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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrity Nudeflash

Miley Cyrus Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the last two weeks according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo and google.

Full frontal nude photo of Miley Cyrus from her photo shoot for Paper magazine was the most talked about nude celebrity appearance  in the past couple of weeks. The photo itself was edited for the printed edition of the magazine (cut at Miley's waist), but somehow an unedited photo ended up on the internet.

Ballers and The Brink, two new series you can watch on HBO, had some nudity during their premiere episodes.  Mostly newcomers, perhaps some bigger names from the cast join the fun as seasons progress. Well, I am mostly interested in Arielle Kebbel on Ballers, wishful thinking most likely.

Some  interesting additions to the database in the past couple of weeks include:
Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past couple of weeks:

Top 10 Week 25
Top 10 Week 26
  1. Lena Headey 
  2. Emma Watson 
  3. Selena Gomez  
  4. Bryce Dallas Howard
  5. Ruby Rose 
  6. Kate Upton
  7. Miley Cyrus
  8. Jennifer Lawrence
  9. Katy Perry 
  10. Jennifer Aniston  
  1. Selena Gomez
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Kate Upton
  4. Miley Cyrus
  5. Jennifer Lawrence
  6. Katy Perry
  7. Bryce Dallas Howard
  8. Emma Stone
  9. Emilia Clarke
  10. Mila Kunis   

Some new names I noticed among the searches performed at Nudography in the past couple of weeks:
  • Michelle Vargas… nude on Ballers; a new comedy series on HBO starring Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry, Arielle Kebbel…  The series centers on a group of football players and their families, friends, and handlers.
  • Jazmyn Simon… also stars on Ballers
  • Kiersey Clemons… stars in movie Dope; also a new additions to the cast of CBS’ Extant this season
  • Jessica Chaffin… stars in movie Spy
  • Yanet Garcia… a Mexican weather girl
  • Carmen Llywelyn… an actress; left the Church of –Scientology
  • Melanie Kannokada… stars alongside Jack Black and Tim Robbins on HBO’s new comedy series The Brink.  The show was conceived that each season will follow a different crisis somewhere in the world involving the same main characters. Its first season focuses on a geopolitical crisis in Pakistan.
  • Agnes Olech… stars on True Detective
  • Tehmina Sunny… stars in the upcoming horror movie The Vatican Tapes
  • Sophia Taylor Ali… stars in spoof comedy Walking with the Dead (The Walking Deceased)
  • Molly McGrath… a host of ABC's BattleBots
  • Helen Wood…  a contestant on Big Brother UK
  • Afshan Azad… starred in Harry Potter movies
  • Emily Althaus, Vicky Jeudy … star on Orange Is the New Black
  • Hannah John-Kamen, Tamsen McDonough … star on Syfy’s new drama series Killjoys. The series follows a trio of bounty hunters   taking on interplanetary missions, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a distant system named the Quad.
  • Blaze Starr… passed away; she was a stripper and burlesque dancer
  • Nell Tiger Free… stars on Game of Thrones
  • Elizabeth Peterson… stars in movie Avengers Grimm
  • Ciara Hanna… stars in horror movie Pernicious, available on VOD
1024x768, 54 KB, miley_cyrus_v_magazine.jpg577x768, 46 KB, Olivia_Chenery_Legacy-01.jpg1024x576, 43 KB, Michelle-Vargas-Ballers-2015-s1e1-hd720p-4.jpg1024x768, 140 KB, KelliGarner_SecretLifeOfMarilynMonroe_05.jpg1024x768, 88 KB, Doutzen_Kroes_W_Magazine_August_2015.jpg967x582, 104 KB, Mara-Lane-_The-Brink-2015-s1e101.jpg1024x720, 48 KB, Lala_Anthony-Power-s2e4-720p-2.jpg540x768, 48 KB, Sara_Sampaio_numero_de_2015-06-01.jpg1024x768, 132 KB, kate_mara_esquire-2015-08-01.jpg453x679, 58 KB, Tove_Lo_boob_flash_boston_calling-2015-05-02.jpg
Friday, July 3, 2015

Brittany Robertson from The Longest Ride

Brittany Robertson A few HD caps and a video clip of Brittany Robertson from movie The Longest Ride.

Britt is best known for starring in CW's TV series The Secret Circle, she was on CBS’ Under the Dome, she currently stars in movie Tomorrowland, and she was also in Scream 4.

This is not her first nude scene. Last year she was briefly naked in movie Ask Me Anything. Her nude scene in The Longest Ride is slightly longer, unfortunately, filmed in dim light and her breasts, apart from a few nipple flashes, stay mostly hidden during the scene.

Brittany Robertson nude from The Longest Ride []

You can check out her nude scene from movie Ask Me Anything at Mr. Skin.

