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Monday, June 14, 2010

Natasha Alam opens True Blood season with a bang-ing

Natasha Alam Natasha Alam, model and actress born in Uzbekistan, had the honor of being the first one to have a nude scene on the new season of True Blood, but she wasn't the only one.  C.C. Sheffield showed her boobs a few minutes later during a threesome sex scene.

Natasha joined the cast of True Blood this season. She stars in the role of Yvetta, a new dancer at vampire club Fangtasia and love interest for the club owner Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard, who brakes her in on her first day of her new job.

True Blood won't be the only place where you'll be able to see Natasha naked. She also did a nude photo shoot for July's issue of Playboy magazine.

Fox News reported that shooting nude sex scenes with Skarsgard helped her with her Playboy  photo shoot.
“I’d never done nudity. I had to overcome a few things in my head to do it,” Natasha told the magazine.

“Then here comes Alexander Skarsgard. He drops his robe, and he’s not wearing a sock-nothing. He’s just totally out there, walking around as if nothing’s going on. I was like, if he can do it, I can do it,” she said.
Rather conflicting words with her actions from the past, if you ask me.  I don't really understand the "I’d never done nudity" part, since she was already naked in the movie Shadow Puppets.

Here are two video clips of Natasha Alam and C.C. Sheffield from the season premiere.

Natasha Alam nude [RS]
Natasha Alam on the stripper pole [RS]
C.C. Sheffield topless [RS]

781x720, 108 KB, Natasha_Alam_True_Blood_S03E01-07.jpg413x720, 48 KB, Natasha_Alam_True_Blood_S03E01-05.jpg474x720, 51 KB, Natasha_Alam_True_Blood_S03E01-04.jpg970x720, 105 KB, Natasha_Alam_True_Blood_S03E01-02.jpg717x720, 74 KB, CC_Sheffield_-_True_Blood_S03E01_-10.jpg810x720, 90 KB, CC_Sheffield_-_True_Blood_S03E01_-06.jpg1024x720, 70 KB, CC_Sheffield_-_True_Blood_S03E01_-03.jpg773x720, 82 KB, CC_Sheffield_-_True_Blood_S03E01_-01.jpg425x600, 96 KB, natasha_Alam_-_Playboy-2010-07-01.jpg
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