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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Aniston's boobies postponed... celebs in upcoming movies

Jennifer Aniston Movies to be released this week:

Real Steel (Evangeline Lilly, Hope Davis, Jahnel Curfman, Antoinette Nikprelaj, Regina Taufen, Olga Fonda)
The Ides of March (Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei)
The Way (Deborah Kara Unger, Ángela Molina)
Dirty Girl (Milla Jovovich, Juno Temple, Mary Steenburgen, Maeve Quinlan, Natalie Amenula)
Blackthorn ()
The Human Centipede II ()

Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be showing her boobs this week in Wanderlust.  Unfortunately,  the studio decided to postpone the release of the movie. It's now scheduled to be released on February 24th, 2012. So with the release set just after Jennifer's 43rd birthday, her fans will have something to celebrate as well...  her first proper nude scene.

Although, reading some posts at imdb, Jennifer's fans might get slightly disappointed in the end. Apparently she wore pasties over her nipples when she was filming her nude scene. Therefore, the nipples we might see in the movie were probably added in post production with the help of CGI, much like   Leslie Mann's and Olivia Wilde's nipples in The Change-Up or Jessica Alba's nude scene in Machete.

The only movie coming out this week, which promises  graphic nudity, is Dirty Girl, starring Juno Temple and Milla Jovovich.  Sadly, the graphic nudity part belongs to a dirty old man I believe, or his gay son. Ehrm, at least that's what I read in a review some time ago. Neither Juno or Milla were mentioned when the review was describing nudity in the movie.

Juno was recently naked in Kaboom though, and she's also nude in her upcoming movie Killer Joe, which was shown at several movie festivals thus far,  but doesn't have any wider release date set yet.

Celebs in upcoming movies:
November 11th

Immortals (Freida Pinto, Isabel Lucas)
J. Edgar  (Naomi Watts, Lea Thompson, Amanda Schull, Judi Dench)
Melancholia (Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling)
Jack and Jill (Katie Holmes, Valerie Mahaffey, Jessica Guadix, Natalie Gal)

Many ways to watch the above trailers. If you want to watch them on your mobile phone type in your mobile browser.

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