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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nadine Velazquez from Flight

Nadine Velazquez A few HD caps of Nadine Velazquez from Flight.

This is Nadine's first nude scene on film. Probably got something to do with the fact that she got to star alongside Denzel Washington in the movie.

Here's what Nadine said about her first nude role:

“I was actually really comfortable being naked believe it or not.  The scene is just me getting dressed. The way that we are shot is really moody and really cold, so I didn’t mind. Robert Zemeckis did a great job with our nude scene.  It’s not about being nude necessarily, it’s about the implication of what we were doing that morning, and the night before.”

And from another interview , talking about her nude scene:

There was a scene where I bend over and I have no clothes on. In the opening shot, my character is getting dressed after a night of partying, there’s a moment where I have no underwear under my dress, and I’m bending over to him, not to the camera. I wasn’t nervous about being nude, but I was nervous about bending over because it just seemed like too much. The director told me he wasn’t going to do any shots that made me feel uncomfortable. So I asked this makeup artist to give me the piece of flesh-colored tape to wear on my private parts and covered it, so when I bent over he didn’t see any parts I was protecting. I kept bending over and everything was fine.

So when we were waiting for our last take, we were underneath the sheets and he asked, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’ and I said yes, and he said, “Is that a piece of tape that you have down there?” I thought that was the most funny moment. I knew he was looking at that wondering if it was a deformity or an alien! He must have been so confused since it was so close to my skin color. I just told him “Denzel, you can’t have it all!”

Nadine is perhaps best known for her roles as Catalina Aruca on My Name Is Earl and Sofia Ruxin on The League. She was actually nude in an episode of the latter, shortly after Flight was released.

Next chance to see Nadine wearing some skimpy clothes will be during an upcoming episode of  FOX's TV series Raising Hope which is scheduled to air on February 26th. Nadine will guest star in the episode along with some other former members of  My Name Is Earl cast.

399x768, 30 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-11.jpg492x562, 40 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-09.jpg471x701, 42 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-08.jpg452x702, 40 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-04.jpg562x768, 49 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-02.jpg967x768, 71 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-16.jpg821x768, 54 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-15.jpg1024x768, 79 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-14.jpg1024x768, 152 KB, nadine_velazquez_flight_1080p-13.jpg
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