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Friday, October 30, 2009

Nude Celebs in HD - Julia Benson

Julia Benson Julia Benson (formerly known as Julia Anderson) plays 2nd Lt. Vanessa James on Stargate Universe. Her character was introduced in episode four, titled Darkness, and it looks like she will have a regular appearance on the TV series.

Julia's big boobs caused quite a stir after the episode aired, since some people had problems following the plot of the episode with Julia's big tits distracting them in every scene she was in.

I guess people will just have to get used to her big boobs, since her character is listed in every episode till the end of the first season.

Other distractions in female form on the series include Alaina Huffman, Elyse LevesqueJennifer Spence and Ming-Na are regulars on the series. Rhona Mitra will also join them at the end of the season.

Julia Benson appeared nude one time so far. She showed her big boobs while in an episode of  Showtime's series Masters of Horror.

Here are video clips of  Robin Sydney's and Julia Benson's nude scenes from a HDTV source from the season two episode of Masters of Horror titled Right to Die. Audio is in Spanish and is not very hard to understand, at least the Julia's clip, there's a little more dialogue in Robin's clip. What else are you going to say than "Dios mio" when you see  Julia Benson's boobs?

Julia Benson's big boobs from Masters of Horror
Robin Sydney nude

Showtime's series Master's of Horror is available on DVD (season one and two) and Blu-ray (only season one) at Amazon.

891x720, 69 KB, Julia_Benson_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-01.jpg740x720, 61 KB, Julia_Benson_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-04.jpg827x720, 62 KB, Julia_Benson_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-06.jpg1024x720, 69 KB, Julia_Benson_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-08.jpg1024x720, 48 KB, Julia_Benson_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-11.jpg642x720, 42 KB, Robin_Sydney_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-02.jpg491x690, 43 KB, Robin_Sydney_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-03.jpg530x720, 41 KB, Robin_Sydney_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-04.jpg489x720, 36 KB, Robin_Sydney_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-05.jpg515x720, 36 KB, Robin_Sydney_Masters_of_Horror-s2e9-06.jpg1024x768, 78 KB, julia_benson_strgate_universe-02.jpg399x600, 40 KB, julia_benson_strgate_universe-01.jpg
by dr4g00n @ Saturday, October 31, 2009 3:15 AM
Actually, Julia Anderson was introduced in the pilot episode. In her first scene, she is actually screwing one of the main characters, but of course nothing was shown.
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