790x768, 72 KB, Brittany_Robertson_The_Longest_Ride_1080p-06.jpg763x768, 58 KB, Brittany_Robertson_The_Longest_Ride_1080p-05.jpg683x768, 43 KB, Brittany_Robertson_The_Longest_Ride_1080p-04.jpg860x768, 48 KB, Brittany_Robertson_The_Longest_Ride_1080p-03.jpg571x768, 39 KB, Brittany_Robertson_The_Longest_Ride_1080p-01.jpg
Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebs in upcoming movies

Emilia Clarke Movies to be released this week:

Terminator Genisys
(Emilia Clarke, Sandrine Holt, Teri Wyble)
Magic Mike XXL (Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell¸ Rhoda Griffis, Crystal Hunt, Jane McNeill)
Amy (Amy Winehouse)
Faith of Our Fathers (Candace Cameron Bure)
Jimmy's Hall (Aisling Franciosi)
Jackie & Ryan (Katherine Heigl, Clea DuVall, Sheryl Lee)
Mala Mala ()
Cartel Land ()

Magic Mike sequel comes out this week. The original, directed by Steven Soderbergh, surprised us with Olivia Munn’s nude debut.

The sequel, directed by Gregory Jacobs, mentions nudity, “some nudity” to be exact.  Reports only mention male nudity… shirtless men in g-strings showing buns, no mention of female nudity for now.

Looks like the new Terminator sequel will also be nudity free. The movie is rated PG-13, so it would be probably too much to expect some skin from Emilia Clarke.

This week's MPAA bulletin:
  • Films rated for nudity
1.Electric Boogaloo The Wild, Untold Story Of Cannon Films - Rated R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, violence including rape, language and some drug use. (USA/Israel film) (Documentary)

A documentary about Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus - two movie-obsessed cousins whose passion for cinema changed the way movies were made and marketed - and the tale of how this passion ultimately led to the demise of the company they built together.

2.Vacation - Rated R for crude and sexual content and language throughout, and brief graphic nudity. (USA film)

Hoping to bring his family closer together and to recreate his childhood vacation for his own kids, a grown up Rusty Griswold takes his wife and their two sons on a cross-country road trip to the coolest theme park in America, Walley World. Needless to say, things don't go quite as planned.

Starring: Leslie Mann, Liz Gillies, Beverly D'Angelo, Christina Applegate, Kaitlin Olson, Regina Hall

3.We Are Your Friends - Rated R for language throughout, drug use, sexual content and some nudity. (USA/France film)

An aspiring DJ looks to make it in the electronic music scene.

Starring: Emily Ratajkowski, Jacqui Holland, Diana Prince as 'stripper', Vanessa Lengies, Miranda Rae Mayo, Alicia Coppola, Tina Grimm as 'club patron/dancer', Yissendy Trinidad as 'club dancer', Korrina Rico
  • Rated for 'Sexual Content' 'Suggestive Material'
1.American Ultra - Rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout, drug use and some sexual content. (USA film)

A stoner - who is in fact a government agent - is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he's too well-trained and too high for them to handle.

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Connie Britton, Teri Wyble, Monique Ganderton

2.Club Life - Rated R for pervasive language, sexual content, and brief drug use. (USA film)

A night club promoter tries to make a name for himself in New York City.

Nudity per Mr Skin: Jennifer Missoni, breasts, Also: Jessica Szohr, underwear, Allegra Carpenter, 'sexy'

3.Ladrones - Rated PG-13 for some violence, language and suggestive material. (USA film)

Starring: Jessica Lindsey, Nashla Bogaert, Evelyna Rodriguez, Cristina Rodlo, Carmen Beato
  • Also rated this week
1.Ant-Man - Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence.

2.Army Dog - Rated PG for thematic elements and peril.

3.The Gallows - Rated R for some disturbing violent content and terror.

4.Goosebumps - Rated PG for scary and intense creature action and images, and for some rude humor.

5.Henry Joseph Church - Rated PG-13 for thematic elements.

6.The Hollars - Rated PG-13 for brief language and some thematic material.

7.Pod - Rated R for bloody violence/gruesome images, and language throughout.

8.Secret In Their Eyes - Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving disturbing violent content, language and some sexual references.

9.Sing Street - Rated PG-13 for thematic elements including strong language and some bullying behavior, a suggestive image, drug material and teen smoking.

10.Southpaw - Rated R for language throughout, and some violence.

11.War Pigs - Rated R for bloody war violence and some language.

