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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ana de la Reguera nude from Así del precipicio

Ana de la Reguera

A few vidcaps of Ana de la Reguera,  Ingrid Martz and Ana Ciocceti from movie  Así del precipicio.

You probably remember Ana de la Reguera from Jack Black’s movie Nacho Libre as Sister Encarnacion. In Así del precipicio she plays quite an opposite role, she’s a coke & sex addict. She appears nude in the movie in several sex scenes right from the beginning.

Cute Ingrid Martz has a couple of lesbian sex scenes in the movie. First one is sort of a dream like lesbian sex scene where she finds herself on a kitchen table under a black haired girl. The second lesbian sex scene is with Ana Ciocceti.

Some pictures of  Ingrid Martz, Ana Ciocceti and Ana de la Reguera nude from the movie.

894x480, 46 KB, Ana_de_la_Reguera_Asi_del_precipicio-001.jpg670x768, 49 KB, Ana_de_la_Reguera_Asi_del_precipicio-010.jpg853x768, 75 KB, Ana_de_la_Reguera_Asi_del_precipicio-015.jpg696x768, 64 KB, Ana_de_la_Reguera_Asi_del_precipicio-020.jpg796x768, 64 KB, Ana_de_la_Reguera_Asi_del_precipicio-028.jpg1024x768, 142 KB, Ingrid_Martz_Asi_del_precipicio-004.jpg1024x768, 138 KB, Ingrid_Martz__Ana_Ciocceti_Asi_del_precipicio-001.jpg
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Angellica Bell strips for FHM and causes uproar among parents

Angellica Bell The BBC has sparked controversy by refusing to discipline a children's presenter who has stripped for a men's magazine.

Award-winning CBBC presenter Angellica Bell has proved she is no angel by posing in a black lace bra, knickers and stockings in a raunchy shoot for FHM.

In the magazine's latest issue, the 27-year-old boasted that she was coming into her "sexual prime" and wanted to be seen as a woman rather than a girl.

In the frank interview, published in the May edition of the magazine, Angellica also said the shoot had given her the confidence to "love her boobs".

But horrified parents criticised the presenter for failing to set a proper example to girls.

However, the BBC has suggested it is happy with her taking her clothes off for FHM, which is likely to be banished to the top shelf when new Home Office guidelines on sexually explicit magazines are introduced.

Angellica claimed she did the shoot because "people need to see me as a woman, not a girl".

And she hit out at other female children's presenters by saying those who claimed they didn't want to pose for men's mags were "talking rubbish".

But mum-of-three Siobhan Marshall, 37, stormed: "Millions of young girls have watched Angellica for years and have grown up looking up to her as a role model.

"Now she gets her kit off for a men's magazine while she is still on television presenting for CBBC.

"I can't believe she won't be receiving a reprimand from the BBC who seem to think there's no problem with what she is doing. It's outrageous." .... you can read the full article at the Daily Mail's website.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston share a lesbian kiss Dirt’s Finale

Jennifer Aniston

So much dust over a little peck on the lips. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston finally shared their lesbian kiss on Dirt’s finale. The kiss was over so fast I missed it three times when fast forwarding through the episode. But I did manage to catch a couple of new female celebs for nudography’s addition. Although they haven ‘t done any nude scenes so far,  Laura Allen and Alexandra Breckenridge, were added to my nude celebrity reminder list that is checked every now and then for some new nude or sexy pics.

Here’s one picture of Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston’s lesbian kiss from last night’s Dirt episode. I guess we’ll have to wait for a DVD to see the hot version of the kiss among deleted scenes. According to Jennifer, two lesbian kiss scenes were filmed for the episode. Let’s hope this was the boring one, because I’d hate to buy a DVD just to see Courteney and Jennifer to kiss on their cheeks.

385x350, 17 KB, Courteney_Cox_Jennifer_Aniston-lesbian_kiss-dirt_s1_e13-001.jpg
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Go Nude For W Magazine?

Kate Moss Naomi Campbell's shoot for W may not have been the magazine's only high profile project for spring.

We hear that hot young photographer Ryan McGinley shot Pete Doherty and Kate Moss naked for their June issue.

If true, the story will follow April's Vogue shoot of the couple, which was personally supervised by Anna Wintour and probably dreamed about by everyone else.

