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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Kelly Osbourne in Playboy

Kelly Osbourne Hugh Hefner has turned down the chance to have former reality TV star Kelly Osbourne appear in his men's magazine Playboy.

The Osbournes star, 22, expressed her desire to appear in the glamorous publication last year (06), but Hefner insists she is not naturally beautiful enough.

The 80-year-old says, "I can't see it happening somehow - we don't airbrush to that extent."
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sharon Stone's boobs worst screen couple

Sharon Stone Sharon Stone's breasts have been nominated for Worst Screen Couple in this year's Golden Raspberry Awards.

The 27th annual Razzies - as the anti-Oscar awards are nicknamed - has granted 'Basic Instinct 2' a total of seven nominations, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress for Sharon Stone's performance.

Stone, 49, will face Jessica Simpson, nominated for her part in 'Employee of the Month', Lindsay Lohan for 'Just My Luck' and Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff for the Worst Actress Razzie.

The Duff sisters share their nomination for their part in 'Material Girls' as Razzie founder John Wilson said he wanted to, "make room for more dreck".

The Golden Raspberry's have also chosen to nominate last year's Oscar winner 'The Da Vinci Code', putting up director Ron Howard for the Worst Director award.

The Golden Raspberry Awards will be handed out the day before the Oscars on February 24.

Though most Razzie winners decline to attend the ceremony and collect their Golden Raspberry, Halle Berry showed she was a good sport in 2005 when she turned up to collect her Worst Actress award for her part in 'Catwoman', which also starred Sharon Stone.
932x505, 68 KB, sharon_Stone-basic_instinct_2-001.jpg
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heidi Klum likes to pose naked

Heidi Klum Guests who passed through Seal and Heidi Klum's  L.A. home during the golden globes weekend were struck by the couple's taste in art.

"There are big naked photo portraits of them, with the kids [Leni and Henry]," says a pal. The nude images, a private commission, appear to have been taken before Klum was pregnant with her most recent child, Johan. Apparently, they leave no doubt what she sees in Seal. "They are tasteful but, you know, confronting," says the source.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rebecca Loos topless at the beach

Rebecca Loos

Here's a nice nude celebrity submission of Rebecca Loos and Gemma Bissix by ps2pro from yesterday.

Paparazzi caught another celebrity topless at the beach over the weekend.

After we were able to admire Mena Suvari topless beach pictures taken at Miami Beach, today we can check out Rebecca Loos' 34D boobs.

Rebecca was caught by paparazzi on Malta, fooling around with Matthew Ridge, a former rugby player from New Zealand. Couple met on the set of Celebrity Treasure Island in October 2006.

Few Rebecca Loos topless pictures; picture source News Of The World and one paparazzi picture of Gemma Bissix topless.

I'd also like to hank all visitors, who take time and submit new stuff.

293x400, 31 KB, rebecca_loos_topless_2007_01-2.jpg661x400, 42 KB, rebecca_loos_topless_2007_01-8.jpg223x400, 21 KB, rebecca_loos_topless_2007_01-11.jpg188x768, 51 KB, Gemma_Bissix_topless_2006-001.jpg
Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mena Suvari topless at the beach

Mena Suvari

Here's a nice way to start a new week. Paparazzi photographer caught Mena Suvari topless at the beach while relaxing with her boyfriend.

It's nice to see Mena’s boobs again. She appeared in a nude scene almost eight years ago in American Beauty. Now we can see her little boobies one more time, thanks to paparazzi.

Here are few pictures of Mena Suvari topless sunbathing at the beach

1024x768, 73 KB, mena_suvari_topless-2007_01-004.jpg1024x768, 93 KB, mena_suvari_topless-2007_01-006.jpg1024x768, 113 KB, mena_suvari_topless-2007_01-012.jpg
Sunday, January 21, 2007

UK TV highlights for the coming week (by BC)

Rebekah Teasdale First, a question. Is there anything in that Katee Sackhoff review of her supposed one and only nude scene so far in a little known Locust Valley. Tits and ass in the shower at 19? Keep hearing about it but very little else. Does it exist or just people wishful thinking situation - goes through my head as it stands now!

This week, a chance to check up on the output of one of the best channels for celebrity nudity - Playboy One, designed not only to show off the many perfect (sometimes TOO perfect!) women who have figured among their pages, but also, admittedly, to get you to subscribe to more of their products.

Asides from the very popular Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Anna Nicole Smith and Victoria Silvestedt who have all figured extensively in the channels still relatively short existence, British talent like Kathy Lloyd, Sophie Anderton and personal favourite Rebekah Teasdale also gets a look-in.

Highlights this week include - movie Castle Erotica with Catalina Larranaga and Holly Sampson (Sunday at 1.30am).

Carmen Electra features in Cheerleaders on Wednesday at 3.50am.

Finally former Neighbours actress Emma Harrison gets very naked in a special on Friday at 11pm.

330x500, 43 KB, Rebekah_Teasdale-nude-001.jpg
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Drew Barrymore Likes to Run Naked in Irish Wheat Fields

Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore hasn't totally left her wild child days behind her — she still likes to run naked in Irish wheat fields.

"I'll drive in Ireland and park my car and run out into the field and rip all my clothes off and just
run in the wheat fields naked. That's for no one to see. That's to have that freedom of feeling, like, at one with nature. So I am completely unguarded still," she tells this Sunday's PARADE magazine.

"I think it alarms people, because I'm so responsible now that when I do do it, it's almost surprising rather than, 'Oh, that's just her doing her thing again.'"

