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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Claudia Schiffer nude & pregnant in German Vogue

Claudia Schiffer German supermodel  Claudia Schiffer joined the club of numerous celebs who posed naked while pregnant

39 year model, who is expecting a baby girl with Matthew Vaughn  in May, posed naked for Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld  for the June's cover of German Vogue magazine.

Claudia's Vogue cover bares striking  resemblance to Demi Moore’s  1991 Vanity Fair cover for which Demi  posed nude when she was seven months pregnant.

While Claudia wasn't too shy posing naked, Paula Patton, another mom to be, didn't quite reveal so much skin on the cover of May's Ebony magazine.

Other famous pictorials of pregnant celebs include actresses Monica Bellucci, Melissa Joan Hart, Anne Heche, Lisa Rinna, models Natalia Vodianova, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Nell McAndrew,  singers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and Dancing With The Stars co-host Brooke Burke.

768x768, 116 KB, claudia-schiffer-vogue-de-20010-06-01.jpg468x647, 92 KB, demi_moore-Vanity-Fair-1991.jpg435x562, 61 KB, paula_patton-ebony.jpg671x768, 82 KB, Cindy_Crawford_2876.jpg1005x768, 128 KB, JBP645-Britney_Spears-11.jpg1024x768, 174 KB, absinthOpferWP_278_Christina_Aguilera-1600-1200.jpg805x768, 68 KB, Natalia_Vodianova_FrPh_Sp_002a.jpg929x768, 134 KB, Monica_Bellucci_VF3004-1.jpg734x768, 148 KB, nell_mcandrew-sunday-2006_01-001.jpg1024x768, 110 KB, melissa_joan_hart.jpg850x768, 121 KB, AsiaArgentobzrPC6.jpg803x768, 52 KB, bl4ck-11C-Heidi_Klum-Vitals_Woman_Fall05-ph_Michael_Thompson.jpg1024x768, 59 KB, eva_herzigova-pregnant.jpg450x565, 80 KB, brooke-burke-pregnant.jpg1024x693, 130 KB, anne-hechePregnant.jpg
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Elisha Cuthbert Elisha Cuthbert is on vacation in Mexico and so are the paparazzi. (NS4W.ORG)

Playmate of the Year 2010 – The Contenders (Boobie Blog)

Busty British soap actress Gemma Merna has nice pokies. (The Nip Slip)

HQ photos of Linda Blair posing topless for photographer Dick Zimmerman. (Nebula's Nude Celebs)

Lucy Pinder topless from Nuts magazine. (DRW)

Marisa Miller as a busty biker girl in a Harley Davidson ad. (LAX Time)

Emma Stone has a sexy pictorial in Nylon magazine. (The Beer Goggler)

Alice Goodwin is topless in Zoo magazine. (PHS)

Mr. Skin's video clip of The 5 Sexiest Brazilian Bombshells EVER!

Elisha Cuthbert from a couple of years ago. (Lanky Bastard)

Amanda Seyfried's interview on Chelsea Lately (YouTube)

Evangeline Lilly on David Letterman. (YouTube)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mindy McCready's sex tape review

Mindy McCready Mindy McCready shot to fame in the late 90s' at the age of 17 as a country singer. Her first album, Ten Thousand Angels, was certified 2× Multi-Platinum, which means  over 2 million units were sold.

With each new album release, the sales numbers went down, and so did her career as a country singer.

Although her career took a dive, she stayed in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons.

In 2005 her ex-boyfriend Billy McKnigh almost beat her to death, he was charged with attempted murder and sent to jail, but that didn't stop Mindy to hook up with him again and getting pregnant with his child after he got out of jail.   

Mindy abused prescription drugs on a regular basis. In 2004 she was arrested for using a fake prescription to buy painkillers and sentenced to three years probation among other things.  Her subsequent troubles with the law finally landed her the jail sentence. In 2007 she had to spend a few months in jail for violating probation. Same sentence befall upon her in 2008, and she spent another 30 days behind the bars.

Mindy  tried to put her life back in order recently. She appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew this year, depicting her struggle with substance addiction, and tried to revive her music career with the release of her new album I’m Still Here.

But with her track record of attracting bad luck, it was just a matter of time when misfortune will strike again.

In the end of March Vivid Entertainment group announced they are planning to release "Mindy McCready: Baseball Mistress" sex tape. Mindy tried to stop the release of the sex tape, but evidently failed at the end and her sex tape went public on 5th of May.

