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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Angelina Jolie Nude in Beowulf?

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie nude and sexier than ever, and men will coo over her once again, even after reading this sexy and very detailed mental preview of how her body will look in the medieval epic 'Beowulf'.

Angelina Jolie, who has been reported to be losing a ghastly amount of weight, weighing no more that 95 pounds, will appear at Comic-Con in San Diego on Wednesday night - naked!

Brad Pitt's lover Angie will show her sexy side once again as her naked body emerges from a dark pool of water, with little droplets of water dripping down her every curve.

The Los Angeles Times goes into further detail, saying: 'Angelina Jolie's lips look even fuller than usual. "Giiiif meee sonnnn," she coos, in an Old English accent. Her flaxen hair is braided down her back in a long tail that slowly undulates and slaps the dark pool around her. She continues to purr enticements about making babies as a virtual camera circles 360 degrees panning around her long limbs and waist. Gold dribbles down her inner thighs past her feet, revealing sharp stilettos merged with bestial hooves.'
Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nude Celebs in HD

Milla Jovovich

I had some time and checked three HD titles and made some new vidcaps along the way of our favourite celebrities in the nude along the way.

Milla Jovovich has a couple of nude scenes in Fifth Element. Unfortunately, because of the widescreen format, one of the scenes with a nice close up of Milla’s big nipple is cut out of the of the Blue Ray version.  While speaking of Milla, she’s posing pregnant and nude, hiding behind a see through scarf in latest and last issue of Jane magazine.

Next some nice caps of Natasha Henstridge’s perfect boobs from movie Species. Movie is also available on high-definition Blue Ray discs.

Lastly, three nice ladies in charge of Eddie Murphy’s private parts from movie Coming To America, Felicia Taylor, Victoria Dillard and Midori. As I was checking imdb I found out that Midori also does porn and after checking her other names I noticed a familiar name of Watley among her stage names, it turns out her sister Jody Watley appeared in April’s issue of Playboy magazine in 1998. Now I have to get my hands on Blowjob Fantasies 11 to see if Midori has any other talents i might like, apparently she won an Oscar. You can get more info about her on Midorimusic webiste. Coming to America is available on Blue Ray and HD DVD discs.

1024x534, 118 KB, milla_jovovich-The_Fifth_Element-hd-001.jpg455x544, 37 KB, Natasha_Henstridge-species-hd-006.jpg1024x544, 51 KB, Natasha_Henstridge-species-hd-011.jpg828x544, 60 KB, Natasha_Henstridge-species-hd-014.jpg594x720, 98 KB, Felicia_Taylor_Coming_to_America-002.jpg602x691, 96 KB, Victoria_Dillard-Coming_to_America-hd-001.jpg349x559, 40 KB, midori_Coming_to_America-hd-001.jpg
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kimberly Bell poses for Playboy magazine

Kimberly Bell Barry Bonds' former mistress, Kimberly Bell, at the center of the government's perjury investigation of the slugger, said Monday she will discuss the couple's relationship in the November issue of Playboy.

The Playboy article, accompanied by a nude pictorial of Kimberly Bell, is scheduled to hit newsstands Oct. 1. Bell, 37, said the article will cover details of her relationship with Bonds that she told a grand jury investigating the perjury allegations in 2005.

"The opportunity was there, and I took it," she told the Associated Press in a phone interview Monday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cate Blanchett Will Be Nude in 'The Golden Age'

Cate Blanchett How do you make learning fun for the kids? Give them nudity! I remember freshman year in high school when all the boys made sure to be in English class the day we watched Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet, because the film features a nude Olivia Hussey. Now English teachers can continue making the Elizabethan era interesting to teens with The Golden Age, which reportedly features a naked Cate Blanchett.

In the sequel to Elizabeth, the actress reprises her Oscar-nominated role as the 16th century monarch, and at some point in the film she is completely nude -- although not full-frontal -- according to British journalists who got a sneak peek of footage from the film. Blanchett is said to make "one sexy monarch," which of course depends on how sexy you find someone known to be as pale as White Out.
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lindsay Lohan in nude rehab shock

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan allegedly amused herself in rehab by wandering around naked to shock male patients and staff.

The Mean Girls star - who recently spent 45 days in Malibu's Promises Centre to be treated for alcoholism - was reportedly overheard bragging about her nude exploits at Allegra Versace's birthday party.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "Lindsay was howling with laughter as she told all her friends, including Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer. They were all giggling too and their eyes were popping out.

"Lindsay said, 'I drove them all mad wandering around completely naked. They kept telling me to quit, but it was so much fun to tease all those boys. I just couldn't stop it!'."

Lindsay, 21, is currently trying to trace a hacker who stole naked pictures of her, taken by on/off lover Calum Best, from her computer.

The furious actress wrote on her internet message board: "All I know is that someone broke into my computer and left a file on my desktop saying they had the pictures Calum took of me naked. My lawyer knows about it.

"If I ever find out who broke into my computer, he is in big shit."