Of flashing David Letterman during a live broadcast as a 20-year-old, she says, "How fun was that? I'm so glad I was so free at one point in my life."

Barrymore left her troubled childhood behind to become a very successful actor and producer.

After her memorable role in "E.T.," Drew's future looked bright. But early addictions led to a stint in rehab at 13, and by 15 she was working in a Hollywood coffee shop.

"I felt really upset when people felt sad for me," she says. "Like, 'Oh, wow, washed-up child actor having to work in a coffeehouse. It must be really, really awful.'

"But I'm really glad for that time in my life having to ride the bus, struggling to pay my rent,
getting heckled by people. Even Hollywood casting directors were rude and patronizing," she tells PARADE.

"They would say, 'Do you know how lucky you are to be in this room?' I would just say, 'Yes, I do.' It was humbling and humiliating."

Today, she has put that hardship and her painful relationship with her parents behind her.

"For me, I just thought, 'What a waste of time to be angry at my parents. What a waste of time to feel sorry for myself.' The best thing I can do is to learn from them, good and bad, have my own family someday and just keep on going."

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Gratuitous nudity" makes Sienna Miller squirm!

Sienna Miller She's done quite a few nude scenes, as well as posed sans clothes for magazines, but Sienna Miller insists that "gratuitous nudity" makes her uncomfortable.

The actress, who admits that she has dropped her clothes "an awful lot" of times, insists to men's mag Esquire that doing so doesn't mean that she is comfortable with it.

"I'm not comfortable with gratuitous nudity - although I have done an awful lot of it in my career," The Sun quoted her, as telling the mag.

Miller, in the meantime, though extremely excited about the release of her new movie 'Factory Girl', revealed last month to the Daily Mirror that she is a little worried about the film's explicit sex scenes, which she says are sure to make her father cringe.

Miller, who portrays counter-culture icon Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick in the film, insists that though the sex scenes needed to be graphic so that they would seem real, she is still extremely nervous about her father's reaction.

"We wanted to make it realistic and I watched it thinking 'Oh my God, my Dad's going to see it!' And that was going through my head," the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

In the film, Sienna's steamy scenes are with Hayden Christensen who portrays a folk singer based on Bob Dylan, who had an affair with Sedgwick, but who movie bosses have given another name for legal reasons.

However, the British beauty insists that the scenes needed to be graphic, for anything less would have seemed out of place in the movie.

"But it was relevant to the story in that it's a movie about the 60s, and sex and drugs and rock and roll were a big part of that. We didn't want to hold back because it is a real film and it is a gritty film and there was a lot of shocking things and it wouldn't fit in the film if we had an unrealistic sex scene. It was always a bit uncomfortable but I think it was relevant to the story," Miller revealed.

"I also believe that there's nothing worse than seeing a sex scene where someone's got a T-shirt on because it's unrealistic so I think that if you're going to do it, do it," she added.

Couple of  Sienna Miller nude pictures from one of her gratuitous nude scenes.
540x626, 56 KB, sienna_miller_alfie-001.jpg588x710, 84 KB, sienna_miller_alfie-002.jpg
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Big Brother Stars Undress for Playboy

Triple twin sisters, one of whom won the latest version of the reality show Big Brother, undressed for Playboy Bulgaria.

Viara, Nadezda, and Lybov (the names are equivalent to Hope, Faith, and Love in English) undressed for Playboy Bulgaria. The edition will be available in January.

Their naked bodies are splashed on nine pages, plus an additional poster. "That should leave our readers satisfied," one of Playboy's editors explained.

The photographic sesssion was done by Vasil Karklenov. "This is a big achievment for our magazine," he said. "Last year just before Christmas we managed to take photogrpahs of naked pop-folk singer Kamelia, now we did it again, only this time it's the tripple twin sisters.
This is making our readers extremely happy, and they will remeber them for a long time. Their pictures cross borders and have received coverage in the international media. We are very proud of our magazine," he boosted.

The editor-in-chief reminds his readers that the chance of giving birth to triple twins is estimated to be 1 : 8.000. "And the probability of them being absoltely identical (like them) and becoming popular and appearing on playboy is so remote that even the best mathematician won't be able to work out the calculations," the editor-in-chief concludes.
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Joanna Krupa nude in PETA ad

Joanna Krupa Supermodel Hosts Sundance PETA Fundraiser to Unveil ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ Ad

Wearing nothing but spiked heels, international supermodel Joanna Krupa reveals her passion for animal rights as the star of PETA’s newest "I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" ad campaign, which she will unveil in person at The Yarrow Resort Hotel in Park City on Friday night.

An international cover model, actor, and spokesperson for Dollhouse Clothing, sexy supermodel Joanna Krupa is known for her famous photo shoots, but there’s one thing Joanna would never model: fur. The Polish-born beauty, who has graced the covers of many a magazine, including Playboy, Maxim, FHM, and Stuff, laid her convictions bare, so to speak, by baring all in PETA’s latest and raciest “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad.

Joanna—voted the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" by Maxim, FHM, and GQ—was photographed in Los Angeles by top celebrity shooter Robert Sebree. The Yarrow Resort Hotel has donated the event space for the PETA fundraiser.

"There is nothing sexy about wearing something that is so obviously tied to senseless pain and killing," says Joanna.

For more information, please visit PETA’s Web site
380x500, 56 KB, Joanna_Krupa__PETA-ad-001.jpg
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