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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Topless model Keeley hailed 'environmental hero'

Keeley Hazell

A topless model was today hailed as an "environmental hero" by the Conservative Party for her work promoting green issues.

Keeley Hazell - who posed semi-naked, covered in green paint to highlight ways people could help the environment - was on the Tories' list of people and organisations praised for their work to save the planet.

Also labelled environmental heroes were Planet Earth presenter Sir David Attenborough for promoting the "moral duty" to cut emissions and California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who introduced new laws to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Ms Hazell was praised for her tips in The Sun aimed at helping people be more environmentally-friendly in their day-to-day lives.

A Conservative spokeswoman said: "She has been bringing awareness to a wider audience, people who wouldn't normally consider climate change a priority. She's had a busy year promoting energy saving."

10 Keeley 's eco tips:

Blinding bedroom performance:

Turning off lights can be a big turn-on. Feel around in the dark in the bedroom, you’ll cut your bills and reduce CO2. Lighting can make a big impact on your electricity bill so swap harsh lightbulbs for romantic candles.

Wheely Keeley:

Cycling instead of driving will tone you up, giving you a fantastic physique and making you irresistible to the opposite sex. And leaving the car at home cuts carbon emissions. Cycling shorts optional.

Boost your sex drive:

Halve the number of cars on the road by offering that special someone a lift to work. If you can’t pluck up the courage to ask them on a date then it’s the perfect way to get to know them.

Share a steamy bath:

Using water whacks up your energy bill. A shared dip in the tub will cut a couple’s costs.

Get off your butt:

Lots of people have admired my butt. Collecting rain water for your garden in a water butt is a great way of preserving resources. They are easily plumbed into your existing guttering and downpipes.

Chest is best:

Always my motto! Chest freezers have thicker insulation, meaning they use half as much energy for any given volume of food storage.

Slip into something comfortable:

Take off your shoes when entering your home. Roadside soil can be poisoned with lead from car fumes. When dragged into the house, this contributes to the toxins which settle on the carpet.

Don’t boil over:

Don’t waste energy by boiling too much water. Use the right sized pan when cooking.

If boiling an egg, use an egg pan and the smallest hob. With vegetables, use just enough water to keep them covered. Use saucepans with lids to reduce cooking time.

Go digital:

I insist my sexy pics are taken by digital camera, so invest in one. Film processing and developing uses toxic chemicals and paper.

Show eco undie-standing:

Hand-washing underwear with a gentle, eco-friendly detergent will make your clothes last longer and save on electricity. And opt for undies made of organic cotton.
260x353, 17 KB, keeley_hazell-green-001.jpg
Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 - September

Lindsay Lohan September was the month Lindsay Lohan finally realized that flashing boobs and spending most of the time in skimpy bikini outfits doesn’t produce enough attention. She decided it’s time to get a little bit balder.  And for next couple of months Lindsay and her bald pussy ruled the online celebrity gossip forums until Britney decided it’s time to take the crown from Lindsay.

Apart from couple of Lindsay Lohan’s upskirts w/o panties paparazzi also caught Jade Jagger topless at the beach.

Zoo weekly published an excellent photo of Diora Baird nude in their Zoo UK 100 Hottest Pix pictorial. Before the Playboy and nude appearances in several movies Diora did a several nude photoshoots at the age of 18 whene she moved to Hollywood. Among others she was photographed by Terry Richardson so we can hope to see some more excellent Diora Baird topless photos in the future.

Sophie Anderton appeared topless in Maxim magazine and French Photo magazine published a nice nude photo of Milla Jovovich.

Another sex tape showed up online in September. Internet model Jordan Capri and her husband made a honeymoon sex video. At first Jordan claimed the tape was stolen along with couple’s digital camera, but two months later the sex video was available online at her website for $30.

Most interesting nude scenes from movies released in September were Cindy Sampson in The Last Kiss, Claire-Hope Ashitey nude in Children of Men.

Hot French actresses Jennifer Decker, Maud Leonard and Coralie Revel dropped their clothes in a move Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour.

German actress Susan Anbeh appeared topless in movies Heute heiratet mein Ex and Helen, Fred und Ted.

Celebs that made it to the top on the nudography’s search list were Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Simpson.  

755x768, 99 KB, Lindsay_Lohan-upskirt_venice_festival_2006_09-002.jpg873x768, 109 KB, Lindsay_Lohan_upskirt_2006_09-001.jpg896x768, 146 KB, Diora_Baird_-zoo_weekly_2006_09-posing_nude-001.jpg478x270, 30 KB, Cindy_SampsonThe_Last_Kiss-001.jpg950x534, 66 KB, suzan_anbeh-heute_heiratet_mein_ex-2006-meer.jpg
Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 - August

Amy Smart

August was great month for nudity in movies. 

