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Friday, March 09, 2007

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction nude vidcaps.

Kailin See

Decoys 2 is a Sci-Fi / Horror movie about alien species who take the form of beautiful girls, seduce guys and kill them during sex. Movie has a few nude scenes and lots of good looking girls.

Among the cast you’ll also find Tobin Bell (bad guy from Saw movies) and Dina Meyer (also appeared in all three Saw movies). Dina unfortunately doesn’t get naked in the movie but she does look incredibly hot.

Actresses that do get naked are Kailin See, Lindsay Maxwell and Natalie McFetridge. Kim Poirier, who had a nude scene in first Decoys movie, managed to keep her clothes on this time.

Movie is available on DVD at Amazon.

Pictures of Lindsay Maxwell, Natalie McFetridge and Kailin See nude from the movie.

In case you’re wondering, that big spot between girl’s boobs is where the aliens come out.

678x768, 68 KB, Lindsay_Maxwell_Decoys_2_Alien_Seduction-001.jpg790x768, 76 KB, Lindsay_Maxwell_Decoys_2_Alien_Seduction-004.jpg828x768, 77 KB, Natalie_McFetridge_Decoys_2_Alien_Seduction-001.jpg510x768, 46 KB, Kailin_See_Decoys_2_Alien_Seduction-003.jpg570x768, 48 KB, Kailin_See_Decoys_2_Alien_Seduction-001.jpg
Friday, March 09, 2007

Girls Gone Wild Offers American Idol Nude Gal Antonella Barba $250K

Antonella Barba Once American Idol Antonella Barba leaves American idol she will have plenty of work waiting for her.  It isn't clear yet if any recording offers are coming her way but certainly she will have another outlet or two to show off her talents vying for her services.  The latest in the craze of American idol and nude gal fame is an offer from 'Girls Gone Wild.'  The sexy idol singer is hanging on in the competition but if and when she is finally dismissed a quarter million dollar offer is on the table.

"Antonella Barba is an unbelievably sexy girl who obviously knows how to have a good time," Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild, said in a statement. "Why are people being ridiculed and punished for being sexual? It's ridiculous."

Hard to argue.  She also reportedly has Playboy possibly seeking her wares as well.

314x492, 48 KB, Antonella_Barba-see_through-001.jpg445x638, 48 KB, Antonella_Barba-see_through-002.jpg
Friday, March 09, 2007

Jennifer Hudson says no to nudity

Jennifer Hudson Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson has turned down a $3 million role in a Warner Bros. movie because of a nude scene. Ready for the twist? It wasn’t Jennifer’s character that gets naked.

The Dreamgirls star says that she will never appear in a film that features nudity because she is a role model to aspiring young black women. So I guess we won’t be seeing a Jennifer Huson nude scene anytime soon. As stupid as that may be, you must applaud her for sticking to her convictions especially when a big paycheck it being flaunted under her nose.
Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal loves Anne Hathaway's boobs

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway wasn’t the least bit taken aback when her Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal asked if he could get more intimate with her onscreen – because he wanted the shot to look real.

Hathaway, in an interview with radio station Heart revealed that like most male stars, Gyllenhaal had wanted to make their love scene in the movie as real as possible.

"Sometimes you work with actors, and they can be lovely guys, but they have kind of dodgy instincts when it comes to kissing in scenes. They want to try to make it look a bit too real if you know what I mean," The Sun quoted her, telling the station.

"There was this scene in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ where I get my kit off and I'm in the car with Jake Gyllenhaal and he's touched my shoulder and he's touched my stomach and he's touched around my back. Everywhere except for, you know, 'the girls'.

"So the director yells cut and we go behind a screen and I'm putting my clothes back on and Jake comes up to me and says: 'Annie, the thing is, the scene, in real life I would… and the director's not yelling cut, so… can I?'

"I just turned to him and said: 'It's okay Jake, yes, you can touch my boobs,'" she said.

However, one actor with whom she had a far different experience was her Becoming Jane co-star James McAvoy.

"With James, right before we started he turned to me and said 'closed mouths, no tongue' and that's what I normally say to people - so it was a pleasure," she said.

502x385, 28 KB, Anne_Hathaway_Brokeback_Mountain-001.jpg
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Naomi Campbell nude in April’s issue of GQ magazine

Naomi Campbell

Between beating up her assistants and attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings Naomi Campbell still finds time to do some nude modelling.   

April’s issue of UK’s GQ magazine will have supermodel Naomi Campbell nude on its cover.

I am not sure if this is some kind of anniversary for her, but about 7 years ago, in March 2000, she was also naked on the cover of German and Spanish issue of GQ magazine.

Two pictures of Naomi Campbell nude on those two GQ covers.

1024x768, 97 KB, naomi_campbell-gq-2007_04-001.jpg575x768, 156 KB, naomi_campbell_gq-2000_03-001.jpg
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sharon's nude awareness

Sharon Stone

Director Paul Verhoeven says that Sharon Stone knew all about her infamous crotch shot in Basic Instinct - even though the actress has subsequently said she was somewhat shocked by its inclusion in the finished movie.

