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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nude Celebs in HD - Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman HD caps of Malin Akerman topless from a 720p source of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

HD caps from the sequel Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay can be found here.

Movie is available on Blu-ray disc at amazon.
751x688, 76 KB, Malin_Akerman_Harold_Kumar_Go_to_White_Castle-001.jpg734x688, 83 KB, Malin_Akerman_Harold_Kumar_Go_to_White_Castle-003.jpg492x641, 58 KB, Malin_Akerman_Harold_Kumar_Go_to_White_Castle-005.jpg
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recent celebrity updates

Eva Amurri List of recent celebrity updates. Most interesting updates from the list are Isla Fisher and Eva Amurri who hadn't done any nudity so far.

I came across and old photo of Isla from a magazine that was taken over ten years ago saying  that she would go naked if it was right for the role. Although she appeared in over 20 movies since then she still didn't appear naked on the big screen. Closest she came to nudity was in Wedding Crashers where she used a body double for her nude sex scene.

Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter, she hasn't done any nudity so far but there are some nice cleveage photos of her out there that show that big boobs are hereditary.

Celebs added

Celebs updated

534x768, 101 KB, c085-Isla_Fisher.jpg1024x768, 126 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-001.jpg1024x768, 87 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-002.jpg1024x768, 65 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-003.jpg829x768, 114 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-004.jpg439x600, 53 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-005.jpg1024x768, 99 KB, eva_amurri_cleveage-006.jpg
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Released

Ranae Shrider The notorious Verne Troyer sex tape is now on the market, meaning the once-missing tape has surfaced.

The right to view the footage can be purchased via a website called, which is decorated in a 1960s, Spy Who Shagged Me-inspired theme. (Clicking takes you to the "you must be 18" page.)

As per the terms of a settlement he reached with adult-film distributor SugarDVD, the tape could not be peddled without Troyer's approval, and a rep for the actor denies that he had any involvement in its release.

A very wounded Troyer sued, which posted the first snippets of the X-rated home movie, featuring Troyer and ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider; celeb-porn broker Kevin Blatt; and SugarDVD for $20 million in June.

Shortly after he was granted a temporary injunction preventing further distribution or monetary transactions by third parties, Shrider admitted to a judge that she leaked the tape herself—and TMZ promptly stuck its clip back online.

The warring sides settled up in July, with Blatt and SugarDVD—which had been touting the eventual release of the explicit video—agreeing that no further hocking would occur without Troyer's permission.

Troyer's attorneys also said at the time that their client had no plans to sell the tape.

He has also filed a $20 million lawsuit against Shrider, calling what she did a "complete betrayal."
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New nudity from Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger and Marisa Tomei

Charlize Theron The webmaster at, currently reviewing movies at the Toronto International Film Festival, has reported that Charlize Theron shows breasts and ass and Kim Basinger shows ass in Guillermo Arriaga's film The Burning Plain.

    Charlize Theron has two nude scenes in The Burning Plain. The first nude scene is the second scene in the film. We see Charlize sitting in bed nude with her back to the camera and facing the window. Charlize gets up and walks towards the window and we see a bit of her breasts and her ass. We then see the view from outside the window as Charlize is topless (as kids are walking by). Charlize then turns around and we see her breasts again. The second nude scene is about 35 minutes into the film. We see Charlize remove her wet clothes in her closet. We see Charlize briefly from the side but it is very dark. Charlize then walks out with an open robe and we see her in panties with her breasts exposed.

    Kim Basinger also has two nude scenes. About 20 minutes into the film, we see Kim bottomless from the side while having sex but again, it is very dark so you can't see much. And at about 70 minutes we see Kim's naked back and ass as she is riding her lover during sex.

The Burning Plain does not as of yet have a U.S. release date.

While there are no details as of yet, I can also tell you that Marisa Tomei has nude scenes in The Wrestler. Here is an excerpt from Variety's review.

    As vibrant -- and as naked -- as she was in last year's "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead," Tomei is in top, emotionally forthright form as she charts a life passage similar to Ram's, if much less extreme.

The Wrestler also screens at the Toronto International Film Festival so further details should be coming out soon.
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rachel Sterling nude in Entourage

Rachel Sterling Entourage is another TV series that features nudity from time to time.

In the first episode of season five there’s a short sex scene with a hot girl. I think the girl might be Rachel Sterling, aka Angel Veil. Rachel had a similar short nude scene in Wedding Crashers.

1024x720, 73 KB, rachel_sterling-entourage-501-001.jpg
Monday, September 8, 2008

Celebrity Buzz

Keira Knightley List of updates from celebrity buzz section.

