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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrity links of the day

Lea Michele Lea Michele's nip slip while shooting a music video (The Nip Slip)

Nicola McLean does cleavage exercises... (Boobie Blog)

Victoria Justice does not (GCeleb)

Christina Milian in a see through dress  (Taxi Driver Movie)

Barbara Palvin semi nude in  Marie Claire Italy  (DS)

British glamour model Sammy Braddy topless for Nuts magazine (YDG)

Model Zippora Seven topless photo shoot by Jason Lee Parry  (ITR)

Mr. SKin's list of Top 10 Babes Getting Nude in Cars
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kelly McGillis from Witness

Kelly McGillis A couple of HD caps of Kelly McGillis from  1985 movie Witness.

She made her nude debut in Witness and a year later she played Tom Cruise's love interest in Top Gun.

She made a striking appearance in these two movies and after all these years people are still obsessed with her looks. These days mainly to express their disappointment in how she aged over the years... How Tom Cruise handles his aging much better...

Meh, who cares, I'd write something about how Harrison Ford, Kelly's co-star from Witness, aged since 1985, but why bother... a century from now everyone reading this will look the same... dust in the wind.

After Witness, Kelly took off her clothes in many other movies, you can check out caps and clips from them  at Mr. Skin.
878x768, 66 KB, Kelly_McGillis_Witness_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 100 KB, Kelly_McGillis_Witness_1080p-01.jpg
Monday, April 21, 2014

Kelly Lynch from Cocktail

Kelly Lynch A few HD caps of Kelly Lynch and Elisabeth Shue from Cocktail.

Kelly in two different bikinis. Too bad that  the scene in which she wears black g-string bikini didn't get more screen time.

And some side boobage from Elisabeth when she's fooling around in a river with Tom Cruise.

There's also a brief nude scene in the movie. Gina Gershon is topless for a few seconds during a sex scene with Tom Cruise, but it's so dark and quick that you can hardly see anything.

For more caps and clips of Kelly Lynch, Gina Gershon and Elisabeth Shue from movies in which they were naked check out Mr. Skin

665x768, 52 KB, Kelly_Lynch_Cocktail-1080p-08.jpg620x768, 43 KB, Kelly_Lynch_Cocktail-1080p-05.jpg710x768, 75 KB, Kelly_Lynch_Cocktail-1080p-03.jpg844x768, 71 KB, Kelly_Lynch_Cocktail-1080p-01.jpg743x768, 79 KB, Elisabeth_Shue_Cocktail-1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 148 KB, Elisabeth_Shue_Cocktail-1080p-01.jpg
Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebs on talk shows

Sarah Hyland Here's a list of some interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Sarah Hyland will be guest on The View on Wednesday and on Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday.

Besides on Modern Family, you can also see Sarah on an upcoming episode of TVLand's Hot In Cleveland.

Gillian Jacobs will be guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Gillan stars alongside Elizabeth Banks in the upcoming comedy Walk of Shame which comes out on May 2nd.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

Monday (April 21st)
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Wednesday (April 23rd)
Thursday (April 24th)
Friday (April 25th)
Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrity Birthdays

Emily Ratajkowski Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

April 22nd - April 28th

  • 04/22
Anna Falchi (42), Amber Heard (28),  Sheryl Lee (47)
  • 04/23
Joanna Krupa (33), Ingrid Chauvin (41), Jaime King (35), Jessica Stam (28), Hayley-Marie Coppin (31)
  • 04/24
Kelly Clarkson (32), Melinda Clarke (45), Stacy Haiduk (46), Sigrid Agren (23), Barbra Streisand (72)
  • 04/25
Renée Zellweger (45), Gina Torres (45), Sara Paxton (26)
  • 04/26
Jordana Brewster (34), Melania Knauss (44), Anna Mouglalis (36), Joan Chen (53), Koo Stark (58), Marne Patterson (34), Stana Katic (36)
  • 04/27
Arielle Dombasle (56), Ari Graynor (31), Emily Ratajkowski (22)
  • 04/28
Jessica Alba (33), Kari Wuhrer (47), Penélope Cruz (40), Elisabeth Röhm (41), Ilary Blasi (33)
800x768, 117 KB, Emily_Ratajkowski-CR_Fashion_Book-3a.jpg630x768, 70 KB, sigrid_agren_topless-01.jpg692x768, 127 KB, james_king_topless-01.jpg1024x768, 113 KB, JoannaKrupa-Bonprix09.jpg900x656, 134 KB, AmberHeard-tvr06.jpg913x768, 109 KB, SiM_AnnaFalchi01.JPG399x600, 42 KB, ilary_blasi_topless_03.jpg
Monday, April 21, 2014

