J the video was shot around 2004 when he and Kim were in a relationship.
The sex tape is actually pretty good. Kim does give a nice blow job, you see her shaved pussy and her great tits. At one time I think she also fakes an orgasm.

Where was it shot

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was shot in a hotel room. They also included some scenes from her private life on the sex tape.

Who is in it

Kim Kardashian and R&B singer Ray J

What is going on

Sex tape is shot in POV(Point of view) mode and with camera on a stand. They have sex on a bed. Kim gives Ray J a nice blow job. Ray J fucks her mostly from behind. Kim moans all the time about how she’s cumming... gonna cum .... but Raj J has to wet his cock all the time which would indicate that Kim is dry as the Sahara desert and not about to cum in a long time, If her acting was as good as faking orgasms she’d won an Oscar by now.

How was it released

Ray J sold the tape to Vivid entertainment group for only US$ 1 million. Kim Kardashian threatened to take legal action to block its planned distribution by Vivid Video. She later dropped the suit and settled with Vivid Entertainment for US$ 5 million. Vivid Video made the sex tape available online in March 2007.

Sex tape quality

Quality of the tape is very good lightning could be a little better. Only thing that bothers me is editing of the tape. Sex scenes are put together like you'd watch a porn movie.

What can you see

Kim Kardashian's boobs, ass, shaved pussy

Length of the tape

Kim Kardashian Superstar is 40 minutes long Kim Kardashian Superstar Uncut is an hour and a half
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