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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recent celebrity updates

Kayleigh Pearson

Here’s a list of recent nude celebrity updates. Update consists mostly of nip slips and boob oops from recent Britney Spears’ pantiless upskirt to some paparazzi pics of Peaches and Pixie Geldof. I also updated Kayleigh Person’s page. I guess her popularity on the top 100 celebrities page is rising proportionally to her boob size.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nude Celebs in HD

Sharon Stone

I finally got my hands on HD version of Basic Instinct. Here are some HD caps of Sharon Stone's pussy and Jeanne Tripplehorn's nude scene from the movie.

Movie is available on Blu Ray disc at Amazon.

730x768, 73 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-004.jpg1024x768, 117 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-008.jpg530x712, 53 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-012.jpg1024x768, 122 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-017.jpg1024x766, 60 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-024.jpg734x768, 66 KB, Jeanne_Tripplehorn-Basic_Instinct-hd-001.jpg822x768, 67 KB, Jeanne_Tripplehorn-Basic_Instinct-hd-007.jpg764x768, 85 KB, Jeanne_Tripplehorn-Basic_Instinct-hd-004.jpg856x674, 71 KB, Sharon_Stone-Basic_Instinct-hd-019.jpg
Friday, September 14, 2007

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Katherine Heigl Mr. Skin's look at upcoming celebrity nudity in Mr. Skin Minute Video.

In this edition he takes a look at Evan Rachel Wood's nude scene in Across the Universe, Jodie Foster's topless scene in The Brave One and Katherine Heigl in Grey's Anatomy

389x505, 44 KB, Katherine_Heigl-side_effects-001.jpg277x348, 21 KB, Katherine_Heigl-side_effects-002.jpg
Friday, September 14, 2007

Sienna Miller strips for hippies

Sienna Miller

You may not remember the 60s...but how about this for a welcoming flashback?

Sienna Miller strips off to re-create the days when summers were psychedelic in her new movie Hippie Hippie Shake.

The 25-year-old plays artist Louise Ferrier, girlfriend of Richard Neville who edited underground magazine Oz. And her dreamy pose, shot yesterday in a London park, is strikingly similar to one of Louise on the cover of the December 1968 issue.

The satirical magazine tackled issues such as censorship, abortion, homosexuality and police brutality. Neville, to be played by Cillian Murphy, was one of three Oz staff jailed in 1971 under obscenity laws but released on appeal.

Of course, all this happened before Sienna was born. But maybe she could start a 60s revival - posing like this, she would have no end of followers...

Many Oz editions included dazzling psychedelic posters which now fetch high prices from collectors

Its first edition in Australia, published on April 1, 1963, led with a hoax about the collapse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

350x500, 45 KB, sienna_miller-Hippie_Hippie_Shake-001.jpg350x500, 47 KB, sienna_miller-Hippie_Hippie_Shake-002.jpg350x500, 47 KB, sienna_miller-Hippie_Hippie_Shake-003.jpg
Friday, September 14, 2007

Mischa Barton denies flashing her boobs

Mischa Barton Mischa Barton shocked guests at a children's charity event by accidentally flashing one of her nipples.

The actress experienced her wardrobe malfunction at the Save the Children event at New York's Lincoln Centre - where guests included former US President George Bush Sr. - on Thursday night (06.09.07).

One onlooker said: "Mischa was wearing a sparkly yellow dress and one of her nipples was blatantly showing! It was so not appropriate for Save the

A representative for the 21-year-old actress denies she bared her boob, saying: "It didn't happen, because if it did, there would be a photo."

Mischa - who is about to appear as a sexy schoolgirl in new movie St. Trinian's - recently revealed she is desperate to play a Bond girl in the next 007 outing, tentatively titled Bond 22.

She said: "I'd love to be a Bond girl! What girl wouldn't? It's my dream."
Friday, September 14, 2007

Girls Aloud rally against plastic surgery

Cheryl Tweedy Girls Aloud have hit back at rumours that they maintain their glamorous looks with plastic surgery.

