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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sophia Loren might strip

Sophia Loren Sophia Loren, the famous Italian film star, is vocally giving support for here favorite soccer team. She has stated that if the Naples team moves up further in the ranks for the Italian championship, she will do a public strip tease.

The Naples team has been struggling for the last twenty years since it won its first Italian championship. Many of the Maples fans have been praying for a comeback from their favorite team ever since.

The Napoli, the term for the team from Naples, have been considered an underdog since the beginning of the season. Every win so far has added more exuberating to their fans this year.

Currently, Naples is in third place in the second division in the running for the Italian Championship. They have five more games left to progress themselves into the top two positions in the division. If they acquire one of the top two positions, they will make their way into the playoffs.

Sophia Loren has publicly stated that she will strip if the Naples team makes it to the playoffs. She thinks that it is a great way to get fans behind the team. She also believes that this is a great incentive for the Naples team to win.

Mind you that Sophia Loren is 72 years old. While she still has a phenomenal figure for someone her age, she is still 72 years old. Some fans may consider this to be an incentive for their team to win. Some other fans may be considering that this is a reason for the Naples team to lose.

There has not been official word from the Naples team as to their support of this suggested incentive from Sophia Loren. There has also not been any word against it either from the team.

There has not been any more word from Sophia Loren as to where she will perform her strip tease if the team wins. While this may be considered against the law in Italy, many laws are allowed to be broken during a soccer match, or in the aftermath.

With the amount of protests that have come from the current Pope and the Vatican about the state of affairs in Italy, it will not be a surprise to many if there is a comment against the suggested strip tease. It will be interesting to see how far the Vatican goes to condemn the possible actions of one of Italy's favorite daughters.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some new nude celebs vidcaps in DVD and HD quality

Amy Smart Heather Storm and Playboy’s Miss October 2003, Audra Lynn, take off their clothes in Epic Movie. Another interesting scene from Epic movie is a remake of Ireesha’s jog scene from movie Click by Russian beautyIrina Voronina.

Epic movie comes out on a DVD on May 22nd.

There’s a quick lesbian scene in Steven Seagal ‘s new movie Flight of Fury. Katie Jones and Ciera Payton share a quick lesbian kiss and while at it Katie flashes her boobs for a few seconds.

Last few celebrity nudes are HD caps of Amy Smart’s quick boob flash from movie Crank.


591x768, 58 KB, Heather_Storm-epic_movie-006.jpg763x749, 86 KB, Audra_Lynn-epic_movie-008.jpg625x688, 80 KB, ireesha-click-001.jpg1000x768, 122 KB, Irina_Voronina-epic_movie-004.jpg806x768, 56 KB, Ciera_Payton_Flight_of_Fury_-005.jpg868x768, 56 KB, Katie_Jones_Flight_of_Fury-004.jpg1024x712, 83 KB, amy_smart-crank-hd-001.jpg1024x710, 89 KB, amy_smart-crank-hd-002.jpg823x713, 116 KB, amy_smart-crank-hd-003.jpg639x720, 65 KB, amy_smart-crank-hd-006.jpg
Monday, May 14, 2007

Lindsay Lohan’s nip slip

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan experienced a little nip slip during her vacation in Bahamas. Paparazzi photographer caught her fooling around with her current boyfriend Calum Best. As they were playing around in the water, Calum pulled down Lindsay’s black bikini exposing one of her nipples.

A couple of pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s nip slip.

1024x768, 122 KB, Lindsay_Lohan_Nipple_Slip_2007_05-001.jpg298x304, 22 KB, Lindsay_Lohan_Nipple_Slip_2007_05-005.jpg
Monday, May 14, 2007

Keira Knightley Nude Too Often

Keira Knightley Keira complained about being nude too often in her new movie, but she generally does not mind taking her clothes off from time to time.

British actress Keira Knightley thinks that she can be seen nude too often in her latest movie.

"I think soon, people are going to insist I keep my clothes on,” the 22-year-old actress complained to Total Film magazine.

In principle, Keira has nothing against actors being nude if the role demands it because, as she says, actors have tools with which they do their job. “I'm an actress. I have certain tools. One of them is my body. I don't mind stripping off occasionally,” says Keira Knightley, adding “not too often.”

Keira Knightley’s latest movie, which will soon hit the theatres, is called Silk and it was based on a literary source, an erotic novel.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Eva Longoria's Sex Ban

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria is a born again virgin...well sort of. The actress has vowed to not have sex until her wedding night on 7-7-07.