Talk show appearances

Keira Knightley    Late Show With David Letterman, September 9th
Jada Pinkett Smith     Late Show With David Letterman, September 10th
Jessica Simpson     Late Show With David Letterman, September 11th
Meg Ryan         Late Show With David Letterman, September 12th
Annette Bening      Tonight Show With Jay Leno, September 9th
Leona Lewis     Tonight Show With Jay Leno, September 9th
Jamie Lee Curtis     Tonight Show With Jay Leno, September 11th
Nastia Liukin     Late Night With Conan O'Brien, September 8th
Keira Knightley    Late Night With Conan O'Brien, September 9th
Eva Mendes     Late Night With Conan O'Brien, September 12th
Emma Stone     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 8th
Debra Messing     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 11th
Kerry Washington     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 16th
Alyssa Milano     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 17th
Carla Gugino     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 18th
Michelle Monaghan     Jimmy Kimmel Live!, September 19th
Sophia Myles     Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, September 8th
AnnaLynne McCord     Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, September 10th
Lena Headey     Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, September 12th
Vanessa Anne Hudgens     High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Pamela Anderson  The Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 10th
Kerri Walsh     The Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 10th    
Annette Bening     The Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 11th    
Leona Lewis     The Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 11th    
Jennie Garth    The Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 12th    

Movies that come out on October 24th

Ashley Tisdale     High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Monique Coleman     High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Olesya Rulin     High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Jennifer Ehle     Pride and Glory
Lake Bell     Pride and Glory
Christina Cabot     Pride and Glory
Julie Benz     Saw V    
Meagan Good     Saw V    
Shawnee Smith     Saw V    
Betsy Russell     Saw V    
Samantha Morton     Synecdoche, New York
Michelle Williams     Synecdoche, New York
Emily Watson     Synecdoche, New York    
Jennifer Jason Leigh     Synecdoche, New York
Hope Davis     Synecdoche, New York
Robin Weigert     Synecdoche, New York
Monday, September 8, 2008

Trish Goff and Lou Doillon nude in Purple magazine

Trish Goff Trish Goff and Lou Doillon are nude in issue #10 of Purple magazine.

Trish Goff, 28 year old supermodel from Pittsburg, explored the mystery of feminine nudity by posing naked for photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

French actress and model Lou Doillon, who recently did a nude photoshoot for French Playboy magazine, posed naked for Italian photographer Mario Sorenti who is best known for his spreads of nude models in the pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

Credits for scans go to Finn.

615x768, 49 KB, Trish_Goff_Purple_10_2008-09-001.jpg605x768, 66 KB, Lou_Doillon_Purple_2008-09-004.jpg
Monday, September 8, 2008

Nudity in new season of Dexter and Californication

Julie Benz New season of Dexter starts on 28th of September. Julie Benz has a couple of hot sex scenes in the movie. Unfortunately both nude scenes are rather dark so there’s no clear view of Julie’s boobs. We do get to see Jaime Murray topless in a recap of season two though.

Second season of Californication also starts on September 28th. David Duchovny doesn’t have any problems with his sex addiction in the series and we see him going down on Zita Vass. Later Zita parades around naked and we get to see some nice shots of her boobs and ass.

In previous season of Californication Madeline Zima, Paula Marshall and Rachel Miner were among the ones that appeared nude in the series.

619x551, 30 KB, zita_vass-californication-s2e1-001.jpg
Monday, September 8, 2008

Rachel Rice wants to pose naked

Rachel Rice Big Brother winner Rachel Rice finally pepped things up last night by revealing she wants to pose NUDE.

Nice Ricey suddenly got all spicy and said she can’t wait to strip off—all for charity of course.

In her first interview since beating blind Scot Mikey Hughes to the BB title, she told the News of the World: “I’m definitely posing naked. It will be done tastefully in black and white.

“I also love to strip off and wear bikinis—although I don’t like showing off my nipples.”

Squeaky-clean Rachel, 24, was teased by housemates who claimed she was dull, fake and sat on the fence.
Monday, September 8, 2008

Danielle Lloyd's sex tape for sale

Danielle Lloyd A sex tape featuring glamour girl Danielle Lloyd is being offered for sale to the highest bidder, according to a report today.

The footage, which was shot on a mobile phone camera, is said to show the former Celebrity Big Brother star naked and was recorded by an ex-boyfriend without her permission.

Lloyd, who is currently in the US, has told friends that she is "devastated" by the news.

"Danielle is upset, disappointed and angry," one pal told the Daily Star. "She had no knowledge of any such film's existence and would never ever have agreed to take part in anything like this. She just can't believe anyone would stoop so low as to film her behind her back."

The model recently revealed that she is hoping to launch a career in the States in the future.
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