Amy Smart showed her boob for a split second during one of this year’s best sex scenes in a movie Crank.

After joining mile high club Samantha McLeod was eaten by a pack of snakes in a movie Snakes on a Plane.

Erica Durance, better known as Superman’s love interest Lois Lane from TV series Smallville, showed her boobs during a sex scene in movie Butterfly Effect 2.

The Black Dhalia had several nude scenes. Mia Kirshner added another lesbian scene to her nudography, she appeared topless with Jemima Rooper, while Hilary Swank showed her amazing ass for a few moments.

Although Playboy magazine had a smoking gun regarding nudity in August by running a pictorial with Stacey Dash nude, all eyes were focused on the cover of the Harper's Bazaar with Britney Spears nude, pregnant and heavily retouched.

Australian magazine Black + White had a nude pictorial with Tiffany Wood.

Keeley Hazell appeared topless in Spanish sie7e.

Jenna Fischer took off her clothes for a charity auction in Jane magazine.

W magazine had a great pictorial with Russian model Natalia Vodianova topless.

Paparazzi managed to snap few pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s boobs from a side view.

Pamela Anderson tied a knot with Kid Rock four times in August; four months later they filled for a divorce.

Most searched for celebs in August at nudography were Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Imogen Thomas.

1024x720, 102 KB, amy_smart-crank-010.jpg1024x695, 80 KB, erica_durance-The_Butterfly_Effect_2-001.jpg733x768, 55 KB, Britney_Spears_Harpers_Bazaar_2006_08-002.jpg726x768, 93 KB, Keeley_hazell-Sie7e-2006_08-004.jpg791x768, 102 KB, Lindsay_Lohan_boob_oops-2006_08-002.jpg
Friday, December 29, 2006

Sight of nude woman turns Christina Aguilera on!

Christina Aguilera

Pop star Christina Aguilera has admitted she finds the sight of nude girls bigger turn-ons naked men.

The US sex bomb said in a magazine interview: "We should all be allowed to enjoy whatever we enjoy".

"Women are beautiful beings and I often find the sight of a naked female more arousing than a naked man," The Sun quoted her, as adding.

Dirty star Christina, 26, also revealed she spices up her love life with hubby Jordan Bratman by wearing nipple tassels.

Meanwhile, Xtina seems to know well what a girl wants, as she sent a giant gift basket of baby items for singer Diddy's newborn twin girls, D'Lila Star and Jessie James.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 – July

Paris Hilton

Paparazzi had plenty of work in July. Most of celebs were spending their vacation time at fancy resorts around the world with little or no clothes on. Surprisingly, you don’t have to stalk celebs to remote locations to get the pictures that bring most bucks.  Lucky paparazzi that decided to stay in Hollywood following Paris Hilton probably received a nice reward after selling latest Paris Hilton upskirt pictures to the press.  Paris was not the only one to go commando that month, Abi Titmuss was flashing her snatch to UK’s paparazzi photographers.  Another nice paparazzi catch was Mischa Barton’s nip slip.

Paparazzi that decided to stalk celebs to their vacation places came back with pictures of model Sophie Anderton topless by the pool, Cameron Diaz was snapped during a topless swim with her pal Drew Barrymore, Rachel Hunter was also caught topless swimming, former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Kattona was caught topless showing off her huge boobs, Tara Reid showed us a part of her boob while playing in a pool with a kid and Pamela Anderson was caught topless on a yacht near St. Tropez.

Several topless photos of singer Pink from Bryan Adams’ new book were released in July.

Vida Guerra put her boobs and ass on display in Playboy magazine.

Another sex tape was released in July. Imogen Thomas, Miss Wales 2003 and UK’s Big Brother 7 contestant, was a victim of jealous ex boyfriend who decided to publish their sex tape and make some quick bucks.

The movie version of Miami Vice brought us a quick glimpse at Li Gong's boobs.

Since top five searches at nudography are almost the same every month here are places 6-10 for a change: Arielle Kebbel, Chelan Simmons, Barbara Nedeljakova, Anne Hathaway and Kate Bosworth

645x768, 84 KB, paris_hilton-upskirt_2006_07-001.jpg716x768, 79 KB, Mischa_Barton_nip_slip-2006_07-002.jpg571x418, 58 KB, sophie_anderton-topless_sunbathing-2006_07-001.jpg774x768, 73 KB, pink-topless_posing-001.jpg594x768, 76 KB, vida_guerra-playboy_2006_07-002.jpg
Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 - June

Jennifer Aniston For almost a month celebrity nudity was put on a side track, because world cup took most of our attention, but even  world cup's opening ceremony couldn't pass without a little nip slip from Toni Braxton while performing.