Celebs in upcoming movies
August 7th

Fantastic Four (Kate Mara)
Masterminds (Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Mary Elizabeth Ellis)
Ricki and the Flash (Meryl Streep, Audra McDonald, Lisa Joyce)
Shaun the Sheep Movie ()

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
1024x760, 77 KB, Gam-Ep1-Clarke-1-HD.jpg1024x768, 111 KB, holt-lword-lesson-n-03.jpg1024x768, 125 KB, Heard-The-Joneses_730948.jpg991x732, 134 KB, heigle-wuthering-b-03.jpg
Thursday, July 2, 2015

Christa Theret from Renior

Christa Theret A few HD caps of French actress Christa Theret from French movie Renior.

In the movie, which chronicles the last years of the great impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Christa stars in the role of Andree Hesuchling, an aspiring actress who ends up as Renoir's last model for his paintings.

Christa hasn’t appeared in any English speaking movies so far. In 2010 she starred alongside Sophie Marceau in French version of LOL . For her performance in the movie she was nominated for a Cesar award in Most Promising Actress category. The movie was later remade for US audience with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in the leading roles

You can see her nude in several other movies. Her most recent nude appearance is from movie Deux which came out this February. You can check out the clips from Deux, and her other movies, at Mr. Skin.

776x768, 94 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-18.jpg1024x725, 153 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-14.jpg1024x768, 121 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-12.jpg831x768, 84 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-10.jpg1024x768, 176 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 139 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-30.jpg1024x768, 84 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-28.jpg1024x768, 227 KB, Christa_Theret_Renoir_1080p-24.jpg
Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miley Cyrus nude

Miley Cyrus Here are some recent nudes additions to the database of Miley Cyrus which popped up on the internet in the last few days.

The full frontal is an outtake from her nude photo shoot from her recent pictorial in Paper magazine.
The low quality topless photos are outtakes from the various promo photo shoots she did for her Bangerz tour.

Miley also posed for Terry Richardson a couple of weeks ago.  According to reports there should be some full frontal photos in that set as well.

860x768, 63 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Paper_Magazine__Summer_2015_01.jpg421x700, 83 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-04.jpg434x700, 46 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-03.jpg476x700, 71 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-02.jpg700x768, 59 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-01.jpg667x768, 98 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-06.jpg319x480, 46 KB, Miley_Cyrus_Bangerz_photoshoot_outtake-05.jpg600x584, 49 KB, Miley_Cyrus_by_terry_richardson_-01.jpg
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Celebrity links of the day

Kaili Thorne Kendall Jenner in a see through dress on the Catwalk (Taxi Driver Movie)

Kim Kardashian in a see through top in London (The Nip Slip)

Charlotte McKinney in bikinis for Men’s Health (Boobie Blog)

Kaili Thorne did a bikini photoshoot for 138 water in Malibu (GCeleb)

Rhian Sugden topless for Page 3  (YDG)

Chrissy Teigen’s nude in W magazine (DS)

Mr. Skin's list of Top 10 Nude Ladies of Downton Abbey
Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebs on talk shows

Emilia Clarke Here's a list of some interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Emilia Clarke will be guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live today. Emilia. Who’s best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, currently stars in the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys.

Evangeline Lilly will be guest on Conan today. She stars alongside Paul Rudd in Ant-Man.

Halle Berrywill promote the new season of Extant on The Talk and Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow. First episode of season two will premier on CBS on Wednesday.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

Monday (June 29th)
Tuesday (June 30th)
Wednesday (July 1st)
Thursday (July 2nd)
Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebrity Birthdays

Lizzy Caplan Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

June 30th – July 6th
  • 06/30
Cheryl Tweedy (32),  Vahina Giocante (34), Monica Potter (44), Angela Sarafyan (32), Lizzy Caplan (33)
  • 07/01
Pamela Anderson (48), Claire Forlani (43), Liv Tyler (38), Karen Mulder (45), Deborah Harry (70), Romola Garai (33), Rhea Durham (37), Léa Seydoux (30)
  • 07/02
Lindsay Lohan (29), Jerry Hall (59), Ashley Tisdale (30), Olivia Munn (33), Amy Weber (43), Camille Rowe (24), Margot Robbie (25)
  • 07/03
Ludivine Sagnier (36), Connie Nielsen (50), Sophie Vlaming (27)
  • 07/04
Isabeli Fontana   (32), Victoria Abril (56), Alina Puscau (33), Alyssa Miller (25)
  • 07/05
Eva Green (35), Anais Pouliot (24), Edie Falco (52), Marie-Ange Casta (25)
  • 07/06
Lucy Clarkson (32), Caroline Trentini (28), Brittany Underwood (27)
1024x768, 160 KB, Sophie_Vlaming_by_Bruno_Dayan-03.jpg1024x768, 183 KB, camille-rowe-nude.jpg1024x768, 83 KB, Lea_Seydoux___LUI_magazine___September_2013_034.jpg1024x768, 276 KB, Gorka-RheaDurham-GQEs200401-02.jpg1024x768, 47 KB, karen_kmulder_nude.jpg879x768, 98 KB, Lizzy_Caplan_True_Blood_Burning_House_of_Love-01.jpg1024x718, 81 KB, Vahina_Giocante_7.jpg
Friday, June 26, 2015

Amanda Seyfried from play The Way We Get By redux

Amanda Seyfried A slightly better quality of an animated gif of Amanda Seyfried going topless on stage in the play The Way We Get By which wrapped up last week.

