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Friday, February 15, 2008

Recent celebrity updates

Silvina Luna This week's celebrity updates and additions, mostly Spanish and German celebs. Rather large list, should probably make one at the end of each day.

From Nudography's Feedback

Is there any way you can label the vid caps? Often, several celebrities are mentioned with several vid caps appearing below the text and I can't identify the celebrity. Just their initials would do it.

If you put your mouse cursor over a thumbnail a tooltip with picture info should show up.

Celebs added

Celebs updated

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pamela Anderson bans media from nude revue

Pamela Anderson Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has banned photographers and other members of the media from attending her Valentine's Day Strip shows in Paris.

Anderson, who has recently been performing in a magic show in Las Vegas, is set to perform four shows on February 13 and 14 at the famous Le Crazy Horse strip club.

The Associated Press reported Anderson had banned all media from attending.

The actress insisted the club enforce a strict door policy, and the venue's management reportedly warned media outlets to stay away from the shows "on the request of Pamela Anderson", AP said.

Anderson is expected to dance in a routine inspired by the song Harley Davidson, written by Brigitte Bardot by Serge Gainsbourg.

"A special number will be created for Pamela Anderson, a striptease on a Harley Davidson," the Crazy Horse said in a press statement announcing the shows.

Anderson, whose marriage to sex tape star Rick Salomon made headlines last year, graces the pages of Playboy magazine regularly.
Thursday, February 14, 2008

Amy Smart boob oops

Amy Smart Amy Smart expirienced a little boob oops wardrobe malfunction during a fashion show exposing one of her tits.

Photo credit
444x768, 55 KB, amy_smart-boob_oops-2008-02-001.jpg
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Recent DVD caps

Sophia Myles

Here are some nude celebrity vidcaps from several DVD titles.

Sophia Myles, Claire Forlani, and Ruth Milne appear nude in movie Hallam Foe. Sophie Myles has the best nude scenes in the movie. She is naked through a couple of sex scenes with some quick shots of her boobs. Claire Forlani has one sex scene in the movie during which you get to see her bush for a split second, unless she used a body double. Ruth Milne also flashes her boobs a few times during a sex scene but unfortunately camera is moving so fast you can’t see anything at all.

Movie is available on DVD at amazon UK.

Michiko Jimenez appears nude in movie Amateur Porn Star Killer. Director of the movie obviously saw one too many Pierre Woodman’s casting interviews and probably thought he could make a nice movie out of it.

Amateur Porn Star Killer DVD is available at amazon store.

Blonde and Blonder with Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards doesn’t contain any nudity. Pam’s boobs look ridiculously large and Denise is flat as a pancake. Looks like Denise removed her implants and somehow no one even noticed it.

Movie is available on DVD at amazon.

1024x674, 60 KB, Sophia_Myles-Hallam_Foe_-005.jpg890x665, 60 KB, Sophia_Myles-Hallam_Foe_-006.jpg1024x676, 53 KB, Sophia_Myles-Hallam_Foe_-013.jpg1024x704, 39 KB, Claire_Forlani_Hallam_Foe-003.jpg486x673, 60 KB, Ruth_Milne_Hallam_Foe-005.jpg1024x768, 86 KB, Michiko_Jimenez_Amateur_Porn_Star_Killer-009.jpg1024x768, 128 KB, Michiko_Jimenez_Amateur_Porn_Star_Killer-013.jpg659x467, 44 KB, pamela_anderson-blonde_and_blonder-001.jpg857x480, 50 KB, pamela_anderson-blonde_and_blonder-004.jpg601x720, 59 KB, pamela_anderson-blonde_and_blonder-008.jpg838x480, 55 KB, denise_richards-blonde_and_blonder-001.jpg452x600, 44 KB, pamela_anderson-blonde_and_blonder-011.jpg
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrity cleavage in HD

Monica Bellucci Three nice celebrity cleavage caps of Monica Bellucci from movie Matrix Revolutions, Stacy Edwards from Superbad and Shannon Whirry from Me Myself And Irene in HD
844x768, 96 KB, monica_Bellucci-The_Matrix_Revolutions-001.jpg726x768, 79 KB, monica_Bellucci-The_Matrix_Revolutions-002.jpg1024x768, 100 KB, Stacy_Edwards_Superbad-1080p-007.jpg1024x768, 100 KB, Stacy_Edwards_Superbad-1080p-008.jpg1024x688, 77 KB, Shannon_Whirry_Me_Myself_And_Irene-720p-003.jpg
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singer Sandi Thom bares all in naked photoshoot

Sandi Thom The girl-next-door image of north-east singer Sandi Thom could be in jeopardy after her decision to take part in a naked photoshoot.

