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Friday, November 04, 2011

Michelle Johnson from Blame It on Rio

Michelle Johnson A few hdtv caps and clips of Michelle Johnson from Blame It on Rio.

I was watching Crazy, Stupid, Love the other day and was surprised with the scene in it, the one in which  Analeigh Tipton's character is taking nude pictures of herself as a present for the much older guy she has a crush on.

The scene is very similar to the one in Blame It on Rio, where Michelle Johnson was seen doing exactly the same thing... with one big difference.  Michelle was shown completely naked, while  Analeigh's shot ended slightly below her neck line.

Disappointed with Analeigh scene, I had no other option but to check Michelle's nude scenes in Blame It on Rio again. And as a bonus, Demi Moore is topless in Blame It on Rio as well.

Here are clips of Michelle Johnson from Blame It on Rio and Analeigh Tipton from Crazy, Stupid, Love. Files are hosted on rapidshare and megaupload.

Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore topless [RS] or [MU]
Michelle Johnson's sex scene with Michael Caine [RS] or [MU]
Michelle Johnson taking nude self-polaroids [RS] or [MU]
Michelle Johnson topless [RS] or [MU]
Analeigh Tipton taking self-shots [RS] or [MU]

Blame It on Rio is available on DVD and VOD

738x694, 65 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-06.jpg761x692, 123 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-04.jpg677x694, 88 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-03.jpg621x694, 89 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-02.jpg745x689, 120 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-01.jpg776x694, 105 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-09.jpg792x694, 109 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-08.jpg761x692, 123 KB, Michelle_Johnson__Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-04-1.jpg984x694, 157 KB, Demi_Moore_Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-06.jpg643x687, 114 KB, Demi_Moore_Blame_It_on_Rio_hdtv-04.jpg
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