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Friday, October 20, 2017

Celebrity Nudeflash

Emma Watson Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the past week according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo and google.

This week’s Celebrity Nudeflash reads like a special report on Harvey Weinstein’s sexually harassed victims.

I had an idea to cross check all the movies and TV series that he produced with Nudography's celebrity names database. I scrapped the idea after seeing that he is listed as a producer for over 300 movies and TV series. The list of potential victims would be just too long. Perhaps I could shorten it by adding some filters to it. Like, show only actresses who appeared in only one, and those that appeared in more than one titles. To see who was ok and not ok with Weinstein’s advances.

Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past week:
  1. Emma Watson    
  2. Gal Gadot    
  3. Katy Perry    
  4. Ana de Armas    
  5. Selena Gomez    
  6. Rose McGowan    
  7. Bella Thorne    
  8. Jennifer Lawrence    
  9. Hilarie Burton    
  10. Crystal Reed    
Here are some new names I noticed among the searches performed at Nudography in the past week:
  • Lauren Sivan... a TV reporter; sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
  • Ambra Battilana Gutierrez... an Italian model; sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
  • Lucia Evans... an actress; sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
  • Katherine Kendall... an actress; sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
  • Vanessa Marquez an actress; claims she was racially and sexually harassed on the set of ER TV series on a daily basis
  • Ellie Gall... stars on the sci-fi series, Stargate Origins. A prequel series to Stargate SG-1 and will explore the back story of Dr. Catherine Langford. The series will be released on MGM's new digital platform, "Stargate Command", in the fall. Each episode will be about 10 minutes long.
  • Kristen Hancher... a Canadian actress; "accidentally" live-streams herself having sex
  • Zoe Brock... a model;  sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
  • Chelle Ramos... stars on CW's new drama series, Valor. The series follows an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions
  • Erika Rosenbaum... a Canadian actress; sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein
Some interesting nude celebrity additions to the database from the past week include:
1024x768, 92 KB, Elizabeth_Hurley_John_Stoddart_Photoshoot__1992__8.jpg1024x535, 52 KB, Charlize_Theron-Atomic_Blonde-1.jpg1024x768, 72 KB, hannah_gross_Mindhunter_-02.jpg1024x740, 74 KB, Maggie-Gyllenhaal-_The-Deuce-2017-s1e5-1.jpg943x768, 49 KB, Yana_Enzhaeva-Shameless-rus-s1e9-7.jpg1024x768, 74 KB, garner-julia-see_through_-01.jpg628x768, 48 KB, Francesca-Eastwood-_-MFA-014.jpg707x768, 61 KB, Grace-Van-Patten-_The-Meyerowitz-Stories-New-and-Selected-015.jpg1024x768, 59 KB, oliveira-raica-lui12-4.jpg1024x768, 80 KB, azealia-banks-nude-photoshoot-for-album-01.jpg378x567, 55 KB, Bregje_Heinen__topless_in_Ad_Campaign_for_Faithful_the_Brand.JPG
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Celebs in upcoming movies

Nicole Kidman Movies to be released this week:

Wonderstruck (Michelle Williams)
Same Kind of Different as Me (Renée Zellweger, Olivia Holt, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Regina Taufen)
The Snowman (Rebecca Ferguson, Jamie Clayton, Sofia Helin, Silvia Busuioc Chloë Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg)
Geostorm (Mare Winningham, Zazie Beetz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Catherine Ashton)
Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (Lexy Panterra, Diamond White)
Only the Brave (Jennifer Connelly, Andie MacDowell, Natalie Hall, Jenny Gabrielle, Barbie Robertson, Pell James, Lauren Myers, Lora Cunningham, Sarah Minnich, Lulu Jovovich)
The Killing of a Sacred Deer (Nicole Kidman, Alicia Silverstone)
Tragedy Girls (Brianna Hildebrand, Nicky Whelan, Alexandra Shipp, Rosalind Chao, Elise Neal)
Golmaal Again (Parineeti Chopra)
120 battements par minute (Adele Haenel)
Aida's Secrets [doc] ()
Dealt [doc] ()
The Work [doc] ()
Jane  [doc] ()

Nicole Kidman has a couple of nude scenes in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. In both scenes she shows her shaved nether regions. One of the scenes has also some additional boobs and buns footage.

