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Friday, June 11, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Lindsay Lohan Melinda Messenger and Miranda Raison  busty at the British TV Awards. (Boobie Blog)

Melinda also had a little  areola slip. (Taxi Driver Movie)

Celebrity hotties at 2010 Country Music Awards. (NS4W.ORG)

Model Daria Werbowy nude In Dossier magazine #5. (Nebula's Nude Celebs)

Lindsay Lohan strapped an iPad to her lag. (LAX Time)

Ashley Greene in a bikini on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine. (The Beer Goggler)

Heidi Klum strips for GQ. (PHS)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Jessica Biel Mr. Skin's look at upcoming celebrity nudity in movie theaters, TV and on DVD.

In this edition of Mr. Skin's minute video:

Nude in theaters:

Jessica Biel stars in The A-Team, to see her naked check out her movie Powder Blue

Nude on DVD:

Nip/Tuck: The Sixth and Final Season

Caddyshack came out on Blu-ray with Cindy Morgan nude in it.

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nude Celebs in HD - Jillian Murray

Jillian Murray HD caps and a video clip of Jillian Murray, Marne Patterson and Jessie Nickson from Wild Things: Foursome.

Wild Things Foursome is the next film in the Wild Things series. As the title suggest, there's a foursome scene in it with all of the above ladies completely naked. We get to see Jillian's and Jessie's boobs and ass during the scene, while Marne only shows her ass.

Here are links to a video clip of the foursome scene. File is hosted at rapidshare and megaupload, all previous video clips from nude celebs in HD articles are available under the nude celebrity movie clips link.

Jillian Murray, Jessie Nickson and Marne Patterson nude in Wild Things: Foursome. [RS] or [MU]

Wild Things: Foursome is available on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray at Amazon.

1024x768, 117 KB, Jillian_Murray_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-10.jpg1024x768, 108 KB, Jillian_Murray_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-05.jpg900x768, 71 KB, Jillian_Murray_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 111 KB, Jillian_Murray_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 220 KB, Marnette_PattersonWild_Things_Foursome_1080p-11.jpg858x768, 76 KB, Marnette_PattersonWild_Things_Foursome_1080p-04.jpg1024x768, 130 KB, Jessie_Nickson_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 153 KB, Jessie_Nickson_Wild_Things_Foursome_1080p-07.jpg
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Michelle McGee strips to promote a dating site

Michelle McGee Michelle McGee, mistress of Sandra Bullock's  husband Jesse James,  has signed a deal to star in TV ads for the pro-adultery dating site

In an interview with CTV's eTalk program, Michelle said she did the ads to ensure her two kids have a roof over their heads and food on the table.

You can check out the video clip of Michelle stripping at Mr. Skin's website.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebs in upcoming movies

Jennifer Lawrence Movies to be released this week:

The A-Team (Jessica Biel)
The Karate Kid (Taraji P. Henson)
Winter's Bone (Jennifer Lawrence, Sheryl Lee)
Chanel Coco & Igor Stravinsky (Anna Mouglalis, Natacha Lindinger, Tina Sportolaro)
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work ()

Jessica Biel stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson in action comedy The A-Team. Since it's rated PG-13, there probably won't be anything to talk about in terms of nudity. Looking at her imdb page, her next movie project, titled Nailed, caught my eye. Unfortunately movie's  synopsis suggests that she literally gets nailed... in the head.. not from behind. Thankfully, Jessica  already appeared topless before. You can see her boobs during a striptease dance in Powder Blue.

Taraji P. Henson stars alongside  Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son, in The Karate Kid. The curves on momma probably won't look the same as in the new movie, but if you want to see Taraji topless, you can check out her nude scene in Baby Boy.

Jennifer Lawrence and  Sheryl Lee star in the drama Winter's Bone. While Sheryl appeared nude in numerous movies, since I first saw her on Twin Peaks, I can only hope to say the same for Jennifer in 20 years time. So far she only appeared in lingerie in two roles. But, since she's gorgeous and talented young actress, someone at Esquire noticed her talents too, which lead to a very sexy bikini photo shoot for Esquire magazine.

Celebs in upcoming movies:
July 9th

Despicable Me (Miranda Cosgrove, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Wiig, Julie Andrews)
Predators (Alice Braga)
The Kids Are All Right (Mia Wasikowska, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked you should join Mr. Skin's website.

1024x760, 102 KB, Lawrence-Bill-Give-HD-b-02.jpg1005x611, 97 KB, henson-babyboy-n-6.jpg1024x570, 66 KB, Biel-Powder-HD-n-09.jpg991x646, 94 KB, mouglalis-sotto-n-06.jpg1009x768, 91 KB, lee-mother-n-01.jpg
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joker has nothing on Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley While Joker clapping animation is hugely popular, and many people use it as their avatar logo on the net, he has nothing on Elizabeth Berkley.  She can kick ass and clap with her pussy at the same time.

Unfortunately, catching this particular scene on Showgirls: 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition Blu-ray won't be possible.