Lindsay has instructed her legal team to ensure the intimate images are never released on the internet as she fears they could ruin her career.
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paris Hilton’s lesbian sex spread in Hustler

Paris Hilton Socialite Paris Hilton’s jail stint has been lampooned as a lesbian sex spread in the porn magazine ‘Hustler’.

Model Christine Alexis portrays hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who is ‘dominated’ by her cell-mate Lucia (Adriana Sage) in a series of raunchy X-rated photos.

Lucia gets intimate with the porn-version of Paris whilst sitting on the toilet in the couple’s jail cell and then penetrates the doppelganger diva, wearing a strap-on sex dildo.

Hilton spent 19 days in prison last month, after violating probation on a 2006 drink driving charge.
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty’s Sex Tape Revealed?

Kate Moss British supermodel Kate Moss is petrified that she may be following in the footsteps of celebs like Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo.

The 33-year-old model, who made headlines last year when she was caught snorting cocaine, has expressed concern that a sex tape made by her and ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty may surface.

According to, Moss and Doherty broke up after Pete was caught cheating on her with a South African model. Kate wasted no time packing Pete’s things and sending him out the door immediately after she found out.

The real worry set in when Kate began destroying the sex tapes they had made while they were together. According to sources, Kate destroyed six of the supposed eight tapes but two videos were missing.

The former coke addict (Moss) is worried that her ex-boyfriend has taken the tapes and may be willing to sell them for a hefty amount of cash.

According to, the Babyshambles frontman entered rehab today with no signs of a sex tape in hand. Perhaps Kate has bought herself some time – too bad she can’t buy herself some dignity while she’s at it.

When will celebrities learn to keep their privates private? If you’re going to make a sex tape (which most of them seem to be doing), guard it with your life.

In fact, here’s a way to make sure your sex tape doesn’t surface – don’t make sex tapes with guys like Pete Doherty. How he ever managed to score two models is beyond me.

Do you think the sex tape will surface? Will hurt Kate’s career more than the cocaine incident? Or is this just a ploy for publicity by the supermodel and the singer?
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Serena Williams Goes Nude In Jane Magazine

Serena Williams Jane magazine’s highlight this month is the semi-nude photos of Eva Mendes, Joss Stone, Serena Williams, and five other famous faces. There is nothing that gets a guy to the newsstand faster than knowing that some well-known celebrity chick is naked in a magazine.

Serena Williams is way up there on the list, especially for those of us that appreciate bootay. Not bootie. Bootay!

With a pair of silver Moschino pumps and flowers keeping it mysterious, Serena Williams struck a sexy little backshot.

The caption reads.. (as if that’s important).

“I’ll take off my shirt in a second - locker room girls don’t have much shame.

Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner, who is my best friend and, like, Greek god - handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out.

I told him we had to get married.”

If I was still in high school I would have took this picture, clipped, taped.. right on the bedroom wall.

With Serena’s not much shame nudity policy maybe there will be more spreads in her future (pun intended). I’m sure KING magazine is fiendishly dialing.
440x617, 52 KB, serena_williams-jane_2007_08-001.jpg
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Natalie Portman Nude? Threatens Websites Over 'Goya's Ghost' Scenes

Natalie Portman Everyone would have loved to see Natalie Portman nude in during her pole dance in the film 'Closer', but will they see her nude in her new film?

Natalie Portman has claimed that if anyone crops her face on a naked body after the release of her upcoming film, she'll be really, really angry. Portman will not be completely nude in her new movie 'Goya's Ghost', but she will be partly naked in certain scenes - that naked woman is someone else.

According to the NY Daily News, the actress tells Jeanne Wolf of "There's a long shot of a nude woman."

"It's not me. ... You do see some parts of me unclothed, but if they end up on Web sites making it look like I'm nude, I'm going to be really, really angry." And nothing is hotter than an angry Natalie.
Monday, July 23, 2007

Kim Kardashian to appear in Playboy magazine?

Kim Kardashian After leaked celebrity sex tape with Ray J helped her face become a regular in tabloids and the media, Kim Kardashian is now rumored to appear in an upcoming issue of Playboy.

The rumors are true. has confirmed with a source close to the celebrity socialite that she will definitely appear in an upcoming issue of the popular men's magazine, but it is a non-nude spread.

The issue Kim will appear in was unclear at press time.

Kardashian rose to fame, largely due to her friendship with Paris Hilton, but she became an internet and tabloid attraction due to a stolen sex tape featuring herself and at-the-time-boyfriend Ray J, brother of singer/actress Brandy.

Porn giant, Vivid Entertainment, later released the tape on DVD and titled it "Kim Kardashian Superstar" (see "Vivid Entertainment Releasing Ray J, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape"). But prior to its release, Kardashian filed suit in an attempt to block its release (see "Distribution Of Ray J/Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Halted").

This was the first public acknowledgement of the existence of the video, which she had previously denied.

Despite the pending lawsuit, adult retailers started offering the tape for pre-order in February. Vivid made the sex tape available online in March. In April, Kim settled with Vivid Entertainment (see "Kim Kardashian Drops Lawsuit Against Vivid Entertainment Regarding Sex Tape"), who paid $1 million to an unidentified source for the video, and dropped her suit for a reported $5 million.

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