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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recent celebrity updates

Meghan Flather

Small update, mostly requests by visitors.

I made a few caps of Meghan Flather from movie War, also starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. Apart from Meghan a few other actresses go topless in the movie but I was unable to id them. All of them appear during a scene in a yakuza infested night club; well I was able to id a song playing in the background. 10$ by M.I.A., catchy little song.

I also made a few caps of Hilary Swank wearing a black bra from a trailer for her new movie P.S., I Love You.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posh has 'worst breasts', says scientist

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham has the worst type of breasts possible, according to a scientific report by Patrick Malluci.

Malluci’s research into the perfect pair of breasts concludes that the Spice Girl's are the worst, while model Caprice Bourret has the best.

The scientist will discuss his work at a Breast Enlargement Conference in London next week.

The report claims that the ideal breast should be top heavy and have a nipple that points marginally upwards.

Malluci commented: "The ideal is a 45 to 55 per cent proportion - that is the nipple sits not at the half-way mark down the breast, but at least 45 per cent from the top."
571x682, 66 KB, Victoria_Beckham_-cleveage-001.jpg723x768, 80 KB, caprice_-cleveage-00.jpg
Thursday, September 27, 2007

Natalie Portman nude in Hotel Chevalier

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman strips down in Wes Anderson's 17-minute short film Hotel Chevalier.  The short also stars Jason Schwartzman (one of the Darjeeling leads) and Natalie Portman.

Portman appears nude in the film, and has a small cameo in Darjeeling. Though it is not necessary to see the short to understand her relationship with Schwartzman?s character in the full-length film, Anderson says Chevalier does flesh out the story.

This 'wistful and maudlin short story offers some background to the main attraction as Schwartzmann and Portman play a pair of estranged lovers who square up to each other in the sumptuous surroundings of a Parisian hotel room,' writes Product Reviews UK.

"My ideal thing would be to have the audience member come over to my apartment and watch the short on my computer and the next day they'd watch the movie in the theater," he told the Wall Street Journal.

Hotel Chevalier premiered last night at Apple stores in selected American cities, but will be available starting today as a free download on iTunes.
313x420, 9 KB, natalie_portman_hotel_chevalier-001.jpg604x522, 25 KB, natalie_portman_hotel_chevalier-002.jpg
Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anderson & Richards Offered $1 Million to Pose for Playboy

Pamela Anderson Pals Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards are considering a $1 million offer to pose nude together in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. Both blondes have disrobed for the men's magazine in the past, and now Playboy boss Hugh Hefner wants the actresses to team up for a spread in the January 2008 issue of the publication. A source tells the Globe, "Neither Pam nor Denise has committed yet, but they're seriously considering it." Anderson has appeared nude in Playboy a record 12 times, while Richards stripped for the December 2004 issue. The pair became firm friends when they shot mob comedy Blonde & Blonder in Canada last year .
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nude Celebs in HD

Winona Ryder

I made some caps from HD version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Monica Bellucci, Sadie Frost, Honey Smax, Michaela Bercu , Florina Kendrick  and Winona Ryder have more or less nude scenes in the movie.

Movie comes out on Blue Ray discs on October 2nd.

860x683, 48 KB, monica_bellucci-dracula-hd-004.jpg1024x683, 110 KB, Michaela_Bercu-dracula-hd-002.jpg1000x581, 77 KB, sadie_frost-dracula-hd-004.jpg1024x672, 72 KB, sadie_frost-dracula-hd-007.jpg627x615, 35 KB, Honey_Smax-dracula-hd-002.jpg951x653, 33 KB, winona_ryder-dracula-hd-002.jpg960x688, 38 KB, winona_ryder-dracula-hd-003.jpg
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Playboy magazine is chasing speedskater Nicole Begg

Nicole Begg Playboy photo editor Matt Steigbigel said the magazine was preparing its annual pop culture 'News in Review' feature for the January edition and would like to use one or two photos of Nicole Begg.

The photos will appear only in the United States edition of the magazine.

In April the 19-year-old world champion appeared on the front page of The Timaru Herald with one of her series of "sexy" shots undertaken for overseas magazines and websites.

Begg had stripped off in an attempt to lift her international profile and that of her sport by undressing and she has allowed Playboy to use two of them in their 'News in Review' section.