According to Mindy, the sex tape was stolen  from her Nashville home three years ago. So that would make her  around 31 years old when she shot the tape with her then boyfriend named Peter. Well, I for one was shocked with the discrepancy in her real age and her looks in the tape. Must be because of all the drug abuse, but to me, she looks closer to fifty than 31 in the sex tape.

The 59 minute tape starts with Mindy sitting in a dinner, answering questions from her personal life.

She talks about her relationships with baseball star Roger Clemens,  actor Dean Cain, John  F. Kennedy Jr., country singer Alan Jackson and others.

The main focus of the interview is on the affair she had with Clemens, that started when she was 16 or 17 years old. The interviewer is constantly trying to trick her into saying that she was underage when she had sex with Clemens for the first time, but she denied it and reveled that they only showered together when they first met and hadn't had sex until to some years later.

The sex part of the tape starts about 12 minutes into the video. We first see Mindy and Peter arguing about the penis size. 

"It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean", claims Peter. While Mindy, on the other hand, claims that people and their private parts must fit together like puzzle pieces. Well, it kind of turn out Peter was correct on this one. It didn't matter if he used his cock or his tongue, either way she reached an orgasm.

The first sex scene last for about ten minutes. The camera is aimed at the bed from a distance, thus we don't get any close-ups during sex. Too bad, since Mindy has very nice boobs and we only get to see them bouncing up and down from a distance, we  never get a closer look at them.

In the second sex scene Mindy gives Peter a blow job and then Peter goes down on her.  The whole thing lasts for about eight minutes. Both scenes are very poorly lit, so the video quality is horrible for this day and age.

Third sex block contains two scenes as well. First we get to see Peter  fucking Mindy from behind POV style. Again, because of the poor quality of the video, you can't even tell if he's fucking her ass or pussy. Well, to tell the truth, this particular scene almost bordered on gay porn. All we get to see is Mindy's ass, legs close together and her bare back, while Peter rams her from behind.

In the last scene the couple has sex doggy style. Sex lasts for about 5 minutes and again without any close-ups. When they're finished, we get to see some more footage of the interview from the dinner.

So, to sum it up. We get about 22 minutes of sex and 37 minutes of talking. You can tell from the video that Peter's intention was, to release their bed romps as a sex tape sometime in the future and Mindy didn't really put too much of a fight when trying to stop him when he was shooting the videos or afterward, when the sex tape was announced to be released.

I was very disappointed with the quality of the video.  Night vision shot of Paris Hilton having sex in complete darkness  looks better than most of this tape.

If one would have to pay solely to see this video alone, it would probably be a rip off, but Vivid put together an interesting offer for those of you that want to check out Mindy McCready's sex tape. Beside access to Mindy's sex tape, you also get access to Pamela Anderson's sex tape, Paris Hilton's sex tape, Janine Lindemulder's sex tape plus access to and optional 3 day trial to and 2 day trial to Adult Reality Pass. Of course, if you don't want the full membership to the last two sites remember to uncheck that option or cancel them before they turn into full membership.

Here's the final score for  Mindy's sex tape

Length: 4/5
Video Quality: 2/5
Popularity: 2/5
Our score: 2/5

Overall Score: 2.5, which puts the sex tape among bellow average ones on our Top Celebrity Sex Tapes list.

532x446, 32 KB, Mindy_McCready_-_Mindy_McCready_Baseball_Mistress_-04.jpg574x480, 44 KB, Mindy_McCready_-_Mindy_McCready_Baseball_Mistress_-03.jpg492x466, 40 KB, Mindy_McCready_-_Mindy_McCready_Baseball_Mistress_-02.jpg401x307, 24 KB, Mindy_McCready_-_Mindy_McCready_Baseball_Mistress_-01.jpg
Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Tess Taylor Ryan Seacrest is an expert on boobs now? Says Heidi Montag's are too small. (Boobie Blog)

Pretty Wild star Tess Taylor is Playboy's Cyber Girl Of The Year 2010. (NS4W.ORG)

Busty British glamour model Lucy Pinder topless. (Taxi Driver Movie)

Megan Fox in a bikini, photoshoot by Terry  Richardson for the Oct. 2008 Issue of  GQ magazine. (Nebula's Nude Celebs)

Tiger Woods' mistressRachel Uchitel shows her cleavage. (The Nip Slip)

Kylie Minogue shakes her booty for a video shoot. (The Beer Goggler)

Nicole Austin - Coco is a twitpic junkie. (Caveman Circus)

Rihanna has a sexy pictorial in Rolling Stone magazine. (Celebrity Odor)

Collien Fernandes from German edition of FHM Magazine. (PHS)

Mr. Skin's list of Top 10 Hottest Maids.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebs on talk shows

Amanda Seyfried Here’s a list of interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Amanda Seyfried has a busy week ahead of her. She will promote her new romantic comedy Letters to Juliet on Chelsea Lately today, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow and Live With Regis and Kelly and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Friday.

