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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nude Celebs in HD - Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson I made some HD caps of Kate Hudson, Alexis Dziena, Clementine Heath and Ashley Cheadle from movie Fool’s Gold.  

There’s not much nudity in the movie. Clementine Heath and Ashley Cheadle flash their boobs for a brief moment, Kate Hudson might have had a little boob slip in once scene and Alexis Dziena wears a different bikini for each scene she’s in.

Fool’s Gold comes out on Blu-ray discs on June 17th.

1024x768, 106 KB, Kate_Hudson-fools_gold-1080p-004.jpg1024x768, 104 KB, Kate_Hudson-fools_gold-1080p-005.jpg527x681, 62 KB, Kate_Hudson-fools_gold-1080p-014.jpg631x729, 78 KB, Kate_Hudson-fools_gold-1080p-017.jpg492x739, 53 KB, Alexis_Dziena_fools_Gold-1080p-004.jpg780x768, 67 KB, Alexis_Dziena_fools_Gold-1080p-007.jpg1024x768, 149 KB, Alexis_Dziena_fools_Gold-1080p-012.jpg575x738, 78 KB, Alexis_Dziena_fools_Gold-1080p-015.jpg271x503, 27 KB, Ashley_Cheadle_fools_Gold-1080p-001.jpg308x469, 25 KB, Clementine_Heath_fools_Gold-1080p-002.jpg
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Judith Bedard nude

Judith Bedard Canadian supermodel Judith Bedard did a very explicit photoshoot for French fashion photographer Geoffroy de Boismenu.

Photos show Bedard in the nude, masturbating, wearing different bdsm outfits and in several photos she’s in chains.

You'll see the photos on photographers offical site unde A History of Sex section under photographs link.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recent celebrity updates

Abigail Clancy

List of recent nude celebrity updates and additions.

Since I was busy with the Euro wags story for the past two day it’s no surprise that most of the new updates consist of wags.

But still, there were a lot of new interesting additions for nudography’s database of nude celebs.

One of England’s top wags, Abigail Clancy, was caught topless sunbathing at her hotel on St. Bart’s.

Ex supermodel Helena Christensen was caught topless while trying to get a nice tan at her hotel in Miami.

Victoria Silvstedt was caught wearing a see through panties while clubbing. Paparazzi managed to snap some nice upskirt pics of her trimmed bush.

Ex Playboy playmate Shauna Sand was also caught by paparazzi while clubbing exposing her deformed tits from a bad boob job and she also managed to flash her pussy lips.

French Open champion Ana Ivanovic will have a nice pictorial in August issue of FHM magazine.

Celebs added

Celebs updated

558x633, 50 KB, Abigail_Clancy_topless-sunbathing-2008-06-001.jpg1024x768, 114 KB, Helena_Christensen_topless_purple_bikini-2008-06-001.jpg745x768, 94 KB, Ana_Ivanovic_FHM_-2008-08-001.jpg
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hottest Euro 2008 WAGs squad

Nereida Gallardo A follow up to yesterdays wags article, here are some nude photos of Euro wags squad.

Adelina Elisei is the girlfriend of Romanian footballer Christian Chivu.

Nuria Bermúdez is wife and agent of Spanish player Daniel González Güiza. Once she boasted that she had slept with six members of Real Madrid’s team. She also claimed to have exchanged raunchy texts messages with David Beckham and once she was photographed beside him and then sold the pre-arranged photographs to the gossip magazines.  She was also sued by Luis Figo for suggesting he was two-timing his lovely model wife Helen Svedin with her.

Nereida Gallardo is girlfriend of Portugal’s biggest star Cristiano Ronaldo. She’s working part time in a nursing home and modelling topless the rest of the time. Spanish magazine interviu published a nice topless pictorial of her in May and some more topless photos of Nereida appeared quickly after in several British tabloids.

Alena Seredova is a Czech top model, the 1998 winner of Miss Czech Republic, and a girlfriend of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

Noémie Lenoir is a French model and actress and she’s married to French international football player Claude Makélélé of Chelsea FC.

Marta Cecchetto is an Italian model and a long-term partner of the Italian player Luca Toni.

Anine Bing is a glamour model born in Denmark. She claimed to be dating actor Jim Carrey and hockey player Peter Forsberg. Currently she‘s been romantically linked to Swedish footballer Anders Svensson.

Eva González is a Spanish beauty pageant winner who represented her country at the Miss Universe 2003 pageant. She is dating Spanish national football team goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Sonia Amoruso is married to Italian World Cup-winning footballer Alessandro Del Piero.

Argentinean model Belén Rodríguez is currently in a relationship with the Italian soccer player Marco Borriello.

Francesca Chillemi, Miss Italia 2003, is dating Italian player Alberto Aquilani.

And a couple of Euro wags to keep the bench warm.

Oksana Andersson, a dancer for a Swedish group Sunblock, is the fiancée of Swedish player Christian Wilhelmsson.