The entertainer, who was brought up in Macduff, has revealed she bared all for a forthcoming women's magazine spread.

Although she claims the photographs are "artistic" and "respectful", they follow a confession earlier this month that she took drugs in her youth. She was also threatened with a police visit in Aberdeen after her New Year celebrations were branded "too rowdy."

And she has spoken of her ambition to play a raunchy Bond girl alongside 007 star Daniel Craig.

She said: "I'd love to get into a big, black PVC catsuit and massive hair and have a growling voice like Honor Blackman. That would be great."

The 26-year-old singer revealed in her online blog that posing naked was "probably one of the most daring things I've done in a long time."

But she said: "You don't see anything. It is artistic, shall we say, and very respectful. I'm very strategically covered up.

"When I was asked to do it, I thought long and hard about it, but decided to go ahead because the point in the nudity was to express a positive outlook on the body. That is something which I am all for.

"I can't say too much about it, but I guess you'll be seeing it in the not too distant future."

The singer, who shot to fame two years ago with her single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, admitted in a recent radio interview she had put her "drugs and rock 'n' roll past" behind her.

She said: "I will admit I've been there and done it and got the T-shirt. But I'm 26, so I'm a bit older and now I'm kind of out of that."

The former pupil of Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen went on to attend the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

She won a major record deal after a series of concerts played in her London flat were relayed over the internet.

Her first album, Smile . . . It Confuses People, sold 700,000 copies and the follow-up, Pink and the Lily, will be released this spring.
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Supermodel Marisa Miller On the Cover of the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Marisa Miller The highly anticipated 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring cover model Marisa Miller hits newsstands today. The annual winter spectacular features 19 of the most glamorous supermodels pictured in visually dynamic photo spreads, all set in unique and exotic locations from around the world. A rare and powerful combination of beauty and imagination, the SI Swimsuit franchise is the gold standard in publishing, this year's issue will be read by a global audience of 69 million people and there will be more than 250 million page views on

A seven-year veteran of the Swimsuit Issue, Miller makes her first cover appearance in a photo taken by Raphael Mazzucco during a two-day shoot on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, last October. Joining Miller in the issue are several other swimsuit favorites, such as Brooklyn Decker, Selita Ebanks, Bar Refa'eli, Tori Praver, Daniella Sarahyba, Irina Shayk, Anne V, Ana Beatriz Barros, Heidi Klum and Jessica White each featured in unique pictorial essays.

NFL Cheerleaders make their debut in Swimsuit 2008 and the wildly popular bodypainting masterpieces return for the 10th time. Look for Will Ferrell in character as Jackie Moon from his new movie Semi-Pro together with Heidi Klum in a raucous treatment. IRL sensation and "Traffic Stopper" Danica Patrick makes her Swimsuit debut and yes, athletes wives show it off again!

"This is a visually powerful issue with numerous surprises that underlines the very best of the Swimsuit issue heritage," says Terry McDonell, Editor, Sports Illustrated Group. "Creative Director Steve Hoffman, Swimsuit Editor Diane Smith and Senior Editor Chris Stone have topped themselves blending the tradition of the Swimsuit franchise with new themes and treatments that are spectacular."

The Cover Unveil: The unveiling of the Swimsuit cover model has become a signature moment in popular culture since 1995. Immediately after the conclusion of the Super Bowl the countdown begins toward the Swimsuit launch when the world learns the identity of the new cover model. Last night the issue's cover was revealed by David Letterman during The Late Show as a three- story billboard featuring Miller's cover was unveiled to a nationwide TV audience. Additionally, thousands gathered at "Cover Reveal Viewing Parties" held at over 100 locations around the country.

Swimsuit Digital: In conjunction with the magazine's release, the SI Digital Group launched a multimedia engine on last evening. "Every model, every shoot with video" is the motto of's behind-the- scenes coverage which comprises more than 60 video clips totaling over 100 minutes of video including footage from all 19 supermodels, NFL Cheerleaders, Danica Patrick and athletes wives' shoots.

Additionally, one can read model diaries, watch hilarious footage from the Ferrell/Klum shoot as well as view seven one-woman acts entitled Before They Were Models. In these vignettes, the models perform improv scenes from their previous (fictitious) lives. If all of this video doesn't satisfy your fix, Swimsuit fans can create their own highlight reel through the new "SI Video Mash-up" feature which allows users to take online clips from each of the dozen swimsuit photo shoots and edit them into a 45-second movie with music.