Because of the aspect ratio used on the new Blu-ray disc, and all previous Showgirls releases on DVD and theaters for that matter,  the bottom part of the picture was cropped, thus  we never got to see this particular scene in full frame up until a couple of months ago, when Showgirls started to air on some HD channels.

For some strange reason the HDTV version of Showgirls was shown in a different aspect ratio than all the previous ones. While this hick-up with aspect ratios slightly lowers  the value of the new Blu-ray disc, the new HD quality of the movie and sound, with numerous additional special features on the disc, will still be a nice addition to anyone's movie collection.

  Showgirls: 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition is available on Blu-ray at  Amazon.

1024x718, 115 KB, Elizabeth_Berkley-Showgirls-HDTV.gif
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Sara Jean Underwood If you watch close enough, you can catch Lady GaGa's nip slip in her new video Alejandro. (Taxi Driver Movie)

Marisa Miller looked sexy at Spike TV’s annual Guy’s Choice Award. (Boobie Blog)

Miley Cyrus performs in her underwear only. (NS4W.ORG)

Note 100% certain, but Sara Jean Underwood shows her new boobs for the first time. (DRW)

Imogen Thomas in lingerie. (The Beer Goggler)

Kelly Brook in Ultimo lingerie. (PHS)

Elizabeth Reaser's nipple slip on MTV Movie Awards red carpet. (Egotastic)
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Danielle Staub has a sex tape

Danielle Staub Another chance to see a real housewife naked.

First we had a chance to see Kelly Bensimon, from reality TV show The Real Housewives of New York City, naked in March's issue of Playboy magazine and now we'll have a chance to see Danielle Staub, from reality TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey, starring in her own sex tape.

What strikes me as odd about this latest sex tape is, according to TMZ, that the tape was filmed last September, several months after Danielle first appeared on the Bravo reality show. So, that would make Danielle 45 years old at the time of filming her bed romps.  I think I'd much rather see her daughter,  Christine Staub,  filming her sexcapades than her mother.

Hustler Inc. plans to distribute a 75 minute tape, featuring Danielle in a sex romp with a mystery man, unless it's Stephen Zalewski, ex-boyfriend who wanted to release an X-rated video and photos  of Daniele last year, but she managed to block the release with a court order.

According to Julie Messing, Hustler's director of public  relations, the sex tape was shopped to Hustler by a production company that purchased the rights to the video.

"They purchased the tape legally from an undisclosed party, maybe a rep or an agent. They wanted us to be the distributor."

Release date for the latest celebrity sex tape to hit the net is set for June 24th. Danielle Staub sex tape is already out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrity links of the day

Lindsay Lohan Shauna Sand's cleavage stretches all the way down to her panties. (Taxi Driver Movie)

With World Cup around the corner, here's a wag of the day: Simone Lambe, Michael Ballack's wife,  in a bikini.  (The Nip Slip)

Video clips of Eva Amurri and  Nicki Aycox from the movie Animals. (Nebula's Nude Celebs)

We all want to see Lindsay Lohan’s ankle bracelet, but we got some nice cleavage instead at the MTV Movie  Awards. (Boobie Blog)

British glamour model Rosie Jones is Nuts for football. (PHS)

Victoria Silvstedt at the beach. (The Beer Goggler)

Mr. Skin's video tribute for Natalie Portman's Birthday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrity Boobs in 3D

Krystal Forscutt Ever since Avatar's release everything has to be 3D.  It's no wonder that several magazines tried to cash in on the latest 3D trend and came out with 3D celebrity pictorials.

Playboy introduced its first 3D playmate, Hope Dworaczyk, in June's issue of the magazine, Nuts magazine followed the lead with Lucy Pinder and other glamour models revealing their big boobs in 3D technology and Zoo Today devoted 38 pages to babes in 3D and a fabulous pool party in 3D with Australian model Krystal Forscutt and her friends.

All three magazines weren't to innovative when choosing the 3D technology for their pictorials. The old red/blue glasses will do just fine to see the boobs in 3D.

By chance I had a pile of old magazines lying around, from those Celebrity Time Machines articles,  and right on the top of the pile was a German GQ from September 2000 with a 3D cover of model Kim Smith and another 12 pages of celebs in 3D photos. I don't know why they decided to publish the 3D pictorial, maybe they just heard that  Cameron is working on a 3D movie and  went ahead with their 3D issue.

For more free celebrity boobs in 3D visit above mentioned sites: Playboy, Nuts and Zoo. You'll need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to see the photos in 3D.

1024x768, 178 KB, Hope_Dworaczyk_playboy-3d.jpg465x620, 65 KB, lucy_pinder-3D_NUTS_Special.09.jpg420x651, 99 KB, Krystal_Forscutt-ZOO-3D_16.jpg420x648, 93 KB, Krystal_Forscutt-ZOO-3D_8.jpg749x768, 125 KB, kim_smith_-gq-de_2000-09-01.jpg1024x768, 158 KB, estella_warren_gq-de-2000-09-01.jpg
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