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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michelle Ryan would go topless

Michelle Ryan Michelle Ryan has revealed she would love to pose topless.

The former 'EastEnders' star is very proud of her curvaceous body and would quite happily flaunt her assets if she knew it wouldn't impact on her career.

She told Britain's Soaplife magazine: "I love my curves and wouldn't want to lose them. "I'd have done some topless shoots if I wasn't famous."

The 'I Want Candy' actress - who is about to break the US after winning the lead role in a remake of hit 70s TV show 'The Bionic Woman', also revealed she refuses to use tongues when doing on-screen kisses.

Michelle - who is now single after splitting from fiancé Tommy Williams -

added: "It's different to real kissing. If you use tongues you're showing them you fancy them!"
Monday, April 23, 2007

Kelly Rowland Strips Off For New Album

Kelly Rowland Former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland has stripped off to spice up the cover of her new album.

The star was supposed to release ‘My Story’ last summer but has spent a whole year reworking it after deciding the original was “too full of mid-tempos and ballads”.

Now a front cover which shows Kelly entirely topless clutching her arms around her has been revealed – indicating that the new version of her album is a bit saucier!
259x351, 15 KB, kelly_rowland-ms_kelly_albumn_cover-002.jpg
Monday, April 23, 2007

Naomi Lay's sex tape rumors

Naomi Lay It looks like a new sex tape may be hitting the Internet imminently. Naomi Lay, star of the currently running British off shoot of The Apprentice, fears that a sex tape that she made with an ex-boyfriend may make it online.

A source told The News of The World: “It's very kinky stuff. Naomi and the fella both play up to the camera. But the focus is on Naomi.

“She obviously doesn't want this film to get out, but she shouldn't worry about not looking good - she looks sensational! She has a fantastic body and seems to love flaunting herself at the lens."

Lay is worried that the airing of the tape online could mean the end of her run on the hit show, fronted by Sir Alan Sugar. The winner of the show gets a 100,000 pound a year job with Sir Alan's company.
Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kristine Lefebvre nude in June's issue of Playboy magazine

Kristine Lefebvre Kristine Lefebvre, who failed to win a job with Donald Trump on "The Apprentice," is shedding her business suit for Playboy. Lefebvre will appear on the cover of the June issue of the magazine and is featured in nude photographs inside, her publicist, Howard Bragman, said Friday.

An attorney, Lefebvre had previously negotiated Playboy appearance deals for clients including Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson, Bragman said.

Lefebvre, 37, is a cancer survivor who wanted to use the magazine opportunity to send a message of support to others with the disease, he said. She's married to prominent Los Angeles chef Ludovic Lefebvre.

The live season finale of NBC's "The Apprentice" is set to air Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT. Lefebvre was "fired" from Trump's show April 8.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Elsa Pataky topless and some hot Monica Bellucci photos from Manuale D’Amore 2

Elsa Pataky

Spanish actress Elsa Pataky has a brief topless scene in Italian movie Manuale D’Amore 2. She takes off her top and we get to see her right boob as she goes for a night swim.

Monica Bellucci also looks very hot in the movie. She plays a physiotherapist and one of her paralyzed patients falls in love with her. She gets more intimate with this patient and she gives him one nice lap dance.  Lap dance scene is also shot at night so you don’t get to see much, but thank god for movie promotion photos of that scene.

Movie was released in Italy and Spain so far. Unfortunatley there are no DVD release dates for this movie at the moment.

HEre are a few pictures of Elsa Pataky topless and Monica Belluci's promo shots from the movie.

437x380, 19 KB, elsa_pataky-manuale_d_Amore_2-002.jpg400x377, 14 KB, elsa_pataky-manuale_d_Amore_2-003.jpg1024x768, 83 KB, monica_bellucci_Manuale_D_Amore_2-001.jpg1024x768, 106 KB, monica_bellucci_Manuale_D_Amore_2-002.jpg1012x768, 90 KB, monica_bellucci_Manuale_D_Amore_2-003.jpg719x768, 106 KB, monica_bellucci_Manuale_D_Amore_2-004.jpg1019x768, 81 KB, monica_bellucci_Manuale_D_Amore_2-005.jpg
Friday, April 20, 2007

Kate Winslet nude from Little Children

Kate Winslet

A few vidcaps of Kate Winslet’s nude scenes from movie Little Children.