The Snowman also contains some nudity. MPAA rating mentions sexuality and brief nudity; another one goes into more details, infrequent breast nudity in a non-sexual context.  Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Gainsbourg are the likely candidates for nudity.

M.F.A, a thriller starring Francesca Eastwood, was released on VOD last week. It’s Francesca’s first onscreen nudity.

Hannah Gross is topless during a sex scene on Netflix’s new series, Mindhunter. The series is set in the late 70s and follows two FBI agents who expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder when solving their cases.

I saw a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Annihilation, with Natalie Portman in the leading role, the other day. The movie is based on a book by Jeff VanderMeer, also titled Anihilation, and  there are two more titles in the series.

The trailer showed a short scene in which Natalie’s character has sex, so I decided to pick up the book to see if there’s something more too it, like if we see her taking off her top during the sex scene.

I finished the book, and I don’t think we’ll see anything more in the move than we saw in the trailer. The sex is mentioned on two occasions during flashbacks when Natalie’s character remembers her husband. Altogether it’s like three sentences in the book, not much details. In the first flashback she takes her husband out of the shower, takes him to their bedroom and has sex with him with her on top. Second flashback mentions fucking.

Although the movie comes from the director of Ex Machina, in which Alicia Vikander had plenty of nudity, I doubt we’ll see any more of Nathalie in this one than it was revealed in the trailer.

On book itself, I was very disappointed with it. In the end you don’t get any answers about the mysterious phenomenon a group of scientist is sent to investigate. And to my amazement, according to some amazon reviews, finishing the other two books in the series won't bring any closure either.  

Celebs in upcomign movies
November 24th

Coco (voices: Alanna Ubach, Sofia Espinosa)
Darkest Hour (Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hannah Steele)
Polaroid (Kathryn Prescott, Katie Stevens, Madelaine Petsch, Samantha Logan, Riley Raymer)
Call Me by Your Name (Amira Casar)
The Man Who Invented Christmas (Morfydd Clark)
Chappaquiddick (Kate Mara)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
1024x768, 109 KB, nicky_whelan_eb0160_infobox.jpg1024x768, 115 KB, Ferguson-The-White-Queen_727809_infobox.jpg1024x750, 83 KB, Williams-Blue-HD-n-03_infobox.jpg1024x750, 110 KB, Kidman-Eyes-HD-n-03_infobox.jpg468x637, 53 KB, Francesca_Eastwood_MFA._01.jpg1024x768, 42 KB, hannah_gross_Mindhunter_-01.jpg
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Celebs in the Spotlight

Hayley Atwell Here’s a collection of the most  popular, commented, discussed, viewed, liked, thanked, shared… non-nude celebrity photos and articles from the past week collected from various resources around the web.

Hayley Atwell’s cleavage was the main topic of BFI London Film Festival. Made me look up what award she hopped to pick up. Turns out she was a presenter.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the low cut dress was to bring some attention to her upcoming mini-series, Howards End.

The series, based on the 1910 novel of the same name by E. M. Forster,  takes a look at the social and class divisions in early 20th century England through the intersection of three families - the wealthy Wilcoxes, the gentle and idealistic Schlegels and the lower-middle class Basts.  The four episode series is will air on BBC One in the UK and on Starz in the USA.

A selection of most popular celebrity posts from around the web from the past week:

783x768, 96 KB, Hayley_Atwell_cleavage_at_the_BFI_London_Film_Festival_Awards_in_London.jpg911x768, 104 KB, Kristen_Bell_pictorial_in_Shape_Magazine,_November_2017_-01.jpg752x768, 53 KB, Kate_Upton_Sports_Illustrated_swimsuit_shoot_in_Aruba-01.jpg960x768, 103 KB, Selena_Gomez_outtake_from_s_Vogue_US,_April_2017.jpg1024x768, 128 KB, Charlie_Riina_bikini_photoshoot_for_138_Water_with_Lee_Lhgfx-01.jpg708x768, 70 KB, Eiza_Gonzalez_busty_arriving_in_Vancouver-01.jpg663x768, 61 KB, Ashley_Greene_busty_at_Amfar_Gala_In_Los_Angeles-01.jpg757x768, 124 KB, Victoria_Justice_leggy_at_Veuve_Cliquot_Polo_Classic_in_LA_-01.jpg716x768, 82 KB, greer-grammer-nylon-s-it-girl-party-in-hollywood-101217-01.jpg
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sylvia Hoeks from La migliore offerta

