Brandy Ledford sex tape

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Filmed: 1993
Age when filmed: 24
Released: 1998
Brandy Ledford began her career as a Penthouse Pet in May 1990 and she won Pet of The Year title in 1992. She used different names back then, as a Pet she was known as Jisel and in softcore b-movies she was credited as Brandy Sanders. After a few successful roles in movies she decided to change her name, quit her adult modeling career and she devoted her life to acting.

She landed some nice movie roles in Baywatch, The Invisible Man, Andromeda, Whistler and Zebra Lounge.

Brandy Ledford sex tape is actually a part of the Janine Lindemulder and Vince Neil sex tape. The sex tape was released in 1998, at which time Brandy was still an unknown actress, so the leading lady was Janine Lindemulder. Back then Janine was a pretty famous porn star but before the tape surfaced she was only into girl on girl action. So this sex tape was her first one with a male co-star.

Where was it shot

It was shot in Hawaii.

Who is in it

Brandy Ledford, Janine Lindemulder and Vince Neil

What is going on

Brandy joins Vince and Janine on a bed wearing only a small thong teddy that doesn’t stay on her for a long time. Vince is fucking Janine missionary style and soon he finds himself in a sandwich between Brandy and Janine.
After Vince is done fucking Janine, Brandy takes his place in the sandwich and Vince fucks her from behind. Later Janine takes the camera and films Brandy and Vince having sex. At the end of their sex act Brandy gives Vince a blow job.
Tired after 40 minutes of fucking, Vince takes the camera in his hands and decides to film the girls having some fun. Brandy takes a vibrator and Janine’s pussy finds herself under attack of Brandy’s long fingers and the vibrator. In no time Janine is cuming like crazy and sex tape ends with Janine reaching her orgasm.

How was it released

There is not much information on how this sex tape got released, some reports suggest the sex tape was stolen, while other speculate that Vince Neil, the lead singer for MotleyCrue, was behind the release of the sex tape.
I think it was most probably released by Vince Neil himself. At the time Tommy Lee Jones, also a member of Motley Crue, was getting all the glory and it also seems a majority of the girls. And with Pamela and Tommy sex tape coming out, he probably wanted some more publicity and he released the sex tape in 1998. Tape was probably shot around 1993.
Brandy Ledford apparently didn't give her consent for the release of the sex tape, so her face was blurred and she is not mentioned in the title.

Sex tape quality

Tape is of decent quality. In the original full length DVD, Brandy Ledford's face is blured. However short clips are available on the Internet where her face is not blurred.

What can you see

Brandy Ledford's face is blurred in the video, otherwise she's completely naked with Janine doing some closeup on her crotch and ass area while Vince is having sex with her

Length of the tape

Brandy joins Vince and Janine half way through the sex tape for a threesome sex and at the end she has one on one lesbian sex with Janine.
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