The site will also include over 1,500 exclusive photos, a body painting feature, cover galleries, a digital calendar download and archives of past issues as well.
453x680, 56 KB, marisa-miller_si_2008-001.jpg450x680, 89 KB, marisa-miller_si_2008-002.jpg463x680, 56 KB, marisa-miller_si_2008-003.jpg453x680, 76 KB, marisa-miller_si_2008-004.jpg455x680, 95 KB, ana-beatriz-barros_si_2008-001.jpg455x680, 47 KB, bar-refaeli_si_2008-001.jpg450x680, 43 KB, bar-refaeli_si_2008-002.jpg470x680, 39 KB, bar-refaeli_si_2008-003.jpg510x680, 92 KB, jessica-white_si_2008-001.jpg485x680, 106 KB, jessica-white_si_2008-002.jpg
Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice-T's Wife Coco Nude in Playboy Magazine

Nicole Austin - Coco

Ice T's wife Nicole Austin - Coco has a nude pictorial in March's issue of Playboy magazine.

 Coco did a nude shot for March’s issue of Playboy magazine.  Photos were taken in New York with spots like the bridge, the Empire State Building in most of her shoots.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Edison Chen's Sex Tapes Scandal

Gillian Chung The sex photos scandal that has rocked Hong Kong and publicly embarrassed celebrities, including Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung, implicated Edison's current girlfriend Vincy Yeung today.

Dozens more photos of women, scantily dressed and completely nude in provocative and explicit poses, purported to be Gillian, Cecilia and Vincy surfaced on the internet in the early hours of the morning.

Three photos show a woman, purported to be Vincy, having a shower.

In some photos a woman, purported to be Gillian, poses provocatively in white lingerie. In other images, that appear to be from the same set as an image leaked two days ago, the woman poses in black lingerie.

In around 20 photos, a woman, purported to be Cecilia, poses topless wearing only knickers. Around a dozen photos depict the woman posing nude on a toilet seat cover. Several dozen photos show the woman stripping from a police uniform, giving a man, purported to be Edison, a blowjob and masturbating. Clearly, judging by the clothes and backgrounds, some of the photos were taken at the same time as other photos previously leaked.

None of the celebrities purported to appear in the photos have been accused by Hong Kong police of any wrongdoing. Instead, the police investigation has focused on tracking down the people who are leaking or spreading the images. Police have not held a press briefing since the Chinese New Year holiday began. Police have so far arrested eight people, but this has not halted new photos being leaked onto the web throughout the holiday period.

Oriental Daily News, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that 300 netizens had signed up to a protest march to demonstrate against the police action. Police have been widely criticized, both in mainstream media and on internet discussion boards, for what people perceive as special treatment for the case, because it involves celebrities, and abuse of the privacy rights of internet users. Oriental Daily News reported that the protest is due to start on Sunday afternoon and to go from Victoria Park to Wan Chai police headquarters. Hong Kong's bestselling daily quoted the organizer as saying that the police knew of the march and did not object.

Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that Gillian is scheduled to start filming a movie late next week. The newspaper speculated whether or not she would meet this commitment, because the singer-actress has not been seen in public since news of the scandal broke.

Hong Kong Disneyland pulled from its website a Chinese New Year advertisement featuring Gillian's band Twins. However, a spokesperson for Disney denied that the withdrawal had anything to do with the scandal and said that the length of the campaign was decided upon long beforehand.

Reporters for The Sun, a Hong Kong newspaper, tried to track down Vincy at her university campus in Boston. The newspaper had successfully tracked her down a couple of days before, but failed at its latest attempt. Hong Kong's third bestselling daily speculated whether their failure was because it was a large campus or whether it was because Vincy is deliberately keeping a low profile.
640x480, 63 KB, Gillian_Chung-sex_tape-001.jpg640x480, 64 KB, Gillian_Chung-sex_tape-002.jpg480x640, 58 KB, Gillian_Chung-sex_tape-003.jpg1024x768, 70 KB, Cecilia_Cheung-sex_tape-001.jpg500x753, 61 KB, Cecilia_Cheung-sex_tape-014.jpg500x753, 52 KB, Cecilia_Cheung-sex_tape-015.jpg
Monday, February 11, 2008

Scarlett Johansson Goes Lesbian

Scarlett Johansson Woody Allen's next picture is definitely going to be a film that plenty of people will be talking about. It was already rumored that Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem were going to have a steamy threesome. Now an even more interesting scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona has been revealed.

The New York Post's Page Six has heard from some inside sources that Johansson and Cruz will have a steamy lesbian sex scene, "It is also extremely erotic. People will be blown away and even shocked. Penelope and Scarlett go at it in a red-tinted photography dark room, and it will leave the audience gasping."

Well I think people will be doing a lot more than gasping. Given this is a Woody Allen picture I don't think it will do a lot for the box office but wait til this sucker hits DVD. I think we may have the best selling DVD of 2008 right here.
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