The revealing photos had an immediate impact, with some of the websites carrying the photos crashing due to surge in demand.

Interviewed on radio stations around the world, Begg was bagged by a fellow Chilean competitor, who claimed the shots were vulgar – and immediately did a series of her own photographs.

At the time the world champion said she was a bit nervous at the start of the shoot but decided it was no worse than what could been seen on most European beaches.

"Lots of sports stars, both male and female, have done this sort of thing before."

Often they have done it for big money offers from magazines, but Begg's motivation is simply to increase her profile in the hope of attracting a sponsor and also increase the profile of inline skating.

Playboy magazine is likely to fulfil both those aims as it is the largest monthly men's magazine in the United States and has a circulation around 3.25 million readers.

In June, United States Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard posed nude.

Beard, who won three medals in the 1996 Olympics at the age of 14, had previously appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in FHM.

Begg, who was nominated for the Halberg Awards but missed the finals, will again be in contention after grabbing her second world title in Columbia last month.

She also performed well on the road in Germany at the weekend winning her second World Inline Cup race of the season to lift her to fourth overall in the championships.
650x360, 34 KB, nicole_Begg-nude-001.jpg650x431, 43 KB, nicole_Begg-nude-002.jpg
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recent nude celebrity updates

Monica Bellucci

Here’s a list of recent celebrity updates and additions.  More interesting ones from the update are new paparazzi photos of Monica Bellucci during her vacation in Sardinia; Erica Durance has a nice pictorial in October’s Maxim magazine, Rhianna is wearing a little bikini on the cover of French FHM magazine and French actress Vahina Giocante has a nude pictorial by Karel Lagerfeld in October’s issue of French Playboy magazine.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Publicist Says Meg White Sex Tape Is Fake

Meg White The Meg White sex tape circulating on the internet is a fake according to The White Stripes publicist Chloe Walsh. In a statement released to Walsh said, “Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in particularly bad taste.”

Rumors began to swirl about the nature of The White Stripes recent tour cancellations after Meg was said to be suffering from “acute anxiety.” After a sex tape featuring a woman who bore a resemblance to the singer surfaced on the internet White’s condition quickly became seen as a cop out.

Despite the resemblance Walsh categorically denied White’s involvement in the tape saying “The tape circulating on the internet as featuring Meg White is fake. It1s definitely not Meg.”

Meg White and Jack White form The White Stripes and have earned three Grammy Awards. In 2004 the duo took how the Best Alternative Music Album for Elephant and Best Rock Song for “Seven Nation Army.” The White Stripes captured their third Grammy in 2006 when they won Best Alternative Music Album for Get Behind Me Satan.
425x349, 14 KB, meg_white-sex_Tape-001.jpg
Monday, September 24, 2007

Playboy turns down Britney Spears' nude photoshoot

Britney Spears Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine has turned down the offer of a nude photo shoot starring pop star Britney Spears, it has been reported.

The National Ledger reported Britney wanted a "seven-figure" deal to strip for the iconic magazine, but Hefner was only willing to part with $US400,000.

Five years ago, at the height of her chart success, Britney was offered $2 million to star in Playboy.

A source told the Ledger that photos of Britney without underwear on taken by paparazzi, and her woeful performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, had lowered her asking price.

"Britney is truly delusional if she thinks anyone is going to pay giant bucks to see her nude," the source said.

"She's already bared too much flesh for free while out partying for that to happen.

"There was a time when Hef might have been willing to pony up, but that time has long passed."
Monday, September 24, 2007

Sienna Miller furious over nude pictures

Sienna Miller Actress Sienna Miller is reportedly furious - after nude pictures of her (taken from new Hippy flick “Hippy Hippy Shake”) hit the internet.

The Sun reports the actress was furious that she wasn’t given adequate protection on the outdoor location at London’s Ladbroke Grove, which is overlooked by residential flats, &  it was was also suggested that a few more extra’s than normal appeared on set the very day she had to bare all.

Sources told British newspaper The Sun: “Sienna was really hurt. She took some persuading to do the scenes and spent most of the day in her dressing gown building up to it.

“She is reluctant to do the rest of her nude scenes.”
350x500, 47 KB, sienna_miller-nude_2007_09-001.jpg
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