Lost star Evangeline Lilly will be on Late Show with David Letterman today and The View and  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow. The two-hour series finale of Lost will air on May 23rd.

Queen Latifah and Pam Grier star alongside Paula Patton in romantic comedy Just Wright. Queen will be promoting the movie on Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow and Live With Regis and Kelly and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. You can catch Pam Grier on Tavis Smiley on Thursday.

Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern's wife, wrote a book about dogs  Oh My Dog: How to Choose, Train, Groom, Nurture, Feed, and Care for Your New Best Friend. Last week she was promoting the book on Letterman, this week she will be on Live With Regis and Kelly on Wednesday and Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows at The Late Night TV Page

Monday (May 10th)
Tuesday (May 11th)
Wednesday (May 12th)
Thursday (May 13th)
Friday (May 14th)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrity Birthdays

Laetitia Casta Here’s a list of upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

May 11th - May 17th

Laetitia Casta (32), Holly Valance (27), Samantha Mathis (40), Alicja Bachleda-Curus (27), Emily VanCamp (24), Malin Akerman (32), Deborah Kara Unger (44), Samantha Morton (33), Rebecka Liljeberg (29), Carrie Prejean (23), Martine McCutcheon (34), Cate Blanchett (41), Amber Tamblyn (27), Sophie Anderton (33), Sofia Coppola (39), Natalie Appleton (37), Caroline Dhavernas (32), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (29), Brenda Bakke (47), Janet Jackson (44), Anne Parillaud (50), Melanie Lynskey (33), Yvonne Craig (73), Tori Spelling (37), Gabriella Sabatini (40), Megan Fox (24), Debra Winger (55), Cosma Shiva Hagen (29)

885x768, 89 KB, bssc0891-laetitia_casta-demarchelier.jpg1024x768, 176 KB, Dann-Samantha_Morton-Under_the_Skin.jpg1024x768, 131 KB, tu_deborahunger_whispersinthedark05.jpg1011x768, 91 KB, Malin_Akerman_Harold_Kumar_Go_to_White_Castle_1080p_004.jpg1024x671, 106 KB, SamanthaMathis-nmd.jpg1024x768, 191 KB, Janet_HUGE.jpg960x740, 150 KB, jw-dhavernas-tulseluper113.jpg744x768, 83 KB, rev-AndertonSophie-01.jpg445x717, 127 KB, Martine-Topless-16July00_Bobdfish.jpg760x768, 110 KB, carrie-prejean_nipple_02.jpg1024x768, 158 KB, TheRock-MelanieLynskey-Park.jpg1024x768, 210 KB, gr-anne-parillaud-le-battant.jpg
Monday, May 10, 2010

Kick-Ass would definitely jerk-off to this

Deborah Twiss If you watched Kick-Ass, you might remember that Kick-Ass fantasized about his English teacher Mrs. Zane, played by Deborah Twiss, during the class.

Judging by the amount of searches for Deborah at Nudography when the movie was released, Kick-Ass wasn't  the only one who wanted to see the busty English teacher naked.

Since Friday, you don't have to fantasize no more. Here's the real deal, Deborah Twiss nude from the latest episode of Starz's new TV series Gravity.

Gravity is an offbeat series about a support group for people who have attempted suicide. The series air on Friday on Starz and it looks like it will be a nice replacement for Spartacus: Blood and Sand, at least nudity wise. Some of the regular members of the cast include Krysten Ritter, Ivan Sergei, Rachel Hunter, Ving Rhames, Robyn Cohen and James Martinez.

Beside Deborah TwissSteffi Garrard was also naked during a funny sex scene in the third episode. Here are links to  the nude scene from  Gravity. Files are hosted at rapidshare and megaupload, all previous video clips from nude celebs in HD articles are available under the nude celebrity movie clips link.

