Jaimee Foxworth Sex Tape

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Filmed: 2000
Age when filmed: 20
Released: 2000
Jaimee Foxworth is most known for her part of Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter on TV Show Family Matters. After four seasons her character was cut from the show in a most interesting way. She was told to go upstairs and clean her room, a task from which she never returned.
As she got older her family filed for bankruptcy and $500,000 of her trust fund were used to pay off their debts.
Without any money on her bank account a girlfriend introduced her to adult business and being only 19 she was just perfect for making money in porn industry. At first she agreed to do a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar but soon she realized she could make much more money by dropping her clothes.
In her short porn career she did a few lesbian photo shoots and made four adult movies. Although she is credited under her porn name Crave in number of movies, there are only four different sex scenes in which she stars. She began her career with director, producer and actor of hardcore pornographic films Ed Powers in More Black Dirty Debutantes #30. Her first scene in the movie is with Ed Powers himself and after he is done with her another girl is introduced and they have steamy lesbian sex.
After her porn debut she did one porn movie with male porn star Lexington Steele (Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas! ) and then another one with Mark Anthony (Hot Girlz). After only a handful of movies Jaimee decided to end her porn career.
She was also one of the celebrities on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew where she was trying to get rid of her addiction to smoking weed. At least she was in a good company on the show with Chyna and Jessica Sierra it looked like they had a celebrity sex tape reunion show.

Where was it shot

Professional adult movie, probably shot in a studio.

Who is in it

Jaimee Foxworth with Ed Powers in More Black Dirty Debutantes #30 and another porn actress named Cherry;
Jaimee with Lexington Steele (Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas!);
Jaimee with Mark Anthony (Hot Girlz);
Jaime with Byron Long in The Video Adventures Of Peeping Tom 28

What is going on

More Black Dirty Debutantes #30:

Jamiee comes to an audition for More Black Dirty Debutantes . Whole set of the movie consists of a giant bed and multiple cameras. Ed Powers does a quick interview with her and it’s supposed to be her first time in a porn movie. For a girl doing this for a first time she’s not really that shy. Ed asks her to stand beside him to see the height difference between them and they quickly start French kissing like they were a couple for entire life.

After the kissing Ed asks her to show him how she masturbates, Jamiee starts to play with her hairy pussy and after a while Ed joins her by eating her pussy and real sex begins. Jaime gives Ed a nice blow job and then he fucks her in different positions for ten minutes. All of a sudden another white girl (her name is Cherry) joins them on the bed and Ed starts to fuck her while Jaimee goes for some lesbian action with the girl. Ed fucks the white girl for a few minutes and then Jaimee takes her place and after a few strokes Ed cums all over Jaimee.

In the next scene Jaimee and Cherry are left alone on the bed and they start their interracial lesbian sex scene with kissing. Both girls like the taste of pussy so they go in 69 position and eat each other out. With Ed out of the frame they need something to stuff their horny twats with, so a double sided dildo comes really handy. They fuck each other with the dildo for good ten minutes. At the end of the sex scene Cherry goes down on Jamiee once again and brings her off to a powerful orgasm.

Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas!:

Jamiee has sex with a black porn stud Lexington Steele whose big cock can hardly fit in Jamiee’s tight pussy. The sex takes place in a kitchen and then on a sofa right beside. Lexington fucks Jaimee in every possible way. Scene that stands out is when Jaimee is sitting on a bar chair and Lexington is fucking her oiled up ass from behind. After a good twenty minutes of hard fucking Lex cums all over Jaimee’s face.

The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 28:

Jaimee Foxworth has sex with male black porn star Byron Long. Sex scene is similar to the second part of Booty Talk 20 sex with Byron and Jaimee having sex on a sofa.

Hot Girlz:

Jaime is taking a bath and then black porn stud Mark Anthony joins her for another hot sex scene. Seventeen minutes of hard fucking including Jaimee’s first anal sex scene.

How was it released

Jaimee Foxworth was active in porn industry between 2000 and 2002

Sex tape quality

Quality of the sex scenes is very good if you get Jaimee's sex videos on DVD or as video on demand.

What can you see

Jaimee Foxworth's sex tapes contain pretty much everything, interracial sex, lesbian sex, anal sex...

Length of the tape

More Black Dirty Debutantes #30: 01:04:00
Booty Talk 20: 00:33:00
Hot Girlz: 00:17:00
The Video Adventures Of Peeping Tom 28: 00:20:00
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