Nudity in "True Blood"

July 2014
  Jamie Luner (Age at the time: 43) Tits, Ass
  Gabriella Wright (Age at the time: 32) Full Frontal
August 2013
  Karolina Wydra (Age at the time: 32) Tits, Ass
  Jurnee Smollett (Age at the time: 26) Tits, Ass
June 2013
  Jamie Gray Hyder Full Frontal
July 2012
  Jessica Clark Full Frontal
  Kelly Overton (Age at the time: 33) Tits, Ass
June 2012
  Valentina Cervi (Age at the time: 36) Tits, Ass
  Lucy Griffiths (Age at the time: 25) Lingerie
September 2011
  Vedette Lim Tits, Ass
  Deborah Ann Woll (Age at the time: 26) Lingerie
August 2011
  Alexandra Breckenridge (Age at the time: 29) Tits, Ass
August 2010
  Tiffany Taylor (Age at the time: 33) Tits, Ass
  Kate Luyben (Age at the time: 38) Tits, Ass
June 2010
  Sylvianne Chebance (Age at the time: 29) Full Frontal
  Thea Brooks Lingerie
  Natasha Alam (Age at the time: 27) Full Frontal
  Rutina Wesley (Age at the time: 29) Tits, Ass
  Ashley Jones (Age at the time: 32) Lingerie
September 2008
  C.C. Sheffield Tits, Ass
  Jade Tailor (Age at the time: 23) Tits, Ass
  Lynn Collins (Age at the time: 31) Tits, Ass
  Anna Paquin (Age at the time: 26) Tits, Ass
  Jennifer Wenger Tits, Ass
  Melanie Camp (Age at the time: 24) Tits, Ass
  Ellen Soderberg Tits, Ass
  Brit Morgan (Age at the time: 20) Lingerie
  Lindsey Haun (Age at the time: 23) Lingerie
  Danielle Sapia (Age at the time: 35) Tits, Ass
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October 2014
Tits, Ass
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