Apparently Amanda used to suffer from anxiety and stage fright when she would have to perform in front of a live audience. She would often consume alcoholic drinks before her public appearances to lessen the symptoms, but later decided that it would be more beneficial for her to get professional counseling to overcome her anxiety fears.

Luckily, nudity wasn’t among the reasons for her stage fright. When asked if she got anxious when she would have to go topless in the play she said:

“No, not really. I have a very European sensibility to all that. It’s a little shocking to some people, but most of the play is shocking. That isn’t really something I think about anymore.”

Amanda currently stars in Ted 2. She has another half a dozen films in production. Likely candidate for some more skin on her part would be Flying Horse which is an upcoming movie written directed by Gary Oldman.

It’s a biopic of pioneer photographer Eadweard Muybridge, following the courtship and love affair between Muybridge's wife, Flora (Amanda Seyfried), and Harry Larkyns (Benedict Cumberbatch).
You can also check out Amanda’s previous nude performances, Chloe and Lovelace are definitely worth checking out, on film at Mr. Skin.

282x438, 24 KB, Amanda_Seyfried_from_play_The_Way_We_Get_By_.gif
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Celebs in upcoming movies

Amanda Seyfried Movies to be released this week:

Ted 2 (Amanda Seyfried, Lexi Atkins, Jessica Barth, Nana Visitor, Susan Garibotto)
Max (Lauren Graham)
Big Game [limited] (Felicity Huffman)
Escobar: Paradise Lost [limited] (Claudia Traisac, Ana Girardot)
The Little Death [limited] (Bojana Novakovic, Zoe Carides)
Batkid Begins [LA/NYC] ()
A Murder in the Park [limited] ()
Felt  [limited] ()

Although there's no mention of nudity in the ratings for this week's movie releases, there could be some skin or private parts on display in movies The Little Death and Felt.

The Little Death tells a story of five suburban couples from Sydney and their sex fetishes and fantasies . There's nothing explicit in the trailer for the movie and apparently the movie was edited from its original release to get a lower rating, so perhaps there will be some skin in it when it comes out in an unrated version on a DVD.

In movie Felt we follow an artist dealing with the fallout of sexual trauma after she was raped. To overcome her trauma she starts wearing a naked man suit....

Danny Collins gets released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD next week. Slovenian actress Katarina Cas is topless in it while shaving herself in the shower.

This week's MPAA bulletin:
  • Films Rated for Nudity
1.Paper Towns - Rated PG-13 for some language, drinking, sexuality and partial nudity - all involving teens. (USA film)

A young man and his friends embark upon the road trip of their lives to find the missing girl next door.

Starring: Cara Delevingne, Halston Sage, Cara Buono, Caitlin Carver, Jaz Sinclair, Kaitlyn Ervin

2.Straight Outta Compton - Rated R for language throughout, strong sexuality/nudity, violence, and drug use. (USA film)

The group NWA emerges from the streets of Compton, California in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes pop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood.

Starring: Lex Montgomery, Carra Patterson, Elena Goode, Alexandra Shipp
  • Films R ated for 'sexual material'
1.Cartel Land - Rated R for violent disturbing images, language, drug content and brief sexual material. (Mexico/USA film) (Documentary)

With unprecedented access, CARTEL LAND is a riveting, on-the-ground look at the journeys of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy - the murderous Mexican drug cartels.

2.The Transporter Refueled - Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, sexual material, some language, a drug reference and thematic elements. (France/China film)

A reboot of the story of transporter Frank Martin.

Starring: Loan Chabanol, Tatiana Pajkovic, Gabriella Wright
  • Also rated this week
1.Eaters - Rated R for violence, disturbing images, and language throughout.

2.The Gift - Rated R for language.

3.A Horse Tail - G

4.Safelight - Rated R for language throughout including some sexual references.

5.Standoff - Rated R for strong violence and language throughout.

6.Tremors 5: Bloodlines - Rated PG-13 for creature violence, gore, and language.

7.A Walk In The Woods - Rated R for language and some sexual references.

Celebs in upcoming movies

July 31st

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (Rebecca Ferguson, America Olivo)
Best of Enemies ()
The End of the Tour (Anna Chlumsky, Mamie Gummer)
Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary ()
That Sugar Film (Jessica Marais)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
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