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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nude Celebs in HD - Izabella Miko

Izabella Miko HD caps and a video clip of Izabella Miko from HBO's TV series Deadwood.

Izabella's nude scene is very short. It happens when she's having a bath and Kim Dickens walks in the room and offers to wash her back. While Kim is washing her back, Izabella gives her a quick course on how to seduce men that's will probably get you even more turned on than Izabella's nude scene.

Here's a clip of Izabella Miko's nude scene from Deadwood. File is hosted on megaupload, hotfile and rapidshare.

Izabella Miko  topless [MU] or [RS] or [HF]

I noticed that Izabella has a small recurring role  in NBC's new TV series The Cape.  Also starring in the series are Summer Glau, David Lyons, Martin Klebba, James Frain and Vinnie Jones. You can also follow the series through Amazon's VOD service.

1024x768, 118 KB, izabella_miko_deadwood_s02e05_1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 127 KB, izabella_miko_deadwood_s02e05_1080p-01.jpg
Monday, January 17, 2011

Natalie Portman's globes will be on diplay on... celebs on talk shows

Natalie Portman Here’s a list of interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

We'll have two chances this week to see Golden Globe winner, mom to be, the star of the Ashton Kutcher's next flop, or if I put it in short... Natalie Portman on our small screens. Her new movie No Strings Attached comes out this week and she'll be promoting it on  The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Conan on Wednesday.

Jennifer Lawrence competed against Natalie  for the Best Actress in Drama award at this year's Golden Globes and drawn lots of attention to herself for her performance in Winter's Bone. In a couple of months you'll be able to see her opposite Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in The Beaver and in the summer she'll demonstrate her superpowers in  X-Men: First Class.  If you want to find out more about her, check out her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow. 

I mentioned Maria Bello's nude scene in The Company Men in one of the previous articles. The movie will get a wider theatrical release this week. Maria will be guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday and The Talk on Friday.

Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones will promote the new season Parks and Recreation. Aubrey will be guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow and Amy the following day. Amy will also appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday,  while Rashida will do her promotional duties on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson today.

Teresa Scanlan skipped Miss Teen America pageant and went straight for Miss America title, she will be guest on The View today.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

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Tuesday (January 18th)
Wednesday (January 19th)
Thursday (January 20th)
Friday (January 21st)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrity Birthdays

1024x720, 97 KB, Izabella_Miko_Deadwood_S02E05_720p-01.jpg1024x768, 72 KB, ErinWasson-StBarts-Feb10HQ-04.jpg1024x768, 205 KB, C_Lowe-WrongTurn2-DL.jpg1020x600, 101 KB, Malthe-Slave-n-04.jpg1018x768, 112 KB, Samantha--Mumba--002.jpg1024x768, 189 KB, MischaBarton_ClosingTheRing_hvc1133.jpg1024x768, 93 KB, Doutzen_Kroes-HQ_Originals_V-Man_Magazine-Issue_13-Spring_2009_2.jpg800x768, 105 KB, Tiffani-Amber_Thiessen-topless-01.jpg1024x768, 142 KB, linda_blair-topless-01.jpg1024x768, 162 KB, Michelle_Hunziker_topless.jpg
Friday, January 14, 2011

Mr. Skin's Minute Video

Emmy Rossum Mr. Skin's look at upcoming celebrity nudity in movie theaters, TV and on DVD.

In this edition of Mr. Skin's minute video:

Nude in theaters:

Jennifer Connelly co-stars in The Dilemma. She doesn't show any private parts in the movie, so to see her sweet spot  check out her nude scene in The Hot Spot.

Nude on DVD:

Kelly Brook is nude in Piranha 3D.

Nude on TV:

Nude debuts of Addison Timlin on Californication and Emmy Rossum on Shamless.

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Friday, January 14, 2011

Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive review

Pamela Anderson I finally got  the most expensive portable hard drive you could imagine in my mailbox. Yes, it's filled with every Playboy magazine issue from 1953 to 2010, but that doesn't justify the $300 price (duty tax excluded)  for the hard drive.