The 'Sexy! No No No...' stars insisted that their responsibility as role models helps them to resist the temptation of the surgeon's knife.

Singer Cheryl Tweedy told Q: "It's not natural for a 20-year-old to get their boobs done. I think it would be a terrible example for young girls for us to be having surgery to change our bodies. I might overdo it with the fake tan, but I'm not so dissatisfied with myself that I'm thinking of cutting bits off or sticking bits on."

Bandmate Nadine Coyle added: "Well, I suppose it's flattering that people think we might have (had surgery). But, no, apart from hairspray and fake tan we've not added anything."
Friday, September 14, 2007

Tina O'Brien wants bigger boobs

Tina O'Brien wishes she could cast a spell to give her bigger breasts.

The 'Coronation Street' star - who is to quit playing Sarah Platt later this year to star in a pantomime version of 'Cinderella' - wishes she had a Fairy Godmother to boost her bust.

Tina told Britain's Soaplife magazine: "I wish I had a bum, hips and boobs.

"I'm a 34B so I don't have much on top. I used to think I wanted a boob job but I don't now.

"Still of someone could wave a wand and give me bigger boobs I'd say, 'Yes please - wave it twice!' "
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jessica Biel's topless 'disgust'

Jessica Biel Jessica Biel felt "disgusted" with herself after posing topless for a magazine photo shoot aged just 17.

The 25-year-old actress - who found fame in US TV show '7th Heaven' when she was 14 - agreed to controversially bare her breasts in Gear magazine to shed her angelic image, but now regrets her decision.

Jessica said: "It was horrible. I embarrassed my family, I embarrassed myself. I felt humiliated and taken advantage of."

Although she now wishes she kept her clothes on, Jessica believes it may have been one of the best things to ever happen to her, because it made her toughen up.

'The Illusionist' actress, who is dating Justin Timberlake, added: Now I can look at the pictures and not be disgusted with myself. I don't have to cry about it. I consider it to be a really good learning experience.

I learnt so much about being able to stand up for myself and being able to say 'no'.

Here's one picture of Jessica Biel topless from Gear's magazine photoshoot.
283x564, 44 KB, Jessica_Biel_gear_2000-03-001.jpg
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recent Celebrity updates

Monica Bellucci

Today’s celebrity updates.

More interesting ones are caps of Monica Bellucci topless from movie Le Concile de pierre (thanks to Ronin for this addition), Jordana Brewster’s topless caps from movie Nearing Grace and Kate Moss was spotted topless by paparazzi on the Cote d'Azure in France.

Celebs added

Celebs updated

616x260, 16 KB, Monica_Bellucci_Le_concile_de_pierre-001.jpg623x339, 37 KB, Jordana_Brewster-Nearing_Grace-001.jpg571x768, 79 KB, kate_moss-topless_2007_09-001.jpg
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nude Celebs in HD

Candace Smith

A few HD caps from movies Beerfest and The Tailor of Panama.

Candace Smith, Sarah Figoten and Simona Fusco are topless in Beerfest. Unfortunately Simona Fusco’s nude scene is among deleted scenes so I wasn’t able to get caps from that scene.

Beerfest, deleted scenes included,  is available on HD DVD discs at amazon.

I already posted caps of Jamie Lee Curtis from The Tailor of Panama a few weeks ago but I somehow forgot to include Catherine McCormack, who also appeaars topless in couple of sex scenes with Pierce Brosnan.

Tailor of Panama is available on Blue Ray discs.

686x530, 57 KB, Candace_Smith-beerfest-hd-006.jpg908x529, 74 KB, Candace_Smith-beerfest-hd-005.jpg595x530, 49 KB, Candace_Smith-beerfest-hd-012.jpg640x528, 53 KB, Candace_Smith-beerfest-hd-010.jpg497x529, 46 KB, Sarah_Figoten-beerfest-hd-002.jpg1024x768, 191 KB, Catherine_McCormack_The_Tailor_of_Panama-hd-004.jpg
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