Eva reportedly put the sex ban on Parker to help him become a better basketball player. Apparently not having sex raises the male testosterone level, which enhances performance.

Eva told Jimmy Kimmel: "Luckily, we're getting married after the play-offs and then we need to consummate the marriage. I scheduled it that way."
Friday, May 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Hopes playing it Nude will put her in Oscar Class

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan, portraying a stripper, may have raised David Letterman’s blood pressure last night on his TV show, but he would have had a cardiac arrest if she told him her new movie also has her first full sex scene in it.

She hopes by shedding her clothes she will shed her party girl reputation in exchange for serious actor stripes. In the dark thriller “I Know Who Killed Me” to be released on July 27 “I play my first sex scene in it,” she said in an earlier interview,” which I always said I wouldn’t do.”

After being told she would play a stripper and had taken pole dancing lessons, Letterman “You’re just gonna kill me, you know I have a heart condition. You’re just gonna kill me.” She added “you’re going to see a lot of me in the film.”

She plays a kidnapped and brutally tortured stripper who as a result of her ordeal suffers great trauma, and develops split-personality syndrome. Contrary to her previous ban on having sex on screen, she decided it was time to take up more grown-up roles and this film warranted it. “I don’t think there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long.”
Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jessica Alba looks hot in Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba

Here are some pictures of for all Jessica Alba fans from her new movie Good Luck Chuck. In the trailer for the movie Jessica takes off her pants, showing off her perfect booty.  In another nice scene, she does some advertising for Linux OS.

Movie comes out on August 24th in USA.

598x768, 52 KB, jessica_alba-good_luck_chuck-001.jpg690x768, 55 KB, jessica_alba-good_luck_chuck-002.jpg735x768, 63 KB, jessica_alba-good_luck_chuck-003.jpg1000x768, 62 KB, jessica_alba-good_luck_chuck-004.jpg1024x768, 101 KB, jessica_alba-good_luck_chuck-005.jpg
Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bai Ling Poses Naked For German Artist

Ling Bai Ling Bai Bares All Again - Chinese actress Bai Ling will once again be featured nude in a series of new photographs by German artist Udo Spreitzenbarth.

The sexy starlet, whose scenes in the final installment of the Star Wars movie were cut, posed naked for Playboy Magazine Back in 2005.

Bai Ling will now bare all in a new exhibition of lifesize prints at the Berlinale gallery in Germany.
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things move quick in Hollywood

Joyful Drake

It was only a month ago since Don Imus was fired for calling Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" and "Jigaboos” and there’s already  a movie about it. Actually, Tournament of Dreams was shot in 2005 and it was released on DVD a couple of weeks ago. I guess it’s just a coincidence.

I kind of expected to see at least one shower scene with all the hos' together in the nude, but was very disappointed with the lack of nudity in the film.  Anyway some nice black chicks appear in the movie Joyful Drake, Keana Jackson and Robin Wilson among the others.

625x768, 75 KB, Robin_Wilson_Tournament_of_Dreams-001.jpg1024x768, 163 KB, Robin_Wilson_Tournament_of_Dreams-002.jpg731x768, 75 KB, Joyful_Drake-Tournament_of_Dreams_-004.jpg619x768, 62 KB, Keana_Jackson_Tournament_of_Dreams_-001.jpg1024x768, 182 KB, Joyful_Drake-Tournament_of_Dreams_-005.jpg
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nude Celebs in HD

Olivia Wilde Some new nude caps from a couple of HD DVD titles; Alpha Dog and Miami Vice.

There's a nice sex scene in Alpha Dog for everyone who want to see Olivia Wilde nude. She's topless in a bed, desperate to get fucked but unfortunatly for her she can't get her man hard, she even tries to get him turned on with a quick blowjob, but still no luck.

Amanda Syfriend, Amber Heard and Heather Wahlquist also have short nude scenes in the movie but they are all shot in the dark, so you don't get to see much of their private parts.

Li Gong has a brief nude scene in Miami Vice. She joins Clollin Farrell under the shower and for a split second you can catch a glimps of her right boob.


743x544, 69 KB, olivia_wilde-alpha_dog-hd-004.jpg748x544, 54 KB, olivia_wilde-alpha_dog-hd-005.jpg925x544, 75 KB, olivia_wilde-alpha_dog-hd-006.jpg410x538, 23 KB, Heather_Wahlquist-alpha_dog-hd-002.jpg692x528, 53 KB, li_gong_-miami_vice-hd-001.jpg
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