But apart from the mondial, it was Jennifer Aniston who stole most of the thunder in June.  She appeared in a movie Breakup with her at the time boyfriend Vince Vaughn. While the movie will probably not win any Oscars,  there is a scene in the movie we will not soon forget. In it Jennifer is trying to seduce Vince, so she walks trough the apartment completely naked. Sadly the camera is following her so you can't see much more but it is still the closest she came to making me come.

June is also the month the summer starts. And you can also guess this by the number of celebs paparazzi expose. We  were treated to Sienna Miller topless sunbathing, Sarah Dunn topless at the beach and Courteney Cox nip slip with a little help from her kid.

We must also mention Pink nipple piercing from DVD Pink - Live in Europe (Explicit) and Jodie Marsh at the premiere of Just my luck in which she presented us with her new tits. BTW they look gorgeous, if she can just do something about that nose now...

As for the magazines I am just going to mention Lauren Pope Interviu appearance.  For those who don't know her, Lauren is a Page 3 model. A couple of years ago she was caught partying with Prince Harry and she was apparently his girlfriend for a while.

Top five searches at nudography in June were Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Kate Beckinsale.

205x288, 11 KB, Jennifer_Aniston-The_Break_Up-001-1.jpg667x768, 92 KB, Jodie_Marsh_Just_My_Luck_premiere-2006_06-006.jpg724x768, 94 KB, lauren_pope_interviu_2006_06-003.jpg450x480, 49 KB, pink-nipple_piercing-004.jpg526x600, 66 KB, Sienna_Miller-topless_Sunbathing_2006_06-001.jpg
Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 - May

Kelly Brook

May brought us first pantyless celebrity upskirt of the year. Surprisingly, it was UK’s model and actress Kelly Brook that started the “accidental” pussy flashing and not Paris, Lindsay or Britney.  Kelly was caught without panties at the premiere of her movie Three in London.

Paparazzi also managed to snap topless photos of UK’s model Jordan and big brother contestant Michelle Bass while they were relaxing at the beach.  

While filming her new music video “Stars Are Blind” Paris Hilton experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction that exposed one of her boobs.  

At Cannes film festival Ling Bai managed to slip another nip.  

Italian model Elisabetta Gregoraci was caught topless with Formula One playboy Flavio Briatore.

Another big brother contestant from UK that raised a lot of eyebrows (and other things if you rented Casting Cuties 4) in May was Lea Walker.  During her appearance on Big Brother a porn tape with her in leading role showed up online.

Playboy magazine came out with a nude pictorial of model and actress Rachel Sterling. She appeared briefly in Wedding Crasher, but most of us remember her as Angel Veil, a hot latina babe from her virtual striptease videos.

Another latina model that decided to pose nude for magazine was Argentinean supermodel Luciana Salazar, her big boobs were put on display in May’s issue of Paparazzi magazine.

Movies released in May brought us several interesting nude appearances.  Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi had several nude scenes in movie Babel. First she flashed her hairy pussy while wearing her school girl uniform and later in the movie she appeared naked in a couple of scenes.

Zara Taylor appeared topless in movie Hollow Man and Monet Mazur showed her fake boobs in movie Whirlygirl.

Top five celebrity searches for May at nudography were Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone.

635x768, 124 KB, kelly_brook-upskirt-2006_05-001.jpg694x768, 98 KB, paris_hilton-nips_slip-2006_05-001.jpg1024x768, 95 KB, Elisabetta_Gregoraci_@Chi_n_18-2006_00.jpg289x309, 12 KB, Rinko_Kikuchi-_babel-002.jpg530x360, 26 KB, Monet_Mazur_Whirlygirl-001.jpg
Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ingvild Engesland regrets nude photos

Ingvild Engesland Skier Ingvild Engesland says she regrets posing nude for the Norwegian soft core porn magazine, Lek.

"I thought it wasn't anything to worry about, there are pictures of naked girls in that magazine every month without it causing any fuss," she said.

The magazine features 10 nude photos of Engesland, Aftenposten reported.

Lek calls her a "sexy sports talent," and Norwegian newspapers and television stations want to meet the sexually liberated girl who is pictured in Lek.