Alexis Knapp from Vamp U

Alexis Knapp A few HD caps of Alexis Knapp from Vamp U.

I noticed this movie title among the new searches, so I decided o check it out. It's a horror comedy abut vampires, and like in most TV series and movies about vampires these days, there's no nudity in this either.

Alexis strips down to her underwear in one scene, when she goes down on another girl (played by Julie Gonzalo). Unfortunately, the other girl had different intentions with Alexis' character. So no luck with  expecting to see a similar passionate lesbian sex scene like in Blue is the Warmest Color.

Alexis does have one upcoming movie in which she might show some more skin, sci-fi movie The Anomaly. In the trailer for the movie she is lying naked on a bed, hopefully we get to see more of her when the movie comes out on July 4th in the UK.

The only movie where you can see Alexis topless is Project X, you'll find caps and clips from it at  nude scenes at Mr. Skin

1024x768, 110 KB, Alexis_Knapp_vamp_u_1080p-05.jpg1024x768, 102 KB, Alexis_Knapp_vamp_u_1080p-04.jpg1024x768, 75 KB, Alexis_Knapp_vamp_u_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 63 KB, Alexis_Knapp_vamp_u_1080p-01.jpg800x342, 31 KB, Alexis_Knapp_The_Anomaly-01.gif
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scarlett Johansson from Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson A few caps of Scarlett Johansson's nude scenes from  from Under the Skin.

These caps actually look decent. Just slightly increased brightness and contrast and, despite the poor lightning of the scene, we get something way better than expected in the end.

Hopefully, some high quality video clips of these scenes will come out soon as well. Officially, DVD and Blu-Ray release date is set for July 15th.
900x768, 88 KB, Scarlett_johansson_under_the_skin_nude-01.jpg900x768, 125 KB, Scarlett_johansson_under_the_skin_nude-02.jpg1024x768, 179 KB, Scarlett_johansson_under_the_skin_nude-03.jpg
Friday, April 18, 2014

Mr. Skin’s Minute Video

Rebecca Hall Mr. Skin's look at the upcoming celebrity nudity in movie theaters, TV and on DVD.

In this edition of Mr. Skin's minute video:

Nude in theaters:

Rebecca Hall stars Transcendence. To see her naked check her out in Parade’s End.

Nude on Blu-ray:

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrity Nudeflash

Miley Cyrus Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the last two weeks according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo and google.

Miley Cyrus was the most searched for celeb in the past two weeks at Nudography. A wider print of the photo used for her single cover “Adore You“ was released and in it she’s posing topless on a horse statue.

Someone leaked a set of Demi Lovato’s nude photos. Some of the photos are tagged with “rares selling”. So, I guess someone is selling these photos to the highest bidder. This might mean that we’ll get to see more of this set in the near future, perhaps in slightly better quality. I still won’t be posting them though, because these type of photos (leaked, hacked, personal slefies…) are usually followed with angry threat letters from celebrity lawyers.

