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Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrity Links of The Day

Natalie Portman Actress Natalie Portman had a slight areola slip during the 2009 White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington. (

Topless pictorial of Page 3 girl Peta Todd at

Mr. Skin salutes the pioneers of early cinema nudity from golden era Hollywood flicks like Wings with Clara Bow, Ecstasy with naked Hedy Lamarr and French sex bomb Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman.

Porn star Jesse James was caught by paparazzi photographer in a bikini at Miami South Beach. (

Monday, May 11, 2009

Christina Applegate afraid her boobs might pop out

Christina Applegate Christina Applegate is afraid that her reconstructed boobs might pop up and she may becomes a victim of wardrobe malfunction, because she can’t feel her reconstructed breasts.

Last year, the actress underwent a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had her breasts rebuilt and implants fitted.

“I don’t need to wear a bra. They don’t hang down to my knees like they did before. They’re pretty solid,” Contactmusic quoted Applegate as telling

However, she’s terrified her reconstructed breasts will pop out of her dress whenever she’s at red carpet events.

“The numbness is strange. I can’t feel anything. I don’t know if they’re hanging out in clothes, so I need someone to make sure they’re under wraps,” she said.
Monday, May 11, 2009

Chris Brown denies Rihanna nude pic leak

Rihanna A representative for Chris Brown said that he is not behind the release or ‘leak’ of Rihanna's nude photos.

Following the release of nude pictures believed to be of pop-sensation Rihanna, ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has vigorously denied claims that he leaked the images.

A representative for Brown said to Essence magazine: "This is both a false and defamatory statement. Chris has not released or ‘leaked’ any photos of Rihanna (or anyone else for that matter)."

However, no comment was made in regard to a photo in the set of a shirtless man, believed to be Brown, wearing a pair of women’s underwear on his head.

The pair has been a focus in entertainment news following a February incident where Rihanna was assaulted and badly beaten - it has been alleged that Brown perpetrated the assault.

Brown pleaded not guilty to the charges of assault and making criminal threats.

He now faces trial, or may negotiate a plea deal that could spare him from a potential jail sentence of four years and eight months in federal prison..

NSFW pictures of Rihanna nude can be found here.
640x480, 39 KB, rihanna-nude-001.jpg640x480, 41 KB, rihanna-nude-007.jpg
Friday, May 8, 2009

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Diora Baird Mr. Skin's look at upcoming celebrity nudity on DVD and in movie theaters.

In this edition of Mr. Skin minute:

Nude in theaters:

Diora Baird stars in Star Trek as green skin Orion Slave Girl, she doesn't go topless in the movie so to see her topless you’ll have to rent Wedding Crashers or Hot Tamale

Nude on DVD:

Cate Blanchett shows her butt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Naturi Naughton is nude in movie Notorious

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Friday, May 8, 2009

Topless photos of Carina Lau lead to jail time

Carina Lau The former chief editor of Hong Kong-based magazine, East Week, has been sentenced to five months in jail for publishing a topless actress Carina Lau in 2002.

Lau's photo which was taken in 1990, was splashed across the cover of the October 30 issue of the magazine.

The actress revealed that she was kidnapped by triad members and photographed naked after she refused a film offer. There were rumours that Lau was also assaulted and raped. She was later released unharmed.

The defendant, 52-year-old Mong Hon-Ming, received a six-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty last December. However, Hong Kong's Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday that the original magistrate had been misled and the sentence was too lenient.

The case sparked a huge uproar in Hong Kong with hundreds of celebrities taking to the streets, condemning the magazine and demanding that the media show greater respect for people's privacy.

East Week issued apologies in various newspapers and was forced to fold in November 2002.

In March 2003, Hong Kong police arrested 11 management officials at East Week, including Mong, and launched investigation into the topless photograph.
Friday, May 8, 2009

Lydia Hearst Topless in Italian GQ

Lydia Hearst Model Lydia Hearst posed topless for American photographer Richard Kern. Lydia’s topless pictorial will be published in May’s issue of Italian GQ magazine. You can see more Pictures from the pictorial online at Italian GQ’s website.

Although she’s only 25 years old Lydia is already an accomplished model. She was given the award of the Best International Supermodel in Madrid last year. She’s also a fashion designer, writer and she also wants to become an actress.

