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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nudity Highlights 2007 – January

Keeley Hazell

Here are nudity highlights for 2007 starting with January.

Looks like January is the month for releasing your sex tapes. If you have any in your stash, releasing them in January would give you full year coverage by celebrity tabloids for sure.  Thus a couple of new celebrity sex tapes were released in January.

UK’s glamour model Keeley Hazell was a new addition to the list of celebrities with sex tapes. She was probably the last person on Earth you’d expect to see in a sex video but collective wishful thinking makes wonders. Although to be honest Keeley’s sex tape was a bit of a disappointment. I mean, what kind of person makes a sex tape with Keeley and doesn’t tit fuck her or at least takes off her bra during sex? (link)

Paris Hilton decided it was time to catch up with Pamela Anderson at the top of the list with her second sex tape Actually it was a bunch of explicit private videos and belongings from a self storage facility that Paris forgot to pay for and then all her belongings were auctioned to the highest bidder. (link).

In January rumours were getting louder and louder that Paris Hilton’s friend Kim Kardashian might also have a sex tape. Rumours became reality in April when the sex tape finally hit the web. (link)

I guess 2007 will also be known as the year of Paparazzi photographers and I imagine next year will only get worse for celebrities around the world. Celebrity stalking became a national sport and suddenly things like celebrities pumping gas, getting a cup of coffee or buying a new sweater became the headlines. With celebrities being tracked around the clock suddenly one’s hobby to catalogue these appearances is turned in to a hell as you can’t keep track of all the semi naked celebrities posted around the web on a daily basis.

Anyway, In January paparazzi photographers caught Mena Suvari topless sunbathing (link), Ashlee Simpson experienced a little nip slip while swimming (link), Paris Hilton had a little boob oops while checking out her dented car (link), Kate Moss was caught topless at the beach as was Rebecca Loos (link).

More interesting movies with nudity released in January included Clubland with young Australina model turned actress Emma Booth (link), Epic Movie with Audra Lynn and Heather Storm (link), Never Forever with Vera Farmiga and Le Fantome du Lac with Linda Hardy who once held the title of Miss France.

There wasn’t much celebrity nudity in January’s magazines. Playboy’s January issue promised a nude pictorial with Pamlea Anderson, but photos turned out to be from some older photoshoot Pamela did for photographer Sante D'Orazio.

This is it for January’s celebrity nudity highlights, the rest will follow up on a daily basis.

588x768, 104 KB, paris_hilton-topless-2007-01.jpg663x768, 73 KB, mena_suvari_topless-2007_01-004.jpg223x400, 21 KB, rebecca_loos_topless_2007_01-11.jpg355x335, 18 KB, Vera_Farmiga_Never_Forever-001.jpg
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt refuses to pose nude for Playboy

Jennifer Love Hewitt Curvy Jennifer Love Hewitt has been offered a bumper deal to pose for Playboy despite being branded fat over unflattering bikini snaps.

The ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ actress faced a barrage of hurtful criticism over recent shots of her on the beach in Hawaii. She was nicknamed “Jennifer Lovehandles” for piling on the pounds - but Playboy chief Hugh Hefner liked what he saw.

Hef tabled a “substantial offer” for Jennifer to show off her curves in his magazine, a US magazine has revealed.

The movie beauty was flattered by the offer but has turned it down, her rep told In Touch magazine.

Angry Jennifer hit back at the fat jibes on her blog and insisted she is proud of her body. She wrote: “To set the record straight, I’m not upset for me, but for all the girls out there that are struggling with their body image. “A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn’t make you beautiful.”

Defiant Jennifer added: “To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini - put it on and stay strong.”
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Marisa Tomei's nudes from BeforeThe Devil Knows You're Dead

Marisa Tomei I made some more caps of Marisa Tomei topless from BeforeThe Devil Knows You're Dead DVD screener. Movie comes out on a DVD on April 15th 2008.
749x768, 64 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-001.jpg950x768, 104 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-008.jpg1024x768, 113 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-011.jpg1024x768, 92 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-015.jpg549x768, 57 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-020.jpg545x768, 54 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-025.jpg612x768, 61 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-033.jpg616x768, 65 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-040.jpg562x768, 61 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-041.jpg736x768, 78 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-048.jpg703x768, 75 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-053.jpg757x768, 85 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-056.jpg912x768, 79 KB, Marisa_Tomei_BTDKYD-059.jpg
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jessica Alba won't pose nude while pregnant

Jessica Alba Pregnant actress Jessica Alba has turned down three offers to show off her baby bump in revealing magazine photoshoots.