Meanwhile, Ryan McGinley was recently dubbed one of "Warhol's Children" in a hotly debated cover story by New York, but while everyone in New York seems keen to find traces of Andy, we think this situation is more Annie Leibowitz:

Her shot of John Lennon and Yoko Ono for the cover of Rolling Stone (at right) is one of our most iconic rock images from the last fifty years. The photos from this shoot might just be the next ones.
Monday, March 26, 2007

Nikki Webster to go nude in Hair musical?

Nikki Webster Strawberry Kissed pop star Nikki Webster has signed on for a Perth production of sexed-up musical Hair, but is refusing to comment on whether she will appear nude.
Nikki is playing the musical's female lead of Sheila who would normally appear in the mass-nudity scene.

Now 19, Ms Webster first came to prominence for her starring role in the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony at age 13.

However, she caused quite a commotion when she posed for a shoot with men's mag FHM and later did another shoot with Zoo Weekly .

Although we should point out that appearing in corset, hot pants and boots in an air-brushed mag article is a long way from the full-frontal nudity for which Hair is known.

"Everyone's going to have to come and see the show to find out," she laughs, of the gear-on/gear-off question.

The musical's producer Adam Bick, of Eventainment, is also refusing to confirm or deny whether the popette will appear nude. "The cast members will be getting their kit off, this is not a sanitised version," he says.

"But as for Nikki, well, people will just have to come along and find out for themselves."

Hmm, sounds like a deliberate marketing ploy to us.

Nikki did let slip to (Confidential) that she really should get back into the gym - perhaps to tone a few body parts that will be on show?

The musical is something of an Australian Idol reunion. Rob Mills will play the lead male role of Claude (and will be stripping). Cle Wootten, who plays Dionne, will be also be getting her gear off while nodule-girl Cosima De Vito will sing but will not act - read that she'll stay clothed.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Katherine Moennig and Kristanna Loken nude from L Word

Kristanna Loken

A few pictures from last night's L Word s3 e12. Katherine Moennig and Kristanna Loken had another hot lesbian sex scene. Looks like Kristanna got herself a nice little nipple piercing or maybe I just haven't noticed it before.

Also a celebrity nudity tip frokm JT;
Madeline Zima is is naked in the previews to David Duchovny's new show on showtime. She is on top of him topless and punches him. It comes out in August but the preview was after the L word.

848x533, 65 KB, Katherine_Moennig_The_L_Word_4x12-001.jpg913x545, 57 KB, Katherine_Moennig_The_L_Word_4x12-002.jpg935x534, 54 KB, Katherine_Moennig_The_L_Word_4x12-004.jpg601x542, 43 KB, Kristanna_Loken-L_Word-s4_e12-002.jpg588x535, 37 KB, Kristanna_Loken-L_Word-s4_e12-004.jpg485x545, 31 KB, Kristanna_Loken-L_Word-s4_e12-006.jpg
Monday, March 26, 2007

Jessica Alba feared her breasts weren't big enough for stripper role

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba says she was scared her boobs weren’t big enough for her role in Sin City.

The sexy actress played Nancy, an exotic dancer, in the movie.

"I saw the pictures in the comic book and I thought, 'That girl has some knockers! I didn't really understand how I was going to get such an impressive chest!' But then I went to lots of strip clubs and watched.” she told OK! magazine.

She also spoke of her other fears:  "I was thinking, what if I'm up there and I'm trying to be sexy and my chaps split or my top comes undone? I was worried I'd fall off stage and hit myself in the face with the rope.”

After her research, the 25-year-old had to get used to dancing nearly naked in public.

"I started off clothed but then I slowly got more comfortable, doing it in boots and shorts, then a Tt-shirt and then a bra and underwear. I had to do it that way because I was terrified. I mean, I was going to be on stage with a crew full of men and extras, half-naked and dancing," she said.