"This is just terrible. I never got to check the interview and I still haven't seen it. But I have heard some excerpts and I don't recognize myself," Engesland said. "I am very surprised that there has been so much fuss, I am not famous at all. Now that I see the consequences I truly regret doing it."

The University of Denver Web site lists Engesland's age as 24, but Aftenposten said she is 22. She was a member of the Norwegian national team in 2001 and 2004.

Evidently, she's not happy to be getting more attention for the photo spread than for her performance on the slopes.

"I want to be remembered as a skier," she said.
502x689, 56 KB, Ingvild_Engesland_lek_2004_11-001.jpg509x705, 57 KB, Ingvild_Engesland_lek_2004_11-002.jpg506x663, 52 KB, Ingvild_Engesland_lek_2004_11-003.jpg
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nudity Highlights 2006 - April

Carolyn Murphy

Another month, another celebrity sex tape scandal.  This time it was model Carolyn Murphy who couldn’t resist spicing up her honeymoon by taping her sex acts. Original video shot in 1999 is supposed to be over two hours long, only a short 3 minute clip showed up on p2p networks in April. Original tape was seized by the police, claiming it was used as extortion by Carolyn Murphy’s ex husband.

Paparazzi managed to snap some hot photos of Danish supermodel Helena Christensen topless at the beach.She might be out of her modelling prime, but she's still a catch when walking around topless.

After showing her boobs in Wedding Crasher and Playboy magazine last year, we were once more able to admire Diora Baird’s big boobs in movie Hot Tamale.  After a quick glance at her filmography, “Young People Fucking” is the movie title that might bring some more Diora Baird’s nude scenes next year. Also appearing topless in Hot Tamale was actress Kristen Caldwell.

Other nude scenes from movies released in April include Victoria Thaine and Susie Porter topless in Caterpillar Wish.

For all the German celebrity fans Christmas came early this year. Three hot young actresses dropped their clothes in movies released in April. Very hot, cute and nicely trimmed German actress Nina-Friederike Gnädig had a full frontal nude scene in movie Ein Langer Abschied, Sophie von Kessel had a topless scene in the same movie and Julia Dietze showed her boobs during a sex scene in movie Liebes Leid und Lust.

Sorell twins once more showed their private parts in movies.  Their first nude scene from movie Cruel Intentions 2 instantly became a classic. Annie Sorell nude under the shower in movie Satanic and her twin sister Alicia Lorén topless in TV series The Sopranos might not make it to the cult status, but they sure need to be mentioned in April’s nudity highlights.

Also worth mentioning is French actress Claire Keim nude in a movie Störtebeker.

Playboy magazine was once more a hot topic in the news. Not so much because of Candice Michelle posing nude in April’s issue of the magazine, but because they launched Indonesian edition of the magazine. Although all models featured in the Indonesian version of the magazine are fully clothed authorities in Indonesia still managed to put the chief editor of the magazine on trial for distributing indecent pictures to the public and making money from them.

It was Nuts magazine turn to take care of all the fans of big breasted celebs. UK’s big brother star Saskia Howard-Clarke showed her massive assets in April’s issue of the magazine.

Top five searches in April at nudography were Jessica Alba, Andrea Lowell, Sharon Stone, Barbara Nedeljakova and Jennifer Aniston.

377x480, 23 KB, Carolyn_Murphy-sex_Tape-004.jpg720x768, 92 KB, Helena_Christensen-topless_Sunbathing-2006_04--004.jpg333x446, 27 KB, Diora_Baird-Hot_Tamale-001.jpg305x364, 17 KB, alicia_loren_the_Sopranos_s6_e7-001.jpg226x322, 15 KB, Annie_Sorell-Satanic-004.jpg730x768, 71 KB, Saskia_Howard-Clarke-topless_photoshoot_2005-11-002.jpg
Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Katie Rees, Former Miss Nevada, On Nude Photos: I Was 17

Katie Rees Miss Nevada Katie Rees was stripped of her title yesterday after racy photos of her appeared on the internet.

Katie Rees, a Miss USA contestant, was fired after pageant officials became aware of pictures online showing her kissing other young women and exposing one of her breasts.

According to Paula M Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organisation, which owns the Miss USA pageant, "Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007."

Rees' attorney, Mario Torres, of Tampa, defended the blonde babe in a statement delievered to the entertainment television show "Extra."
400x401, 35 KB, Katie_Rees-topless-001.jpg400x400, 44 KB, Katie_Rees-topless-002.jpg500x370, 41 KB, Katie_Rees-topless-003.jpg375x500, 51 KB, Katie_Rees-topless-004.jpg
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