The director was talking after a screening of his new movie Black Book when he revealed his version of events during the making of the actress' career-defining erotic thriller, according to the New York Post.

"Sharon Stone gave me her panties as a present before we did the famous shot," he said, adding that she "had approved the storyboards, even though she later acted surprised by what made it into the movie".

The role sent the star's career into the stratosphere, going on to critically acclaimed performances in Bobby and Casino, although the recent Basic Instinct 2 was slated.

Black Book, a film shot in his native Dutch, marks a return to the director's roots after directing blockbusters like Starship Troopers and Robocop.

His next project is called Azazel, based on the novel by Boris Akunin, and starring Milla Jovovich.

509x595, 45 KB, sharon_stone_Basic_instinct_upskirt-001.jpg
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stripper with the big boobs

Looks like I am getting senile. I forgot to add pictures of the stripper with big boobs from The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning in yesterday's article.

She's goes by the name of Wilma in the movie, but she's not listed among the cast. If anyone can ID her, let us know her name.

1024x768, 88 KB, unknown-2-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-001.jpg950x768, 65 KB, unknown-2-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-002.jpg902x768, 71 KB, unknown-2-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-003.jpg618x768, 76 KB, unknown-2-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-006.jpg
Monday, March 05, 2007

Trishelle Cannatella topless from The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

Trishelle Cannatella

The Dukes of Hazzard movie just got a prequel.  The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning follows the story of cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy (April Scott ), who are sent to Hazzard County, Georgia for the first time to live with their Uncle Jesse.

There are several nude scenes in the movie. In first nude scene we get to see Bo and Luke driving through a girls shower room with several girls running around naked.  I couldn’t ID any of shower girls. I was also unable to ID a stripper (last picture) that goes topless for a brief second, if anyone knows who she is, please drop a line.

In second nude scene they meet couple of girls (Carrie Minter and Casey Durkin) who sunbathe topless.

The Best nude scene is left for the very end. The Real World/Road Rules girl Trishelle Cannatella takes off her top exposing her boobs in a quick sex scene with Luke.

April Scott unfortunately doesn’t get nude, but has some extremely sexy scenes in the movie. She has amazing hourglass figure, maybe almost too thin.

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning  DVD release is set for March 13, 2007.

A few pictures of Aprill Scott , Carrie Minter,  Casey Durkin, and Trishelle Cannatella topless  from the movie and a pic of unknown stripper.

697x768, 73 KB, aprill_scott-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-004.jpg692x768, 75 KB, aprill_scott-The_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-007.jpg872x768, 103 KB, Trishelle_CannatellaThe_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-004.jpg1024x768, 155 KB, Trishelle_CannatellaThe_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-009.jpg1024x768, 155 KB, Trishelle_CannatellaThe_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-009-1.jpg1024x768, 131 KB, Trishelle_CannatellaThe_Dukes_of_Hazzard_The_Beginning-011.jpg
Monday, March 05, 2007

Linda Batista nude from Los Borgia

Linda Batista Los Borgia is a portrait of the bloody dynasty that spawned a Pope, Alexander VI, as well as the role model for Machiavelli's "The Prince," his son Cesare Borgia, and a legend of femme duplicity, daughter Lucrecia Borgia.

I remember reading a book about Lucrecia Borgia and her family while I was still in high school. It was one of a few books I actually liked, probably because it was all about sex and reading about a Pope having sex made it just more interesting.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the movie. Only Linda Batista and Kate Sanders (brief out of focus side boob when she gets out of a bed after having sex with the Pope) have a nude scene in it. I kind of expected to see Lucrecia Borgia, played by María Valverde, having sex all the time and jumping around naked, but somehow she managed to keep her clothes on through the whole movie.

A few pictures of Kate sanders and Linda Batista nude from Los Borgia

531x641, 48 KB, linda_batista-los_Borgia-004.jpg608x701, 64 KB, linda_batista-los_Borgia-006.jpg1024x713, 101 KB, linda_batista-los_Borgia-011.jpg369x523, 23 KB, kate_Sanders-los_Borgia-001.jpg
Sunday, March 04, 2007

UK TV highlights for the coming week (by BC)

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidmanstars in the romantic drama Cold Mountain, from 9pm tonight (Sunday) on BBC1, while over on Five, from 10pm, it’s another chance to catch Meg Ryan’s "performance" in When Harry Met Sally. Same time, but on Friday over on e4, Jennifer Love Hewitt features in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Best set the recorder for fifty minutes of Jenny McCarthy on Playboy One on Wednesday from 3.45am.

Other soft porn celebrities for your viewing this week - Holly Sampson in another, earlier opportunity, to see Staying On Top on Playboy One on Monday at 11.30pm, Catalina Larranaga in The Sex Substitute on Bravo2 on Wednesday at 11pm and Natasja Vermeer in Emmanuelle The Private Collection, late on Wednesday and Thursday on the Sci-Fi Channel.

578x264, 30 KB, Nicole_Kidman-Cold_Mountain.jpg
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