The main reason why it doesn't justify the price is abominable compression they used on the scanned pages of the magazines. The articles are practically unreadable and the pictures are unwatchable. Even Stevie Wonder would notice that there's something wrong with the quality of the scans on the drive.  After a couple of days of using the drive my eyes started to bleed. No wonder  you get  an  ad for Clear Eyes Redness Relief in  January's issue of Playboy magazine, they have to cover their back in case someone goes blind reading this stuff.

I just don't get it. How could they go wrong with this?  They've chosen a medium with 250GB of space, and  yet they only used 16.6 GB of it for the magazines and the rest is available  for your other digital stuff you'd want to store on it... like family pictures for example. I know I'd be more than happy with only 100GB of additional storage and crispy  clear scans that I could actually read without going blind.

I know they have a better version of scanned magazines stored somewhere. If you check the free preview issues at, you can see that they are clearly from the same source, but they are far superior in quality. Why couldn't they put those scans on the drive? Lack of space on the hard drive shouldn't be the problem, lack of brain cells... most definitely. 

Since it took Playboy more than three years from the initial release of Playboy Cover to Cover: The 50s DVD to come out with this hard drive,  you also have to deal with an outdated reading experience.  Forget about putting this on your iPad , Kindle or any other reading device. The only way to read this will be sitting in front of your computer through an outdated  Bondi reader, which is used for browsing, reading and searching through the  scanned magazines.

Search function in the reader is practically useless. A generic search like "Pamela Anderson" gets you hundreds of results. When you click on one of them you end up on a page or an article where her name is mentioned. Since the search result is not  highlighted, you sometimes have to go through a ten page article to find  the exact place where the search term was mentioned. And when every second page ends with "article continued on page..."  it becomes a daunting task to find something.

All in all, given the price of the product and poor quality of the scanned magazines, I think they should either recall the product or give an option to download the higher quality scans for those people that purchased the hard drive.

In case you still want to waste your money on this product you can get it at Amazon if you're from USA or abebooks for rest of the world.

Personally, I'd much rather get a one year subscription at Mr. Skin, and used the rest of the money for a nice dinner date. But that's just me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nude Celebs in HD - Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly HD caps and a video clip of Jennifer Connelly from The Hot Spot from a HDTV source.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jennifer stars alongside Vince Vaughn, Kevin James  and Winona Ryder  in The Dilemma. Coincidentally, I also got my hands on a HDTV version of The Hot Spot, so I decided to make a few quick caps from the movie, so you won't have to search fro this nude scene too much.

It's one of my favorite nude movie scenes, but I don't know, maybe it's overrated. I finally got my Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive, did a search for Jennifer Connelly  and, lo and behold, they don't even mention it in their Sex in Cinema articles.

If you want to explore Jennifer's other nude scenes from movies,  check out her page at Mr. Skin. You can start with Jennifer Connelly's free hosted gallery at Mr. Skin and if you like what you see, take out your credit card.

Here are links to Jennifer Connelly's nude scene from the movie. File is hosted at megaupload, rapidshare and hotfile. Unfortunately, audio in the clip is Russian.

Jennifer Connelly nude in The Hot Spot [MU] or [HF] or [RS]

The Hot Spot is available on DVD at Amazon

1024x768, 143 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-11.jpg1024x768, 130 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-09.jpg1024x768, 135 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-08.jpg1024x768, 131 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-07.jpg1024x768, 128 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-05.jpg1024x768, 144 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-04.jpg907x768, 71 KB, Jennifer_Connelly_The_Hot_Spot_hdtv-03.jpg
Thursday, January 13, 2011

Go Green... celebs in upcoming movies

Jennifer Connelly Movies to be released this week:

The Dilemma (Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Talulah Riley, Queen Latifah, Heidi Johanningmeier)
The Green Hornet (Cameron Diaz, Taylor ColeAnaleigh Tipton)
Barney's Version (Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, Rachelle Lefevre)
Ong Bak 3 ()
En ganske snill mann ()

MPAA ratings for this week's releases suggest lots of sexuality but little or no  nudity.  So, in order to see our favorite actresses nude, we'll have to dig up some old material.

There shouldn't be any dilemma where to look for when searching for Jennifer Connelly's best nude scene. She appeared nude many times, but her nude scene in The Hot Spot still stands out.

Winona Ryder, Jennifer's co-star in The Dilemma,  briefly flashed her boobs in Sex and Death 101 and Autumn in New York.