Just a week after confirming to the world she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Cash Warren, the 26-year-old admits she has already ruled out the chance to follow the likes of Demi Moore and Christina Aguilera - and bare all for glossy covers.

A friend says, "She had three offers on the first day, but she doesn’t intend to take any of them."
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Melissa Joan Hart pregnant and naked

Melissa Joan Hart She's no longer Sabrina the Teenage Witch, in fact she is pregnant with her second child and Melissa Joan Hart is posing nude ala Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Christina Aguilera. Melissa is due in march of next year and she has stripped down for the new "in thing" of posing in the buff while with child.

Is this a good trend?  Who should we blame?  Crazy Days and Nights has the photos of the lovely Melissa with the strategically placed hands and explains it this way:  "It sucks that Demi Moore started a trend, but she did so I guess we have to give her a tiny bit of credit."

Continuing and the photos are here as well: "(The pregnant) on the cover trend has been followed by countless celebrities since Demi with most not getting any covers at all, or just something like Pregnancy Today or The World Of Cats. Christina Aguilera re raised the bar again by snagging the cover of Marie Claire with all her pregnantness.

Now Melissa Joan Hart is trying to play the same game…although I think the former Sabrina The Teenage Witch looks lovely and I enjoy staring at her more than makeup face Aguilera, I fear that Ms. Hart is off to the pages of Sudoku Monthly. I only hope the same fate awaits Jessica Alba.  Good point, we'll be waiting Jessica.
678x768, 57 KB, Melissa_Joan_Hart-pregnant-001.jpg1024x768, 146 KB, Melissa_Joan_Hart-pregnant-002.jpg
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Uncle Scoopy's top twenty nude scenes for 2007

Christina Ricci In December of each year, the Fun House runs a members' poll to select the best nude performances among that year's releases.

This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2007, or nude scenes not eligible before 2007. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude scenes of 2007.

In December of each year, the Fun House runs a members' poll to select the best nude performances among that year's releases.
This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2007, or nude scenes not eligible before 2007. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude scenes of 2007.

1.    Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan
2.    Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
3.    Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier
4.    Michelle Borth in Tell Me You Love Me
5.    Madeline Zima in Californication
6.    Gillian Anderson in Straightheads
7.   Heather Graham in Adrift in Manhattan 
8.    Alice Henley in Rome
9.    Keeley Hazell in Cashback
10.    Sienna Miller in Factory Girl
11.    Lena Headey in 300
12.    Julianne Nicholson in Flannel Pajamas
13.    Carice van Houten in Black Book
14.    Sonya Walger in Tell Me You Love Me
15.    Laetitia Casta in Le Grand Appartement
16.    Jaime Murray on Dexter
17.    Ashley Judd in Bug
18.    Monica Bellucci in The Stone Council
19.    Ally Walker in Tell Me You Love Me
20.    Vera Farmiga in Never Forever
21.    Radha Mitchell in Feast of Love

Special Mention and Gold Stars:

1.    Valeria Golino in Il Sole Nero
2.    Asia Argento in The Last Mistress
3.    Wei Tang in Lust, Caution

744x500, 95 KB, christina_ricci-black_snake_moan-hd-006.jpg300x311, 18 KB, Marisa_Tomei_Before_The_Devil_Knows_Youre_Dead-001-1.jpg604x522, 25 KB, natalie_portman_hotel_chevalier-002.jpg
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Marisa Tomei topless from Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Marisa Tomei

Finally here are some better caps of Marisa Tomei's nude scenes from movie Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. She has a couple of nude scenes in the movie in one she gets pounded from behind (she might have used a body double for this scene) and in another one she’s seen walking around topless with some nice shots of her boobs and ass.

300x311, 18 KB, Marisa_Tomei_Before_The_Devil_Knows_Youre_Dead-001.jpg259x314, 14 KB, Marisa_Tomei_Before_The_Devil_Knows_Youre_Dead-005.jpg254x312, 11 KB, Marisa_Tomei_Before_The_Devil_Knows_Youre_Dead-006.jpg
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Playboy Cover to Cover

Playboy Cover to Cover: The 50s. We all know that it was the interviews, cartoons, and Leonard Feather jazz reviews that made Playboy magazine an enormously influential cultural artifact of the 20th century. So those of you who have a purely historical interest in the magazine will love Bondi Digital Publishing's Playboy Cover to Cover: The 50s, a two-disc set that contains a searchable database of every page of every issue published from 1953 through 1959 (later decades to be released next year).

