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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kimberly Nixon takes a guy's cherry and shows her bombs

Kimberley Nixon HD caps and clips of British actress Kimberley Nixon from Cherrybomb.

Since she's wearing very loose tops at the beginning of the movie,  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of Kimberley's boobs when her bra was finally removed. I expected her to be completely flat,  but boy was I wrong.

Nice bombs, too bad we don't see more of them during the sex scene with Harry Potter star Rupert Grint.

Here are two HD clips of Kimberly Nixon from  Cherrybomb. Files are hosted at rapidshare and megaupload, all previous video clips from nude celebs in HD articles are available under the nude celebrity movie clips link.

Kimberly Nixon topless [RS] or [MU]
Kimberly Nixon in a bra [RS] or [MU]

Cherrybomb is available on Blu-ray at German Amazon store.

914x768, 95 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-11.jpg1024x768, 90 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-08.jpg1024x768, 101 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-07.jpg589x768, 75 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-05.jpg686x768, 81 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-04.jpg505x768, 57 KB, kimberly_nixon-cherrybomb-1080p-17.jpg
Thursday, July 29, 2010

Model Lara Stone sues French Playboy

Lara Stone Dutch model Lara Stone, who never had any problems  getting naked for various fashion photo shoots, is very upset with her nude pictorial in French edition of Playboy magazine.

Lara announced she is taking legal action against the French edition of Playboy magazine and photographer Greg Lotus.

Lara, who is married to British comedian David Walliams, is suing the magazine for publishing a pictorial taken last year by Lotus, including topless and nude photos of the model, in the June/July issue of French Playboy.

Lara  explained:

    "Playboy had no right to publish these unauthorized photographs. It's not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in.

    "I feel I have no option but to take steps to protect my reputation."

Although I understand her motives for not wanting to be associated with Playboy, the timing of this lawsuit is a little bit unfortunate. It  coincides with the release of Dinner for Schmucks, a movie her husband stars in, thus one could easily take this as just another PR stunt.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sammy Braddy's Celebrity boobs of the day

Sammy Braddy Kelly Brook shows her cleavage at Comic-Con. (Boobie Blog)

Actress Lucy Hale in a pretty little see through dress. (NS4W.ORG)

Looks like orange is the current fashion trend among UK celebs, Melanie Brown in a bikini. (The Nip Slip)

Victoria Silvstedt has an upskirt moment. (Taxi Driver Movie)

Blake Lively promotes Silicongirl at Comic-Con. (Celeb News Wire)

Supermodel Adriana Lima at the beach. (The Beer Goggler)

Italian showgirl Melita Toniolo is on the cover of Italian Playboy magazine. (PHS)

Mr. Skin's Birthday Babe video: Elizabeth Berkley Shows, Girl, on Her Birthday

Pretty Wild star Tess Taylor is the 2010 Cyber Girl of the Year (Playboy)

Katie Cleary - the yoga and bikini babe from the other also auditioned for Playboy...before she wanted to steal away the lead role form  Blake Lively in Silicongirl.  (Nude Celeb Forum)

Busty British glamour model Sammy Braddy topless. (Monkey Mag)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jasmine Waltz, Lilo's imaginary sparring partner, topless

Jasmine Waltz The story is about a month old and it happened on the day Lindsay Lohan was celebrating her 24th birthday.

Lindsay shared her side of the story with a twitter post shortly after the incident happened.

"A waitress just hit me— punched me for no reason"

Lindsay's supposed sparring partner for the night was Jasmine Waltz. A few days ago British newspaper Mirror published an interview with Jasmine, where she tells her side of the story.

To be honest, I am not interested in neither story, but while browsing Mr. Skin's website, I noticed that Jasmine appeared topless in movie Poker Run, so here are some vidcaps and movie clips of  Jasmine Waltz topless.

Jasmine Waltz topless #1 [RS] or [MU]
Jasmine Waltz topless #2 [RS] or [MU]
Jasmine Waltz topless #3 [RS] or [MU]

Poker Run is available on DVD at Amazon.