Cameron Diaz joins the green movement, whose other prominent members include little green men, The Mask, Riddler, Kick-Ass, Hulk, Green Goblin, Ninja Turtles, Green Lantern, Superman when he overdoses on Kryptonite..., alongside  Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in The Green Hornet.

Cameron did lots of topless photoshoot as a model, but once her movie career took off she suddenly stopped displaying her boobs in front of the camera.  Gangs of New York, Vanilla Sky and Feeling Minnesota are only  movies where you can briefly see her nips, that is if you don't blink when her ice picks briefly appear.

Rosamund PikeMinnie Driver and Rachelle Lefevre star opposite Paul Giamatti in Barney's Version. So far we've only seen nude versions of Rosamund and Minnie, no such luck with Rachelle.  

Celebs in upcoming movies
February 18th

I Am Number Four (Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, Judith Hoag, Emily Wickersham)
Unknown (January Jones, Diane Kruger, Janina Flieger, Petra Schmidt-Schaller)
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (Portia Doubleday, Jessica Lucas, Ana Ortiz, Mari Morrow, Michelle Ang)
Vanishing on 7th Street (Thandie Newton)
Happythankyoumoreplease (Malin Akerman, Dana Barron, Zoe Kazan, Kate Mara)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked you should join Mr. Skin's website.

1024x762, 88 KB, connelly-inventing-n-07.jpg1024x715, 70 KB, Diaz-Something-HD-s-07.jpg863x750, 113 KB, driver-gorverness2.jpg1020x580, 102 KB, Pike-Fugitive-n-01.jpg1020x580, 108 KB, Ryder-Autumn-n-03.jpg813x637, 80 KB, lefevre-what-what-u-02.jpg
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot or not... celebrity links of the day

Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz was caught in a bikini during her vacation in Hawaii (NS4W.ORG)

Time to look at some British glamour models:  Malene Espensen posing nude  (Boobie Blog)

Rosie Jones poses topless for Page 3. (YDG)

Holly Peers is also topless in a Page 3 photo shoot (PHS)

Scent of Natalie Portman (The Beer Goggler)

Shanola Hampton was also topless on  Shamless (Flesh Bot)

In case you missed Emmy Rossum's  nude scene on Shameless.   (ITR)

Camille Donatacci - Grammer  used to film softcore porn  (Mr. Skin)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nude Celebs in HD - Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci HD caps and a video clip of Monica Bellucci topless from movie Baaria.

Monica has only a small cameo role in the movie. A topless scene with a lucky bricklayer who gets to play with Monica's boobs is her only scene in the movie. Apparently she shot her scene as a favor to the director Giuseppe Tornatore, who also directed Malena.

Here's a clip of Monica Bellucci topless from Baaria. File is hosted at megaupload, hotfile and rapidshare.

Monica Bellucci topless [MU] or [HF] or [RS]

Baaria is available on Blu-ray at Amazon store in Germany.

764x768, 102 KB, Monica_Bellucci_Baaria_1080p-02.jpg800x768, 107 KB, Monica_Bellucci_Baaria_1080p-01.jpg
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nude Celebs in HD - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan HD caps and clips of Lindsay Lohan, Mayra Leal, Jessica Alba, Alicia Rachel Marek and Michelle Rodriguez from Machete.

Although Lindsay strategically covered her boobs with her long hair during her nude scene, we still got a few frames where her nipples protruded through her thick hair. Hopefully, next time there won't be any hair in the way.  Too bad Robert Rodriguez didn't cast her for the role of Chica played by Mayra Leal. Then I'd had something to write about.

950x768, 116 KB, lindsay_lohan_Machete_-1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 147 KB, lindsay_lohan_Machete_-1080p-01.jpg911x768, 124 KB, Mayra_Leal_Machete_-1080p-04.jpg929x768, 126 KB, Mayra_Leal_Machete_-1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 233 KB, Mayra_Leal_Machete_-1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 202 KB, Alicia_Rachel_Marek_Machete_-1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 173 KB, Alicia_Rachel_Marek_Machete_-1080p-01.jpg985x768, 126 KB, Michelle_Rodriguez_Machete_1080p-04.jpg923x768, 121 KB, Michelle_Rodriguez_Machete_1080p-01.jpg960x768, 54 KB, jessica_alba_Machete_1080p_-01.jpg
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