The image quality of the scanned pages is impeccable, but the nicest thing about the package is Bondi's proprietary Reader program. Despite a few notable failings in the current rev, such as the inability to sort search results by column, the Bondi Reader is arguably the easiest to use and most flexible interface I've seen--strong words for a market quickly glutting with "cover-to-cover" DVD-ROM reproductions of everything from National Lampoon to Spider-Man.

If all that isn't enough, this sumptuous slip-cased package also includes an oversize coffee-table trade paperback edited by the Hef himself, and an excruciatingly authentic printed reproduction of Playboy's very first (and, um, admittedly kinda porn-like) December 1953 issue.

Playboy Cover to Cover is shipping now and lists for a hundred bucks. It's certainly not for everyone, but if the kind of man who reads Playboy is on your holiday gift list, it would make a pretty classy present.
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some recent DVD caps

Malin Akerman

Here are some nude celebrity caps from a few movies I saw recently.

Tereza Srbova has a quick sex scene with Vigo Mortnesen in movie Eastern Promises. If anyone is interested in seeing Vigo naked, there’s another scene in the move, where he is fighting in the nude for about five minutes.

DVD release of Eastern Promisesis set for December 26th and will be available on a DVD and HDDVD discs.

Gabrielle Richens shows her fake boobs a couple of times in movie Hack!. Also starring in the movie is Danica McKellar, but she doesn’t show much skin.

A couple of Bulgarian models, Jasmina Toshkova and Yana Marinova, have topless scene in movie Lake Placid 2.  Jasmina already posed for Bulgarian Playboy in April’s issue in 2006 and after a few quick searches in google Yana Marinova turned out to be Miss Bulgaria in 2005 and won "Beautiful Smile " title in Miss World competition.

Monica Bellucci and Ramona Pringle go topless in movie Shoot ‘Em Up.

Shoot 'Em Up comes out on a DVD on January first 2008.

Lastly, a few HD caps of Malin Akerman and pornstar Kayla Kleevage from movie The Heartbreak Kid. DVD release for the movie is set for December 26th.

1024x768, 121 KB, Tereza_Srbova-_Eastern_Promises_-002.jpg874x768, 98 KB, Gabrielle_Richens_Hack-007.jpg1024x768, 254 KB, Gabrielle_Richens_Hack-015.jpg879x768, 74 KB, Jasmina_Toshkova_Lake_Placid_2_-006.jpg685x768, 58 KB, Jasmina_Toshkova_Lake_Placid_2_-009.jpg1024x768, 102 KB, yana_marinova_Lake_Placid_2_-010.jpg1024x636, 119 KB, monica_bellucci--shoot_Em_up-001.jpg1024x685, 81 KB, monica_bellucci--shoot_Em_up-002.jpg1024x684, 79 KB, monica_bellucci--shoot_Em_up-005.jpg710x650, 80 KB, monica_bellucci--shoot_Em_up-007.jpg558x491, 61 KB, Kayla__Kleevage-the_hearbreak_kid-720p-005.jpg616x528, 21 KB, malin_akerman-the_hearbreak_kid-720p-005.jpg968x522, 61 KB, malin_akerman-the_hearbreak_kid-720p-003.jpg
Monday, December 17, 2007

Nude celebrity buzz

Megan Fox Weekly nude celebrity buzz at nudography. Here’s a quick list of most popular and searched for celebrities in previous week at nudography.

Search terms from search engines didn’t change much from the previous week. Only new name on the top ten list was actress Michaela Conlin.

Most people using Nudography’s search box were looking for Megan Fox. I guess her nip slip at 7th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards while she was signing autographs might be the cause of that.

Here are most popular celebrity searches from search box at nudography in previous week:

1.    Megan Fox    
2.    Jessica Alba    
3.    Paris Hilton    
4.    Emma Watson    
5.    Britney Spears     
6.    Jessica Simpson    
7.    American Pie    
8.    Eva Mendes    
9.    Natalie Portman    
10.    Angelina Jolie    

990x768, 109 KB, megan_fox_nipple_slip_1a.jpg
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