 Deborah Twiss nude [RS] or [MU]
Steffi Garrard nude  [RS] or [MU]

387x400, 32 KB, deborah_twiss-kick_ass-01.jpg1024x720, 115 KB, Deborah_Twiss__Gravity_S01E03_720p-02.jpg578x720, 78 KB, Deborah_Twiss__Gravity_S01E03_720p-03.jpg885x720, 103 KB, Steffi_Garrard_Gravity_S01E03_720p-05.jpg715x720, 75 KB, Steffi_Garrard_Gravity_S01E03_720p-02.jpg
Friday, May 7, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Kerry Katona Singer Kerry Katona busty at The Back-Up Plan premiere. (Boobie Blog)

Jennifer Aniston looks aroused. (Taxi Driver Movie)

Video clip of cute British glamour model India Reynolds topless for Nuts magazine. (NS4W.ORG)

Jennifer Lopez's butt in skin-tight pants. (The Nip Slip)

Skin-tight pants must be the latest fashion trend. Kim Kardashian's butt in skin-tight pants (DRW)

Katy Perry is leggy. (The Beer Goggler)

Mr. Skin's list of Top 10 Mothers and Daughters Who’ve Both Been Naked

Abigail Clancy tops Top 10 Hottest Beach Babes 2010 (PHS)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Gwyneth Paltrow In this edition of Mr. Skin's minute:

Nude in theaters:

Iron Man 2 is out in theaters. Mr. Skin's recommendation for Gwyneth Paltrow nude is movie Sylvia.

Nude on TV:

Annie Parisse gets naked on The Pacific

Nude on DVD:

Maribel Verdú nude in movie Tetro.

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Friday, May 7, 2010

Showgirls coming to Blu-ray

Elizabeth Berkley Good news everybody! Showgirls will be finally released on Blu-ray.

Two disc set titled "Showgirls: 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition" will be released on June 15th. The set will include the unrated NC-17 version of the film on Blu-ray and standard DVD discs and there will be a whole bunch of extra features included.

Special features include
  • Pole Dancing: Finding Your Inner Stripper
  • Lap Dance Tutorial Featuring the World-Famous Girls of Scores audio commentary by David Schmader titled “The Greatest Movie Ever Made”
  • Showgirls  Fact-Up Trivia
  • A Showgirls’ Diary
It will be a daunting, but probably very enjoyable task to go through all the nude scenes again. Just for illustration purpose, to see how demanding and exhausting capping this movie will be, I included my first go at it when it was released on DVD for the first time.

Capping all the nude scenes of Elizabeth Berkley, Gina Gershon, Rena Riffel, Ungela Brockman, Danté McCarthy, María Díaz, Melinda Songer, Melissa Williams, Amber Herrel and Bobbie Phillipstook some huge amount of time.

I don't think I'll go through all the scenes again frame by frame. There is one scene from the movie though that caught my eye recently, and I'll probably  give it a closer look. It's the scene with Elizabeth Berkley kicking the shit out of some guy at the end of the movie.  Defiantly worth to take a closer look ;-)

The must have Showgirls: 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition is available for pre-order at  Amazon.

861x768, 97 KB, Elizabeth_Berkley-Showgirls-720p-02.jpg710x722, 88 KB, Elizabeth_Berkley-Showgirls-720p-01.jpg1024x768, 215 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-001.jpg1024x768, 202 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-002.jpg1024x768, 168 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-003.jpg1024x768, 172 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-004.jpg1024x768, 160 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-005.jpg1024x768, 170 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-006.jpg1024x768, 227 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-007.jpg1024x768, 177 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-008.jpg764x768, 113 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-009.jpg1024x768, 145 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-010.jpg1024x768, 148 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-011.jpg1024x768, 206 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-012.jpg1024x768, 192 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-013.jpg1024x768, 181 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-014.jpg1024x768, 193 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-015.jpg1024x460, 96 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-016.jpg1024x768, 218 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-017.jpg1024x768, 194 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-018.jpg1024x768, 198 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-019.jpg1024x768, 174 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-020.jpg1024x768, 171 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-021.jpg1024x768, 163 KB, uco-elizabeth_berkley-022.jpg1024x768, 184 KB, uco-gina_gershon-003.jpg1024x768, 190 KB, uco-gina_gershon-004.jpg1024x768, 192 KB, uco-gina_gershon-005.jpg1024x454, 91 KB, uco-bethany_chesser-001.jpg1024x768, 186 KB, uco-bobbie_phillips-001.jpg1024x768, 188 KB, uco-dante_mccarthy-001.jpg1024x450, 99 KB, uco-maria_diaz-001.jpg1024x453, 92 KB, uco-mason_marconi-001.jpg1024x768, 204 KB, uco-melinda_songer-001.jpg986x445, 101 KB, uco-melissa_williams-001.jpg1024x768, 181 KB, uco-rena_riffel-001.jpg1024x454, 113 KB, uco-ungela_brockman-001.jpg
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