The Alliance of Women Journalists gave Kate award for best depiction of nudity or sexuality in film for her role in Little Children.  

Kate appears naked several times throughout the movie with some nice shots of her boobs. According to Kate this was also probably her last nude appearance on the big screen. Too bad.

Movie comes out on a DVD on May 1st.

492x669, 41 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-003.jpg555x656, 46 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-009.jpg515x670, 40 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-010.jpg1024x668, 55 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-011.jpg1024x669, 65 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-012.jpg1024x672, 62 KB, Kate_Winslet_Little_Children-014.jpg
Friday, April 20, 2007

Vanessa Williams looks better naked

Vanessa L. Williams

Vanessa Williams took off her clothes for May's issue of Allure magazine, with Lindsay Lohan on its cover, along with four other female celebrities.

Vanessa L. Williams, Kristin Chenoweth, Carla Gugino, Cassie Ventura and Marley Shelton decided to pose nude for Allure's "Look Better Naked" pictorial by Michael Thompson. All celebs are posing completely naked but unfortunately they are hiding their private parts.

Here are a few pictures from “look better naked” pictorial.

442x600, 84 KB, VANESSA_WILLIAMS-allure-2007_05-001.jpg931x768, 127 KB, Kristin_Chenoweth-allure-2007_05-001.jpg720x768, 103 KB, marly_shelton-allure-2007_05-001.jpg537x768, 79 KB, carla_gugini-allure-2007_05-001.jpg
Friday, April 20, 2007

No more film sex for Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

Hollywood starlet Christina Ricci insists she will keep her clothes on in upcoming films after shooting steamy scenes in a recent movie left her exhausted.

The 27-year-old was completely drained after filming the intimate scenes with Justin Timberlake in Black Snake Moan.

Ricci says, "I've had enough sex for the next two years of my career with this movie."

Here's one low quality pic of Christina Ricci's sex scene from Black Snake Moan.

607x240, 22 KB, christina_Ricci_Black_Snake_Moan-001.jpg
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kate Beckinsale As Barbarella?

Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale is the latest actress to be in line for the role of sci-fi heroine Barbarella, according to that ever churning rumour mill.

The remake was only announced weeks ago, but already Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan have been speculated as contenders.

The Daily Express reports that Kate Beckinsale is the current favourite for the role. The tabloid says that “the feeling is that Kate has just the right combination of beauty, humour and acting talent for the part”.

Beckinsale’s previous action experience includes the 'Underworld' movies, and donning a dodgy East European accent for 'Van Helsing'.

Whichever actress gets the part, I just hope they don’t forget to include Jane Fonda’s nude scene from original Barbarella movie.

Here are a few pictures of Jane Fonda nude from original Barbarella movie.

877x480, 60 KB, jane_fonda-barbarella-001.jpg460x329, 34 KB, jane_fonda-barbarella-002.jpg590x329, 43 KB, jane_fonda-barbarella-003.jpg234x310, 25 KB, jane_fonda-barbarella-004.jpg819x480, 50 KB, jane_fonda-barbarella-005.jpg
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eva Longoria likes kinky sex

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria loves being tied up during sex.

The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty - who is engaged to basketball star Tony Parker - enjoys being dominated in the bedroom.

She revealed to Live magazine's Louise Gannon: "I'm not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There's something very sexy about being submissive."

The 32-year-old actress also revealed she regularly has Brazilian bikini waxes because she only ever wears G-Strings.

She added: "Every girl should have a Brazilian wax. It's my sexy secret. And I only ever wear thongs. I don't own a pair of knickers with a proper back to them."

Although Eva is seven years older then her fiancé, she claims she prefers older men.

She revealed: "I like a man with maturity. Wisdom and experience are very sexy to a woman."

Eva also hates men being obvious when they flirt with her.

She said: "There is such a thing as a bad chat-up line - and they've all been tried out on me. The least sexy thing a man can do is whistle at a girl in the street or cat call at them.

"It's so unsexy, so uncool. If I see any builders working in a street I'll turn right round and walk in a different direction. I hate all that shouting and whistling."

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