Sylvie Meis is a Dutch actress and presenter. She is the wife of a Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart.
Hedvika Koller is married to Czech player Jan Koller.

Here are some bikini, topless and nude wags photos.
530x768, 59 KB, adelina_elisei-sexy-001.jpg766x768, 153 KB, Nuria_Bermudez-interviu-2001-03-001.jpg237x345, 25 KB, nereida-gallardo-interviu-2008-05-006.jpg966x768, 114 KB, Alena_Seredova_2005-calendar-001.jpg764x768, 107 KB, noemie_lenoir-nude-001.jpg1000x768, 168 KB, Marta_Cecchetto_Max_Speciale_modelle_italiane_2003-002.jpg745x768, 98 KB, Anine_Bing_Cafe-002.jpg683x768, 102 KB, eva_gonzalez_man_2005-07-006.jpg840x768, 89 KB, Sonia_Del_Piero-topless_Sunbathing-2006-003-1.jpg1024x768, 346 KB, Belen_Rodriguez_topless-001.jpg635x768, 75 KB, Francesca_Chillemi_see-through-003.jpg439x571, 74 KB, oksana_Andersson-lingerie-002.jpg590x768, 58 KB, sylvie_meis_red_bikini-2004-06-001.jpg
Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro 2008 WAGs: Europe wags vs. England wags

Euro 2008 kicked off on Saturday in Austria and Switzerland. So while watching some of the first games I decided it would be nice to put together a team of best looking Euro 2008 WAGs (wag is a British tabloid term for footballer’s wives and girlfriends).

While you could easily compile a whole British wags team, with England unable to qualify for the tournament compiling such a list proved to be harder then I imagined.

Anyway, here’s Euro 2008 WAGs Team - against England’s WAGs team. Tomorrow I’ll try and develop this article with some nude photos of Euro 2008 wags.

1024x768, 109 KB, euro-2008-wags-1.jpg
Monday, June 09, 2008

Nude Celebs in HD - Kate Luyben

Kate Luyben

Some HD caps of Kate Luyben topless from movie Semi-Pro.

She plays Will Farell’s wife in the movie. She has one topless scene as she flashes her boobs at her husband’s basketball team. She has another sexy scene when she is used to raise the morale of the players by dancing for them.

Movie is available on Blu-ray discs at amazon.

812x768, 111 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-003.jpg724x768, 99 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-005.jpg498x768, 72 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-008.jpg892x768, 141 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-012.jpg1024x768, 222 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-013.jpg402x768, 59 KB, Kate_Luyben-Semi-Pro-1080p-016.jpg
Friday, June 06, 2008

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Moran Atias Mr. Skin's look at upcoming celebrity nudity in Mr. Skin Minute Video.

In this edition he takes a look at Moran Atias in Mother of Tears, Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson in Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again and Susan Sarandon in King of the Gypsies

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video
927x768, 72 KB, Moran-Atias_La-Terza_Madre-005.jpg
Friday, June 06, 2008

Sarah Polley topless in John Adams

Sarah Polley In the excellent HBO miniseries "John Adams" which is coming out on DVD on June 10, Sarah Polley appears topless.

She is a Canadian actress and director known for many things but possibly best as the female lead in Zack Snyder's remake of "Dawn of the Dead". She plays John Adam's daughter Nabby who, in the final episode "Peacefield" has breast cancer.

Immediately before the mastectomy, Sarah disrobes revealing her beautiful and flawless right breast, lies down in the bed, is strapped down (hands and feet) and is held down by four men so that she does move while her breast is removed WHILE SHE IS AWAKE. Fortunately, we only see the curved blade as Dr. Rush positions it - then the shot is of her face as she is biting down on something, her eyes roll back and we see a few drops of blood before we see her hands go limp as she presumably passes out.

While the shots of her breast are great and the clearest of her career, the unfortunate part is the expression on her face which is, as one would expect, very scared trying to keep it together.
626x350, 23 KB, Sarah_Polley_John_Adams-001.jpg
Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brittany Snow: On the Doll

Brittany Snow

On the Doll with Brittany Snow will be released on DVD on June 17th. Brittany plays a prostitute in the movie and although first reports back in 2006 promised a full frontal scene, several sex scenes and a simulated blowjob scene, we won’t see any of that on the DVD according to several other reviews of the movie.

Maybe Brittany’s next movie Black Water Transit, in which she also plays a prostitute, will have a nude scene in it. According to an interview she did for Vegas magazine she has sex with everybody in the movie and wears nothing the entire time.

504x756, 63 KB, on_the_doll-poster.jpg
Thursday, June 05, 2008

Roxanne Mckee nude in More Magazine

Roxanne McKee Roxanne McKee is the best looking girl on the UK soap Hollyoaks, and is naked in this week's issue of More magazine in the UK (on sale now).

1024x768, 168 KB, roxanne_mckee_more-2008-06-001.jpg
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