1024x768, 145 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-09.jpg850x768, 98 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-08.jpg644x768, 67 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-06.jpg836x768, 82 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-03.jpg775x768, 69 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-02.jpg1024x768, 114 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-16.jpg876x768, 87 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-15.jpg1024x768, 89 KB, Jasmine_Waltz_Poker_Run-11.jpg
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beast in Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Matthew Wilder, the director of Inferno - a biopic about the life of the late porn star Linda Lovelace, is really eager to make sure Lindsay Lohan stays committed to the lead role in his upcoming movie.

According to his own words, he  filled in all the necessary paperwork and waited in line for 45 minutes, but still could not pay the troubled star a visit in her prison cell because she has used up all her visits for the day.

About a week ago, just as Lindsay was preparing to serve the first part of her sentence, Wilder shed some light on the movie to

“There will be full frontal nudity, but it will not be cinematic nudity.  It will be more violent nudity. For example, linked images of the Vietnam war – that kind of context.”

“It’s not a porn movie, it’s an artistic movie about a porn star,” he said. “We will not see Lindsay performing oral sex, but there could be some clever play with black boxes or other cinematic tricks that the viewers may see.”

If there won't be any oral sex in the movie, I seriously doubt there will be any scenes showing Linda having fun with dogs. According to wikipedia, Chuck Traynor Linda's manager, pimp and husband forced her into performing in all kinds of  porn movies, among others, she starred in bestiality film titled Dog Fucker or alternately Dogarama. 

Hence the title for this article. I tried to come up with an alternative title for Inferno and "The Beast in Lindsay Lohan" quickly came into my mind, after I read Linda's wikipedia page. Although more appropriate title would probably  be simply "The Beast in Her".

Given Lindsay rehab schedule for the next three months, it is safe to say that the movie will be released sometime next year. Interestingly, this won't be the only biopic about  Linda Lovelace we'll see next year. Director Rob Epstein  is also working on one, his is titled Lovelace.

401x600, 82 KB, inferno-poster-lindsay-lohan.jpg
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Abbie Cornish is sweet as Candy

Abbie Cornish Although she stars in the role of a drug addicted hooker, Abbie Cornish is still sweet in Candy as Candy. Especially, when Heath Leadger takes off her top and reveals her magnificent breasts.

Next year we'll see Abbie in the upcoming action fantasy Sucker Punch. A trailer for the movie was shown at Comic-Con recently. While Abbie might not be naked in it, she and her co-stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino and Jena Malone will spend the better part of the movie wielding swords and guns in skin-tight leather outfits and lingerie.

Here are HD clips of Abbie's nude scenes from Candy. Files are hosted at rapidshare and megaupload, all previous video clips from nude celebs in HD articles are available under the nude celebrity movie clips link.

Abbie Cornish  topless in a bath tub [RS] or [MU]
Abbie Cornish  topless [RS] or [MU]
Abbie Cornish  topless in a bed with Heath Leadger  [RS] or [MU]

Candy is available on Blu-ray at Amazon UK.

1024x768, 168 KB, abbie_cornish_candy-1080p-07.jpg1024x768, 111 KB, abbie_cornish_candy-1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 144 KB, abbie_cornish_candy-1080p-02.jpg600x768, 93 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-3.jpg600x768, 100 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-1.jpg600x768, 96 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-2.jpg600x768, 87 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-6.jpg600x768, 94 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-5.jpg600x768, 92 KB, sucker-punch-movie-poster-4.jpg
Monday, July 26, 2010

British celebs take over Celebrity links of the day

India Reynolds British actress Ali Bastian is an exciting to watch while dancing.  (Taxi Driver Movie)

Busty British glamour model Lindsey Anne Strutt posing topless. (Boobie Blog)

Actress Katie Cleary  doing some self promotion. (NS4W.ORG)

Tamara Beckwith boob oops. (The Nip Slip)

Video clip of India Reynolds' topless photo shoot for Front magazine. (Neubla's Nude Celebs)

Model Alessandra Ambrosio  at the beach.  (The Beer Goggler)

Mr. Skin's birthday girls: Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Helen Mirren

Larissa Riquelme in sexy poses for Paparazzo magazine. (PHS)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maggie Q is The Lady in Red on Celebs on talk shows

Maggie Q Here’s a list of interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Eva Mendes stars opposite Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in action comedy The Other Guys. Eva will promote the movie on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday.