Sylvia Hoeks A few HD caps of Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, who currently stars in the role of replicant Luv in Blade Runner 2049, from movie La migliore offerta.

The movie is about an eccentric elderly art expert, Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush), who runs auctions for large art brokers and museums. From time to time, when Virgil spots a unique female portrait at the auction he’s running, he takes advantage of his art knowledge and bids for the item through a friend (Donald Sutherland), who does bidding in his name unbeknownst to the other bidders. So through this scheme he acquired a large collection of rare female portraits.

One day he is contacted by a solitary young heiress Claire (Sylvia Hoeks) who wants to hire him to auction off the large collection of art and antiques she inherited from her parents. From then on Virgil’s orderly life is turned upside down.

Here are two nude scenes from the movie. For other Sylvia’s nude scenes, check out Mr. Skin.

Sylvia Hoeks nude in a bath tub from La migliore offerta []
Sylvia Hoeks nude in an open robe from La migliore offerta []

1024x768, 126 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-13.jpg1024x768, 49 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-12.jpg1024x768, 131 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-10.jpg876x768, 61 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-03.jpg743x768, 71 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-01.jpg1024x768, 88 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-19.jpg925x768, 86 KB, Sylvia_Hoeks_La_migliore_offerta_-15.jpg
Monday, October 16, 2017

Celebs on talk shows

Lauren Cohan Here's a list of some interesting celebrity appearances on talk and game shows this week.

Lauren Cohan will be guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday. She’ll talk about the new season of The Walking Dead which premiers on October 22nd.

Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks will be guest on Harry tomorrow. She currently stars in Blade Runner 2049.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

Monday (October 16th)
Tuesday (October 17th)
Wednesday (October 18th)
Thursday (October 19th)
Friday (October 20th)
Monday, October 16, 2017

Celebrity Birthdays

Rebecca Ferguson Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.




October 16th - October 16th
  • 10/16
Suzanne Somers (72), Elsa Zylberstein (49), Margot Kidder (70), Brea Grant (36), Phoebe Tonkin (28)
  • 10/18
Corinne Bohrer (58), Bristol Palin (26), Lindsey Vonn (32), Freja Beha (29), Freida Pinto (32), Ciara Christensen (30)
  • 10/19
Joy Bryant (41), Gillian Jacobs (35), Rebecca Ferguson (34)
  • 10/20
Haley King (24), Candice Swanepoel (29), Dannii Minogue (46), Gracie Gilbert (25), Rose McIver (30)
  • 10/21
Jade Jagger (45), Saffron Burrows (44), Kim Kardashian (36), Carrie Fisher (60), Blanca Suárez (29)
  • 10/22
Catherine Deneuve (74), Valeria Golino (51)
  • 10/23
Cat Deeley (41), Leticia Dolera (36), Odalys García (42), Meghan McCain (33), Izabel Goulart (33), Jessica Stroup (31), Ireland Baldwin (22), Margaret Qualley (23)

848x768, 52 KB, ireland-baldwin-topless-01.jpg1024x768, 83 KB, IzabelGoulart2667-Z1EM.jpg1024x768, 109 KB, jmausnz004-McIverRose-MastersOfSex00.jpg1024x768, 120 KB, Candice-Swanepole-Vogue_Spain6.jpeg1024x768, 123 KB, jmoronictv191-FergusonRebecca-WhiteQueen05.jpg
Friday, October 13, 2017

Celebrity Nudeflash

Crystal Reed Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the past week according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo and google.

