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Monday, February 11, 2008

Edison Chen's Sex Tapes Scandal

Gillian Chung The sex photos scandal that has rocked Hong Kong and publicly embarrassed celebrities, including Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung, implicated Edison's current girlfriend Vincy Yeung today.

Dozens more photos of women, scantily dressed and completely nude in provocative and explicit poses, purported to be Gillian, Cecilia and Vincy surfaced on the internet in the early hours of the morning.

Three photos show a woman, purported to be Vincy, having a shower.

In some photos a woman, purported to be Gillian, poses provocatively in white lingerie. In other images, that appear to be from the same set as an image leaked two days ago, the woman poses in black lingerie.

In around 20 photos, a woman, purported to be Cecilia, poses topless wearing only knickers. Around a dozen photos depict the woman posing nude on a toilet seat cover. Several dozen photos show the woman stripping from a police uniform, giving a man, purported to be Edison, a blowjob and masturbating. Clearly, judging by the clothes and backgrounds, some of the photos were taken at the same time as other photos previously leaked.

None of the celebrities purported to appear in the photos have been accused by Hong Kong police of any wrongdoing. Instead, the police investigation has focused on tracking down the people who are leaking or spreading the images. Police have not held a press briefing since the Chinese New Year holiday began. Police have so far arrested eight people, but this has not halted new photos being leaked onto the web throughout the holiday period.

Oriental Daily News, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that 300 netizens had signed up to a protest march to demonstrate against the police action. Police have been widely criticized, both in mainstream media and on internet discussion boards, for what people perceive as special treatment for the case, because it involves celebrities, and abuse of the privacy rights of internet users. Oriental Daily News reported that the protest is due to start on Sunday afternoon and to go from Victoria Park to Wan Chai police headquarters. Hong Kong's bestselling daily quoted the organizer as saying that the police knew of the march and did not object.

Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that Gillian is scheduled to start filming a movie late next week. The newspaper speculated whether or not she would meet this commitment, because the singer-actress has not been seen in public since news of the scandal broke.

Hong Kong Disneyland pulled from its website a Chinese New Year advertisement featuring Gillian's band Twins. However, a spokesperson for Disney denied that the withdrawal had anything to do with the scandal and said that the length of the campaign was decided upon long beforehand.

Reporters for The Sun, a Hong Kong newspaper, tried to track down Vincy at her university campus in Boston. The newspaper had successfully tracked her down a couple of days before, but failed at its latest attempt. Hong Kong's third bestselling daily speculated whether their failure was because it was a large campus or whether it was because Vincy is deliberately keeping a low profile.
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