Jennifer Aniston will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday. I assume she'll promote her new perfume named... well, take a wild guess... "Jennifer Aniston". She has also a new movie coming out. She stars alongside Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Juliette Lewis  and Jeff Goldblum in romantic comedy The Switch; release date is set for August 20th.

Canadian actress Amanda Crew will be guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You might remember her from Sex Drive,this week  you'll be able to see her opposite Zac Efron in movie Charlie St. Cloud.

Mom to be Christina Applegate will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow. Christina also voiced one of the character in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

America Ferrera co-stars with Wilmer Valderrama in drama The Dry Land. America will promote the movie on The View tomorrow. Her co-star Wilmer will be guest alongside Selena Gomez on Lopez Tongiht today. Considering his reputation with the ladies, if in a couple of years he intends to boast about stealing another girl's virginity, he better have some digital proof to back up his story.  

Maggie Q stars in direct-to-DVD comedy Operation Endgame. She also has the lead role in CW's TV series Nikita, coming to small screens in September.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

Monday (July 26th)
  • Amanda Crew Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Selena Gomez Lopez Tongiht
  • Anne Heche Live With Regis and Kelly
Tuesday (July 27th)
Wednesday (July 28th)
Thursday (July 29th)
Friday (July 30th)

670x768, 55 KB, maggie-q-nikita-2.jpg760x768, 65 KB, maggie-q-nikita.jpg
Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrity Birthdays

Jaime Pressly Here’s a list of upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

July 27th - August 2nd

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (41), Elizabeth Berkley (38), Leonor Watling (35),Lori Loughlin (46), Alexandra Paul (47), Allison Mack (28), Rachel Miner (30), Leslie Easterbrook (61), Jaime Pressly (33), Hilary Swank (36), Vivica A. Fox (46), Lisa Kudrow (47), Christine Taylor (39), Kerry Fox (44), Monique Gabrielle (47), Yvonne Strahovski (28), Emilia Fox (36), Mary-Louise Parker (46), Jacinda Barrett (38), Nadia Bjorlin (30), Apollonia Kotero (51), Angel Boris (36)
1024x768, 164 KB, uco-jaime_pressly-013.jpg1024x768, 238 KB, jmoronic814-MinerRachel00.jpg1024x711, 270 KB, DaRedPaul3.jpg1024x768, 179 KB, LeonorWatling-SpanishElle-July2008-WP-SB.jpg690x768, 153 KB, gars031@Berkley_Elizabeth01.jpg658x768, 83 KB, Maria-Grazia-Cucinotta_Boss_Novembre-1998-01a.jpg1024x768, 116 KB, Nadia-Bjorlin_@Vanity-Fair_n_35-2009_100.jpg1024x730, 103 KB, hank-bachelor-party-monique-gabrielle-0008.jpg1024x768, 163 KB, easterbrook_leslie_12.jpg1024x768, 232 KB, Dann-Jacinda_Barrett-The_Human_Stain090817.jpg
Monday, July 26, 2010

Hallo Mister!

Paris Hilton Look down, back up. Where are you?

You're on a boat. With Paris Hilton topless, and it never gets boring.

Now back to reality. Sadly, you're sitting behind a computer.

What's that in your hand?

459x611, 50 KB, paris-hilton-topless-2010-07-05.jpg459x611, 49 KB, paris-hilton-topless-2010-07-04.jpg459x611, 53 KB, paris-hilton-topless-2010-07-03.jpg682x511, 75 KB, paris-hilton-topless-2010-07-02.jpg459x611, 68 KB, paris-hilton-topless-2010-07-01.jpg
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