Crystal Reed was a new name among the most searched celebs at Nudography in the last week. She stars in the role of the mob heiress, Sofia Falcone, on the current season of FOX’s series Gotham.

Lea Michele stars in ABC’s new series, The Mayor. That would explains why she’s posting half naked photos of herself on her Instagram feed. For a second there I thought we have some new celebrity leaks coming our way.

Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past week:
  1. Emma Watson    
  2. Katy Perry    
  3. Gal Gadot    
  4. Kate Mara    
  5. Jennifer Lawrence    
  6. Crystal Reed    
  7. Ana de Armas    
  8. Selena Gomez    
  9. Bella Thorne    
  10. Emma Stone     
Here are some new names I noticed among the searches performed at Nudography in the past week:
  • Mary Wiseman... stars on Star Trek: Discovery
  • Paola Paulin... dating Justin Bieber
  • Stacey Farber... starred on a recent episode of NBC's series, The Brave
  • Hayley Lovitt... stars on FOX's series, The Gifted
  • Victoria Atkin, Jaclyn Hales... star on BYUtv's sci-fi series, Extinct. The series is happens four hundred years after the extinction of the human race, when a small group of humans is revived by an alien civilization.
  • Bo Youngblood... starred on a recent epsiode of NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Ali Tataryn... stars in horror movie Cult of Chucky
  • Lauren Compton...  an actress and UFC Octagon girl
  • Barbara Dunkelman... probably attended comic con in New York; she voices a character in the anime style web-series, RWBY
  • Marleen Lohse... a German actress; topless in movie Sanft schläft der Tod
  • Brynn Alexander... starred on a recent episode of Lucifer
Some interesting nude celebrity additions to the database from the past week include:

677x720, 30 KB, Inez_Bjoerg_David-Neu_in_unserer_Familie__01.jpg902x768, 74 KB, Mcckenzie_Davis-Freaks-of-Nature_04.jpg828x768, 61 KB, kristanna_loken_Body_of_Deceit_-06.jpg824x768, 93 KB, Ireland_Baldwin_nip_slip_-2017-10-03.jpg740x768, 74 KB, Rosie-Tupper-Rae-Rodriguez-by-Emily-Abay-4.jpg1024x768, 79 KB, Jodi-Balfour-_Rellik--s1e5-01.jpg773x768, 42 KB, Devon_Windsor__sexy_pictorial_in_Maxim_magazine-01.jpg1024x768, 131 KB, Mia_Wasikowska_The_Man_With_The_Iron_Heart__-01-1.jpg1024x768, 105 KB, Lili_Simmons_Ray_Donovan-01a.jpg913x768, 54 KB, Moa-Aberg-by-Scott-MacDonoug-6.jpg1024x768, 151 KB, Kristina_Emerson_Demons_-01.jpg
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Celebs in upcoming movies

Rebecca Hall Movies to be released this week:

Marshall (Sophia Bush, Kate Hudson, Ahna O'Reilly, Keesha Sharp, Marina Squerciati, Barrett Doss)
The Foreigner (Katie Leung, Charlie Murphy, Orla Brady, Lia Williams, Shina Shihoko Nagai)
Happy Death Day [limited] (Jessica Rothe, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews)
Goodbye Christopher Robin (Margot Robbie, Geraldine Somerville, Kelly Macdonald, Phoebe Waller-Bridge)
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton, Alexa Havins, Allie Gallerani)
Breathe [limited] (Claire Foy, Diana Rigg, Camilla Rutherford)
Te Ata (Q'Orianka Kilcher, Brigid Brannagh, Cindy Pickett, Marissa Skell)
78/52 [doc] [limited] (Jamie Lee Curtis)
Wasted! The Story of Food Waste [doc] [limited] ()

British actress Rebecca Hall is topless in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. In the movie she plays the wife of American psychologist William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans), who came up with the idea for the comic book character of Wonder Woman. He was also into polyamory, a practice of having relationships with more than one partner with the knowledge of all partners.

During one of his polyamory sessions he has a threesome with his wife, and mistress (Bella Heathcote). During this scene we see Rebecca’s breasts as Bella goes down on her. We also get a glimpse of Bella’s breasts thorough her see thorough top she’s wearing.