600x768, 59 KB, Lydia_Hearst_GQ_It-2009-05-3.jpg600x768, 79 KB, Lydia_Hearst_GQ_It-2009-05-4.jpg
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrity Links of The Day

Diora Baird Claire Danes had a little nip slip; photos at

Mr. Skin’s Like Mother, Like Daughter list - great video compilation of the hottest stars who have saluted their moms by following in their career footsteps.

Rebecca Romijn did a sexy photoshot; pictorial is up at

Saw Star Trek yesterday. Green doesn’t suit Diora Baird to well, so here’s a link to her recent photoshoot for FHM magazine one more time. Photos are up at

Sexy video clip of Melissa Rycroft from Dancing with the Stars is up at Nudography’s Facebook Fan Page

Megan Fox in a bikini from her recent pictorial for Esquire magazine. Link

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nude Celebs in HD – Maggie Q

Maggie Q Here are some HD caps and clips of Marit Thoresen and Maggie Q topless from movie Naked Weapon.

Maggie has one nude scene in the movie. She has a sex scene on the beach during which we get to see her breasts for a few seconds.

Since strippers are very popular lately, I should also mention Maggie’s sexy strip dance.  Well she doesn’t actually strips out of anything, but the scene is still very sexy.

Marit Thoresen is topless during a sex scene at the beginning of the movie. Rather strange scene if you ask me, we see her topless on a small monitor and then a nice close up of her boobs during sex from a real camera. What’s strange about this scene is when she arrives and leaves the premises of a Hotel her nipples are covered with pasties.

Here are video clips of Maggie Q and Marit Thoresen from Naked Weapon; files are hosted at rapidshare. All previous video clips are available under the nude celebrity video clips link.

Maggie Q topless during sex
Maggie Q sexy strip dance
Marit Thoresen topless

Naked Weapon will be released on Blu-ray on May 19th. You can buy it at Amazon.

Amazon will release new Kindle DX with bigger screen and built in PDF support this summer. You can already pre-order your Kindle DX at Amazon.

1024x768, 119 KB, Maggie_Q_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-016.jpg874x768, 64 KB, Maggie_Q_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-013.jpg850x768, 54 KB, Maggie_Q_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-012.jpg1024x768, 134 KB, Maggie_Q_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-008.jpg958x768, 100 KB, Marit_Thoresen_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-006.jpg1024x768, 98 KB, Marit_Thoresen_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-005.jpg1024x768, 109 KB, Marit_Thoresen_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-004.jpg1024x768, 142 KB, Marit_Thoresen_Chek_law_dak_gung-1080p-002.jpg
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cassie Ventura topless leaked photos

Cassie Ventura According to Cassie Ventura’s twitter page someone hacked into her computer and posted a couple of topless photos of young hip hop singer online.


Cassie Ventura, known by her stage name Cassie, is an American model, hip hop singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and occasional music video actress. Cassie is best known for her single "Me & U", which became a hit in 2006.

I guess I’ll soon have to add topless celebrity self-portraits category to the menu, right beside the celebrity sex tapes category, if these self topless mobile photos keep turning up. Celebs whose revealing mobile pics were leaked in the past include Adrienne Bailon, Miley Cyrus, Antonella Barba, Vanessa Hudgens, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Vida Guerra and Jennifer Wanderer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nude Celebs in HD – Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz HD caps and video clips of Cameron Diaz from movie There's Something About Mary.

Cameron wears a see-through top in one scene and in another one we get to see a nice side view of Cameron’s firm tits.

Here’s a link to video clip from the movie; file is hosted at rapidshare.

Cameron Diaz see-through top video
Cameron Diaz side boob video

There's Something About Mary will be released in HD on Blu-ray on May 9th. You can buy it at Amazon.

For the best HD experience you’ll need a good receiver, speakers, projector and a Blu-ray or a media player that can handle HD .mkv or .ts files. Here are my recommendations from Amazon for your home theater equipment.

656x768, 65 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-009.jpg1024x768, 92 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-006.jpg1024x768, 92 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-005.jpg936x768, 61 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-003.jpg1024x768, 76 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-002.jpg1024x768, 143 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-027.jpg1024x768, 71 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-024.jpg1024x768, 79 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-021.jpg698x768, 53 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-018.jpg596x768, 61 KB, cameron_diaz-TSAM-1080p-015.jpg
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