A few pictures of Jessica Alba and her character Nancy Callahan from Frank Miller's comic Sin City That Yellow Bastard
684x768, 84 KB, Jessica_Alba-Sin_city-001.jpg856x768, 54 KB, Nancy_callahan-Sin_City-That_Yellow_Bastard-001.jpg894x768, 99 KB, Nancy_callahan-Sin_City-That_Yellow_Bastard-002.jpg960x768, 66 KB, Nancy_callahan-Sin_City-That_Yellow_Bastard-003.jpg
Monday, March 26, 2007

Dolly Parton was fascinated by local streetwalker

Dolly Parton Dolly Parton has admitted she was totally taken with a prostitute in her hometown of Tennessee when she was a child.

'I thought she was beautiful,' she says. 'She had more hair, more colour, more everything. I'm not a natural beauty, but I'm so outgoing, I felt I needed to be as flamboyant on the outside.'

Dolly, 61, is the first one to admit she's pretty out-there in the style stakes.

'My image is over the top - my clothes are as tacky as Graceland,' she says, 'but it's helped me to be recognised all over the world. I have no taste or style and nobody cares. I love it.'

And how does she feel about those mega-boobs? 'I had implants done but only years after I had lost a lot of weight - in order for them to stand up like little soldiers,' she tells Sunday magazine.

'I'm in showbiz. I look at my boobs like they're show horses or show dogs. You've got to keep them groomed. It's all part of my image.'
Sunday, March 25, 2007

Someone should make a fake Vida Guerra's sex tape

Vida Guerra Supermodel Vida Guerra has decided to pose nude for men's magazine, Playboy, to demonstrate that her naked photographs on the internet are fake.

The bootylicious model- turned-actress agreed to bare all for Playboy last year, after rejecting quite a lot of offers from various magazines.

Her false images on the internet provoked Vida to unclothe herself totally and show fans the real Guerra.

'They (Playboy) had asked me three times (and) I got a little upset about the situation. They were making such a big deal about it that I said, `I might as well take Playboy up on their offer and do it in a nice, classy, tasteful way, since everyone is so curious to see how I look in my birthday suit, Contactmusic quoted Vida, as saying.

The thong-loving swimsuit model, requested fans that they should not get fooled by bogus nude pictures in future, and advised them to look for her beauty marks in order to confirm whether the snaps are genuine or not.

'I have a beauty mark that tells. You can compare the real thing with the (bogus) picture and it's like, `Nah!' You can't see it in the Playboy spread because there is no open-crotch (shot). 'One is below my navel and the other is in my inner thigh,' she added.
Sunday, March 25, 2007

Joan Jett and Carmen Electra lesbian rumors

Carmen Electra

BC's  Story tip - what d'you make of the Carmen Electra and ... Joan Jett rumours! For real?

Carmen does of course have a new film coming out in the Uk at the moment of course, so it may have more to do with that coming out possibly rather than her. I Want Candy didn’t exactly get a favourable review by the good Dr, Kermode on Five Live yesterday, who said there hasn’t been a decent British sex comedy since the late sixties/early to mid seventies!

Carmen has said she has some sexy early memories of the rocker though and they were supposed to attend a big lesbian event this weekend. Joan Jett enjoying a bit of a revival recently by putting a new theme tune to the Discovery channels excellent American Chopper programme.

Rumors of romance between Jett and Electra have been circulating ever since last year, when Electra appeared in Jett's video "A.C.D.C." In the video, Electra played Jett's lesbian lover, but her character couldn't figure out if she wanted to be with men or women.

Romance rumors died down after the video, but now they're heating up again. Star magazine and Internet gossip sites are reporting that Jett and Electra may be announcing a romance publicly at the upcoming Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest lesbian party event of the year.

"Carmen and Joan are planning on enjoying all the fun the weekend has to offer, and they'll be making a very clear statement to the world by attending together," the Star magazine quotes a Dinah Shore "insider" as saying.

Is this rumor true? Electra discusses her attraction to women openly each time she's on Howard Stern's show. However, she made it clear to Howard that while she fantasizes about kissing women, she admits she "has a problem with the vagina part." That's a pretty big obstacle . . .

Electra's rep issued a denial to "They are just friends. Carmen is in London right now. She is performing in Palm Springs at the Dinah Shore Weekend with her group The Bombshells, just as she did last year."

Picture of Carmen Electra's lesbian kiss with Victoria Silvsted from some French TV show last year.

642x511, 70 KB, carmen-electra_Victoria_Silvstedt-lesbian_kiss_2006_02-004.jpg
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