Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tape

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Filmed: 1995
Age when filmed: 28
Released: 1998
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tied the knot on the shores of Cancún in February 1995. Shortly after they got busy with making sex tapes. It is speculated that the infamous sex tape, which set the standards for celebrity sex tape and was widely circulated, was shot sometime in 1995. The most interesting part was shot on a boat on lake Mead.
Then they locked the sex tape in a safe and forgot about it until it was stolen from their house and was released in 1998.
One of the best scenes is a blow job in the car and of course sex on a boat, where she gives Tommy a blow job, they have sex and he comes all over her.

Where was it shot

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tape was shot on various locations, most interesting part is on a boat on Lake Mead.

Who is in it

Baywatch babe and Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee

What is going on

Sex tape starts with Pamela Anderson sitting nude in a bathtub, where we see her breasts. Then there is a wedding ceremony, blow job in a car and nude skinny dipping. After that we get to the boat where things really start to heat up. We see a great shot of her pussy, they have sex and she also gives him a great blow job. After that there is even more sex and after a while Tommy comes all over Pamela.

How was it released

Sex tapes was stolen from a safe in Pam and Tommy's house and was released by IEG group

Sex tape quality

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Sex Tape varies in quality some scenes are great others are very dark

What can you see

Boobs, pussy, sex, blow job

Length of the tape

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee sex video is around forty minutes long
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