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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jade and Jack naked in the snow

Jade Goody Jade Goody and boyfriend Jack Tweedy photographed each other frolicking naked in the snow.

The reality TV star, who took her two sons Bobby and Freddy to Lapland to meet Father Christmas, got up to some naughty nude fun with Jack when her children had gone to bed.

Jade, 25, told OK magazine: "We had a run around in the snow naked. The boys were in bed, so Jack nicked some candles, got the fire going and opened a bottle of wine.

"Then I went outside because it was hot and joked, 'I'm going to strip off!'

"At first Jack said, 'No you're not!' And I was like: 'I am, I am'.

"And then we both just stripped off and ran around in the snow and took pictures of each other."

Her toyboy lover Jack bragged that he still looked well-endowed even in the freezing temperatures.

Jack said: "I'm too big down there already, I'm bigger than the average so the cold didn't make any difference!"
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