Some other interesting celebrity nudes from the past two weeks:
Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past couple of weeks:

Top 10 Week 14
Top 10 Week 15
  1. Miley Cyrus    
  2. Emma Watson     
  3. Selena Gomez 
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Jennifer Lawrence
  6. Emma Stone
  7. Kate Upton   
  8. Anna Kendrick 
  9. Cameron Diaz
  10. Amy Adams  
  1. Miley Cyrus
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Emma Stone
  5. Demi Lovato
  6. Jennifer Lawrence
  7. Kate Upton
  8. Katy Perry
  9. Anna Kendrick
  10. Rihanna   

Some new names I noticed among the searches performed at Nudography in the past couple of weeks:
  • Laura Spencer… stars on Big Bang Theory
  • Aimee Carrero… stars on The Americans
  • Danielle Dallacco… stars in the upcoming horror movie Jersey Shore Massacre; comes out in August and it's rated R for sexual content and nudity among other things
  • Kristen Gillespie… was nude on Game of Thrones
  • Misty Copeland… African American ballet dancer; she wrote her memoirs titled  Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina
  • Alexa Ray Joel… a singer, said she hadn’t had any plastic surgery in the past; collapsed onstage recently
  • Kelly O'Sullivan… stars on USA Network’s sitcom Sirens, it follows three Chicago EMTs who despite their narcissistic and self-destructive personalities are uniquely qualified to save lives. Jessica McNamee and Maura Kidwell co-star on the series.
  • Ava Deluca-Verley… stars alongside Jenna Elfman  and J.K. Simmons on NBC’s  series Growing Up Fisher
Here are some of the top trending celebrity searches from the past week sent from yahoo and google:
870x768, 64 KB, Carola_Remer_GQ_de_2014-02-4.jpg529x768, 84 KB, edita_vilkeviciute_st_barts-01.jpg600x768, 72 KB, Emily_Ratajkowski-by_Mark_Sacro.jpg750x510, 105 KB, MS-rollingstone-julia-louis-dreyfus-02.jpg1024x768, 98 KB, Alexandra_Daddario_Vanity_Fair_02-01.jpg1024x768, 120 KB, lake_bell_esquire_2014-05-01.jpg1024x676, 68 KB, miley_cyrus_topless_horse_01.jpg1024x768, 160 KB, keri_Russell_The_Americans_S2E6-02.jpg1024x720, 111 KB, Kristen_Gillispie-Game_of_Thrones-s4e1-01a.jpg
Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celebs in upcoming movies

Sofía Vergara Movies to be released this week:

(Kate Mara, Rebecca Hall, Olivia Dudley)
Heaven Is for Real (Kelly Reilly)
A Haunted House 2 (Jaime Pressly, Ashley Rickards, Essence Atkins, Missi Pyle)
Bears ()
Fading Gigolo [limited] (Sharon Stone, Sofía Vergara, Vanessa Paradis¸ Jill Scott, Aurelie Claudel)
Make Your Move [limited] (Izabella Miko)
Menú degustació [limited] (Claudia Bassols, Marta Torné)
The Final Member [limited] ()

There are no reviews yet mentioning who gets naked and how much skin we’ll get to see.
In the case of A Haunted House 2, the nudity will most likely come from two characters named Hot Coed played by Kirsty Hill (Sophie Dee) and Mari Possa… a closer look at their past work reveals that they are both porn stars.

There’s no mention of what kind of nudity we can expect to see in Fading Gigolo either. MPAA rating says brief nudity. There’s a threesome sex scene in the movie among Sophia Vergara, Sharon Stone and John Tuturro. So, perhaps a side boob from Sofia or Sharon during menage a trois.

Celebs in upcoming movies
May 23rd

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Page, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Bingbing Fan)
Blended (Bella Thorne, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Lapkus¸ Anna Colwell)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
1004x768, 109 KB, vergara-chasingpapi-s-5.jpg1024x768, 100 KB, Pressly-The-Journey-Absolution_734506.jpg1020x600, 113 KB, Reilly-Puffball-n-08.jpg1024x715, 77 KB, RebeccaHall-LayTheFavorite-HD-05.jpg1024x760, 120 KB, Mara-House-Chap11-HD-u-01.jpg1024x570, 88 KB, Miko-Coyote-HD-s-05.jpg
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