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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recent celebrity updates and additions

Caitriona Balfe Here’s a list of some recent celebrity updates and additions.

So, not wanting to come across like a traffic whore for mentioning “Macbeth” yet again, I’ll mention some other updates and additions to the database in the past week.

Because let’s face it, if I mention “Macbeth” again and not show any photos from the play, there’s bound to be at last one unhappy visitor to the site, who will start to scream shenanigans because my intentions are obviously to trick Google, Bing, Yahoo and every other search engine out there into sending their search traffic my way and thus making me rich beyond belief.

Anyway…some other interesting nudes from the past week; sans photos from the play we shall not write about… cough… “Macbeth”… cough:Celebs added
Celebs updated
708x714, 129 KB, CaitrionaBalfe_Outlander_s1e7-03.JPG489x690, 61 KB, CaitrionaBalfe_Outlander_s1e7-01.JPG1024x716, 45 KB, Katie_Cassidy_–_The_Scribbler-02.jpg632x768, 62 KB, Ashlynn_Yennie_–_The_Scribbler-08.jpg781x768, 59 KB, lake_bell-nude-02a.jpg785x768, 63 KB, lizzy_caplan_masters_of_sex_s02-11-01.jpg681x690, 66 KB, Sarah_Gadon__Maps_to_the_Stars-01.jpg994x612, 118 KB, juno_temple_sin_city_2_a_dame_to_kill_for-01.jpg917x768, 87 KB, CristaCober-noid14.jpg1024x514, 51 KB, Patricia_Duarte-Saint_Dracula-01.jpg
by Slick @ Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4:56 PM
Nobody is complaining you're not posting pictures of it so much as it is you acting like a high and mighty douche for NOT posting pictures of it. I initially found out about the leaks from you and then found out about the second round of leaks from you. Just deal with the fact that you run a celeb porn site and that you're a scumbag as a result and that talking about what's "just wrong" or passing judgement on others makes you sound like a hypocrite. Beyond that you can post or not post whatever the fuck you want.
by s3py @ Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:33 PM
I guess someone like you can be called a pervert then. Checking out this porn site ran by a scumbag on a daily basis, wishing to see your favorite celeb to finally ditch her clothes.
by Slick @ Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:53 PM
ROFL! Well no shit! You're saying that as if I don't know! I'm a pervert and a scumbag and I wear that on my sleeve proudly, but I'm no hypocrite.
by s3py @ Wednesday, September 24, 2014 11:54 PM
I'll take that as a compliment then. My favorite movie character was a boundless hypocrite, if I am considered one, then I guess, mission accomplished.
by Loganx @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 2:08 AM
I'm fine with the not posting of the leaked photos. There is a difference between posting nude pics from movies and the invasion of privacy leaked pics......HOWEVER considering that you DID post the Erin Andrews hotel pictures at the time...... Yeah inconsistent moral high ground.
by ElDakaTiger @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 4:06 AM
Macbeth? Dunno what that means lol. Been out of town so must of missed something big. As for Slick he just wants to be a troll and is doing it wrong.
by ElDakaTiger @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 4:11 AM
Also does anyone know if Juno temple is an exhibitionist? Or is she just a hippie, every other movie she is nude...
by DocX @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 5:35 AM
Didn't realise you were such a Blackadder fan. Thought that was one of the best episodes ever. So naturally I won't be mentioning the subject hardly at all - MacBeth
by Slick @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:35 AM
@s3py: What a coincidence, my favorite movie character is a guy who points out somebody's inability to "practice what you preach" and realizing their character flaw the only thing the other side could do was some kind of Pee-Wee Herman "I meant to do that" shtick. So I guess mission accomplished all around! High five!
by Slick @ Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:36 AM
@ElDakaTiger: Oh you kids today, you're so sheltered that you don't know what trolling or even BAD trolling looks like anymore.
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