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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrity links of the day

Eva Green Eva Green's nude scene from 300: Rise of an Empire... slightly better quality (The Nip Slip)

Model Behati Prinsloo is topless in Spanish edition of Vogue magazine (DS)

Rose McGowan in a see-through top (GCeleb)

Christina Milian hs nice cleavage (Boobie Blog)

British glamour model Rosie Jones topless for Nuts magazine (YDG)

Mr. Skin's list of Top 5 Babes On a Plane
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anne Gautier and Myriem Roussel from Je vous salue, Marie

Anne Gautier A few HD casp of Anne Gautier and Myriem Roussel from Je vous salue, Marie.

Another movie inspired by a biblical tale I've seen recently. Je vous salue, Marie is a modern retelling of the story of Virgin birth by French director Jean-Luc Godard.

Myriem Roussel stars in the role of Marie. She claims to be a virgin, and plans to stay this way, although she does have a boyfriend. One day a passing stranger named Gabriel informs her that she will become pregnant despite remaining chaste and give birth to the son of God…

Most of the reviews I read say that the best part of this movie is music. For me, it was Anne Gautier nude scene. She has a small part in the movie, she plays a character named Eve who has an affair with her professor.

Here are two clips from the movie.  Myriem Roussel has a few more nude scenes in the movie, you can check those at Mr. