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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vanessa Williams to pose nude for Allure

Vanessa L. Williams will be naked again.

In 1984 Penthouse magazine published a set of photos she did in an explicit photoshot back in 1982, showing Vanessa in several lesbian sex acts and not to forget several close-ups of her private parts you’d only expect to see in a porn magazine.  Because of the photos she had to resign as Miss America.

Vanessa Williams will pose nude in May’s issue of Allure magazine titled “Look Better Naked”.

In previous years several famous celebs posed nude for Allure’s “Look Better Naked” edition.

In 2006 Jenna Elfman, Elizabeth Perkins, Jaime Pressly, Sandra Oh, Chloë Sevigny and Aisha Tyler posed nude for “Look Better Naked” edition.

Few pictures from 2006 Allure's "Look Better Naked" edition of Jenna Elfman, Aisha Tyler and Jaime Pressly nude to get the idea how Vanessa Williams's nude pictorial might look like.

1024x760, 93 KB, Allure_Mai_2006_Jenna_Elfman.jpg1024x768, 114 KB, Allure_Mai_2006_Aisha_Tyler.jpg1024x768, 62 KB, Allure_Mai_2006_Jaime_Pressly.jpg
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scarlett Johansson tops Playboy's sexiest celebrity poll

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson has topped Playboy's annual 25 Sexiest Celebrities list.

The 22-year-old actress' "sensuality" and "beauty" saw off stiff competition from Angelina Jolie, Beyonce Knowles and Pamela Anderson.

The adult magazine writes, "Scarlett Johansson is the apex of beauty and sensuality, from her porcelain skin to her fully feminine figure to her mysterious charisma, which is at once palpable and indefinable."

While the magazine makes it clear that Scarlett is their sexiest woman, the other 24 beauties are listed in no particular order.

Other names to make it onto the sexy list include Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is being tipped to play adult movie superstar Jenna Jameson in a movie adaptation of her autobiography 'How To Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale'.

Jenna, 32, revealed her admiration for the 'Match Point' actress last month.

She said: "We're looking at Scarlett Johansson. She's my choice. I think she's beautiful."

Playboy's 25 Sexiest Celebrities list:

No 1. Scarlett Johansson

The rest (in no particular order):

Christina Aguilera
Pussycat Dolls
Pamela Anderson
Lindsay Lohan
Beyonce Knowles
Denise Richards
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Alba
Angelina Jolie
Carmen Electra
Paris Hilton
Jenna Jameson
Charisma Carpenter
Jenny McCarthy
Kara Monaco
Willa Ford
Diora Baird
Mercedes McNab
Cindy Margolis
Joanna Krupa
Jaime Pressly
Kelly Monaco
Vida Guerra
Mansion Playmates Holly, Bridget and Kendra
Monday, February 19, 2007

Standing ovation for full frontal nude Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe has impressed audiences and critics in his brave, adult role as Alan Strang in the play "Equus" where he has full frontal nude scenes with an actress onstage.

The Daily Mail reports that the boy wizard "truly impressed with a bravura full-frontal display that earned him a standing ovation."

Radcliffe portrays a stable boy being treated by a psychiatrist for blinding six horses with a hoof pick.

The threatre was standing room only for the preview performance, and three-quarters of the way through the second act, Radcliffe stripped down for a sex scene with his young leading lady, Joanna Christie.

The Daily Mail reports that "there was no coughing, no muttering, just people holding their breath at the sight of a pale teenager engaging in a full embrace with a beautiful young girl."

The boy wizard took a big chance taking on such a complex and brave adult role at age 17, considering most of his fan base are pre-adolescent teens and children.

The show at the Gielgud Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue was received well, critics and audiences praising the new run of scribe Peter Shaffer's 34 year old play.

The Daily Mail interviewed some attendees: "Suzanne Fournier, 16, and her friend Bethany Williams, 15, travelled from New Brunswick, Canada, with Bethany's parents," just to see Daniel in action.

Suzanne told the Daily Mail: "We came just to see the play and I loved it. I was quite surprised at how good Daniel was because I had been wondering if he could pull it off and he did. I must say he was very, very fit."

The Daily Mail reported that New York theatre producer Roger Berlind stated he would find a way to finance the show if they wanted to come to Broadway.

He told the Daily Mail Daniel Radcliffe was a "natural stage performer".

Few pictures of Daniel Radcliffe and Joanna Christie nude from Equus promo shots.
468x577, 48 KB, daniel-radcliffe-nude-butt-001.jpg866x768, 126 KB, daniel-radcliffe-nude-butt-003.jpg866x768, 139 KB, daniel-radcliffe-nude-butt-005.jpg866x768, 119 KB, daniel-radcliffe-nude-butt-006.jpg
Monday, February 19, 2007

Milla Jovovich nude from .45

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has several nude scenes in new drama .45. Movie is about a drug-dealer played by Angus Mcfadyen, who abuses his girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) one too many times, so Milla decides to seduce her friends into killing him.

First we see Milla having sex with Agnus with some nice shots of her erect nipples and a bonus bush shot at the end of the scene.

There’s also a nice lesbian sex scene with Milla making out with Aisha Tyler and Sarah Strange. You might remember Aisha from 24 or as Ross’ girlfriend from Friends.

.45 DVD comes out on 24th of April.

Few pictures of Milla Jovovich nude from .45 and a flash video clip for a test. Hope it works

392x301, 23 KB, milla_jovovich-45-001.jpg402x253, 21 KB, milla_jovovich-45-005.jpg
Sunday, February 18, 2007

UK TV highlights for the coming week (by BC)

Denise Richards

Staying on the subject of sci-fi, but over on itv on Saturday nights, their answer to Doctor Who/Torchwood has recently started with a team getting together for Primeval. We all well and truely know what happened to former "S Clubbers" Rachel Stevens (solo career) and Jo O'Meara (YAWN! Sorry! Celebrity reality tv), but what of sexy blonde Hannah Spearritt?

Well, there she turns up acting her way into the team on Primeval and sending temperatures rising with her gorgeous, slim figure swinging her nice purple panties away to Primal Screams Country Girl, at where she’s staying in one scene, before tackling giant insects in the London Underground!

Moving on to films this week and Matt Dillon was widely recognised as "Mr Lucky Git 1998" for the fun he ended up having with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in making Wild Things, although sometimes Denise and Neve were quite happy to get on with matters even WITHOUT Matt. See for yourself on Channel 4 on Thursday at 10.30pm.

On Tuesday night, at 9.45pm on Movies4Men, Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly star in Dancing at the Blue Iguana. While over on Film 4, at 9pm (but shown again on Saturday evening) elegant Kristin Scott Thomas appears naked in The English Patient. Melanie Griffith's is Something Wild on BBC1 on Tuesday at 12.05am, while if your partner makes you sit through Troy (itv Wednesday at 9pm) again, there’s always Diane Kruger!

Finally, on Saturday night, Channel 4 have done it again! This time, check out the mammoth 100 Greatest Sex Symbols from 7.45pm-11.50pm!

610x556, 59 KB, Denise_Richards-Wildt_Things-001.jpg484x552, 49 KB, Denise_Richards-Wildt_Things-002.jpg1024x590, 74 KB, Denise_Richards-Wildt_Things-003.jpg
Friday, February 16, 2007

Nudity in 2007 Oscars nominees

Rinko Kikuchi

Here’s quick look at nude celebrity scenes in this year’s Oscars nominees.

Babel got itself seven nominations among others Rinko Kikuchi is nominated for best actress in a supporting role in Babel. Rinko has a full frontal nude scene in the movie with a nice view of her bush, boobs and ass.  

Jodie Whittaker has a couple of nude scene in Venus, in one she flashes her tits at Peter O’Toole, who is nominated for Oscar in best actor category.  The Last King of Scotland is also nominated in best actor category with Forest Whitaker. Movie has several short nude scenes, most notable is Kerry Washington’s naked ass.

Kate Winslet was nominated for best actress in Little Children. She has a wild sex scene in the movie with several nice shots of her breasts. Another movie in best actress category with a nude scene in it is Volver. Unfortunately it’s not Penélope Cruz showing her boobs, but young Spanish actress Yohana Cobo.

Robin Weigert shows her boobs in b&w drama The Good German. Movie is nominated for best achievement in art direction.

Movie Children of Men is nominated in best writing, screenplay based on material previously produced or published; whatever that means.  Claire-Hope Ashitey drops her clothes, exposing her boobs and pregnant belly in this one.

Jemima Rooper and Mia Kirshner appear topless in The Black Dhalia. Hilary Swank’s naked ass also brings a nice flashback.

Marie Antoinette is nominated in best clothes err Best Achievement in Costume Design category, ironically most interesting part of the movie is Kirsten Dunst without clothes exposing her naked ass.

German actress Martina Gedeck exposes her breasts in Das Leben der Anderen, movie nominated in best foreign movie category. Martina has also a little nip slip in The Good Shepheard, nominated in best achievement in art direction category.

To sum it up Rinko Kikuchi, Jodi Whittaker, Kate Winslet  and sex scene with Jemima Rooper and Mia Kirshner get my “nude Oscar” nominations from the above selection.

299x494, 15 KB, Rinko_Kikuchi-babel-003.jpg553x768, 56 KB, Jodie_Whittaker-venus-001.jpg874x384, 37 KB, Kate_Winslett_Little_Children-006.jpg948x714, 114 KB, mia_kirhsner-Jemima_Rooper-The_Black_Dahlia_-005.jpg
Friday, February 16, 2007

Burt Reynolds naked in an ad for DIRECTV

Beyonce Knowles Burt Reynolds' 1972 Cosmopolitan nude spread is being used in a quirky new print ad for US satellite firm DirecTV.

The photo, which features a hirsute Reynolds lounging on a bearskin rug, features in a three-page spread in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue under the caption, "Everything should be seen in DIRECTV HD (high definition)... Well, maybe not everything."

Here's a picture of Burt naked on the bearskin rug, best way to get this hairy creature out of your mind is to check out 2007 SI Swimsuit models with Beyonce Knowles on the cover.

625x389, 74 KB, burt_reynolds-naked.jpg680x500, 94 KB, beyonce_si_2007.jpg
Friday, February 16, 2007

Keira Knightley nude in her new movie

Keira Knightley Looks like Keira Knightley will add another nude scene to her nudography.

In an upcoming movie, Keira strips for her new film - only to have her breasts belittled.

The 21-year-old star gets naked in new movie "Silk" but her character's husband says her breasts are "small" and "like a child's."

A source said, "For all the people excited to see Keira, yes, you do see her topless. She is nude in a couple of scenes, once during a love scene and another when she leans over her husband with her gown gaping open and he remarks that her breasts are small and like a little girl's."

Keira plays Helene, the wife of 19th century silkworm smuggler Herve who is in love with a Japanese baron's concubine.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actress has flashed flesh in previous films, including "The Jacket," "Domino", "The Hole" and "Doctor Zhivago" - in which she exposed her breasts.

One picture of Keira flashing her boobs from movie The Hole.
460x603, 43 KB, keira_knightley-the_hole-001.jpg
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Carmen Electra Doesn't Like Signing Nude Pictures Of Herself

Carmen Electra The former Baywatch star - who has posed naked for Playboy magazine - happily autographed pictures for fans as she left Hollywood restaurant Mr. Chow on Monday night but stopped signing when presented with a naked photograph of herself. Carmen Electra said: "I feel weird signing nude!"

The model-and-actress got in her car and left the rest of the fans' pictures unsigned. Carmen - who was married to guitarist Dave Navarro for three years before they split in July last year - also revealed she is not looking for a new Valentine. She said: "I'm not looking. I just want to be alone for a while. But it's scary you know? And you feel lonely, you want to grab onto something, but then you're not really dealing with the experience. You're just looking for a distraction. I want to feel the experience."

Carmen admits she is surprised at how much she likes being single. She said: "It's been fun because I've had more time to hang out with my friends. It's just nice to reconnect and do fun stuff and have sleepovers, dancing, fun girl stuff."
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some recent nude celebs vidcaps from couple of movies nominated for Oscar

Jodie Whittaker

Here are some recent vidcaps of nude celebs from couple of movies.

First we have lovely English actress Jodie Whittaker nude from movie Venus. She has two nude scenes in the move. First we see her flashing her boobs at Peter O’Tolle. Althoug she has amazing boobs, Peter remains unaffected by her charms. At the end of the movie Jodie takes off her clothes, exposing her boobs and ass as she poses naked for an art class.

Second we have Last King of Scotland. If you’re obsessed with nude celebs then the highlight of the move would probably be Kerry Washington’s sex scene.  Unfortunately during most of the scene all the cameras are pointed at James McAvoy’s ass.  Well we do get to see a nice shot of Kerry Washigton’s naked ass at the end of the scene.  During this sex scenes we also get to see some random boob flashes of several girls dancing topless.

There’s another sex scene at the beginning of the movie but it’s more or less impossible to make any positive ID of the girl in the scene. In this brief sex act we see James doing it with first local girl he meets in Uganda. 

DVD's of above movies should be released sometime in May.

Few pictures of Jodie Whittaker, Kerry Washington and some girls dancing topless.

530x758, 48 KB, Jodie_Whittaker-venus-002.jpg597x768, 60 KB, Jodie_Whittaker-venus-005.jpg1024x768, 151 KB, Jodie_Whittaker-venus-010.jpg1024x674, 49 KB, kerry_washington-The_Last_King_of_Scotland_-001.jpg1024x683, 72 KB, unknown-002-The_Last_King_of_Scotland_-003.jpg
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