Celebs in upcoming movies
November 17th

Justice League (Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, Amy Adams, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Samantha Jo, Amber Heard, Diane Lane)
Wonder (Julia Roberts, Ali Liebert, Crystal Lowe, Sonia Braga, Rachel Hayward)
The Star (voices: Gina Rodriguez, Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Clarkson)
I Love You, Daddy (Pamela Adlon, Rose Byrne, Edie Falco, Helen Hunt, Chloë Grace Moretz, Ebonee Noel)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
1024x768, 187 KB, Robbie-The-Wolf-of-Wall-Street_736830_infobox.jpg1024x768, 89 KB, ruby_modine_2e9603_infobox.jpg1024x768, 120 KB, bush-thehitcher-s-04_infobox.jpg1024x768, 96 KB, rebecca_hall_6a8a16_infobox.jpg1024x750, 114 KB, Heathcote-NotFade-HD-n-03_infobox.jpg
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Celebs in the Spotlight

Halston Sage Here’s a collection of the most  popular, commented, discussed, viewed, liked, thanked, shared… non-nude celebrity photos and articles from the past week collected from various resources around the web.

Halston Sage, who stars on the sci-fi series The Orville, showed some cleavage in a photo shoot by Maarten de Boer during her TCA Press Tour when she was promoting the show.

You can also see her in a bikini in a recent sci-fi movie, You Get Me. It’s about a guy who leaves her for Bella Thorne.

A selection of most popular celebrity posts from around the web from the past week:
800x768, 83 KB, Halston_Sage_Maarten_de_Boer_Portraits_for_Summer_TCA_Press_Tour-01.jpg920x768, 118 KB, Victoria_Justice_photo_shoot_a_day_at_the_Carnival_for_Fouad-01.jpg830x768, 118 KB, Rita_Ora_in_a_sports_bra_and_leggings_as_she_leaves_a_downtown_hotel_in_New_York_City.jpg920x768, 76 KB, Dakota_Fanning_photo_shoot_for_Hunger_Magazine_Issue_13-01.jpg818x768, 91 KB, Teyana_Taylor_showing_off_her_incredible_body_on_the_beach_in_Miami-01.jpg912x768, 64 KB, Jodie_Sweetin_on_set_of_her_new_Hallmark_movie_Finding_Santa_in_Vancouver-01.jpg793x768, 63 KB, Kimberley_Garner_modelling_her_swimwear_line_in_Ibiza-02.jpg748x768, 53 KB, Laura_Vandervoort_photo_shoot_for_11_11_Limited_Edition_Jewelry_Line_Campain_2016-01.jpg688x768, 51 KB, Katherine_McNamara_Hulus_New_York_Comic_Con_After_Party_-01.jpg682x768, 98 KB, Saoirse_Ronan_On_Chesil_Beach_Premiere_at_61st_BFI_London_Film_Festival-01.jpg780x768, 109 KB, natalie-alyn-lind-emily-alyn-lind-alyvia-alyn-lind-photoshoot-for-glamour-01.jpg610x768, 68 KB, zendaya-without-a-net-documentary-premiere-in-new-york_-01.jpg
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blandine Bury from Choses secretes

Blandine Bury A few caps and a video clip of Blandine Bury’s nude scene from Choses secretes, a French movie about a couple of female friends who scheme a way to advance their social status by using their sex appeal.

They land a job at the same firm and slowly climb their way up the corporate ladder. When they get to the final boss, things go slightly out of hand.

Here’s one of Blandine Bury’s nude scene from the movie. You’ll find the rest at Mr. Skin.

Blandine Bury from Choses secretes []

889x768, 57 KB, Blandine_Bury_Choses_secretes_-03.jpg860x768, 54 KB, Blandine_Bury_Choses_secretes_-02.jpg877x768, 58 KB, Blandine_Bury_Choses_secretes_-06.jpg777x768, 57 KB, Blandine_Bury_Choses_secretes_-07.jpg1024x768, 52 KB, Blandine_Bury_Choses_secretes_-08.jpg
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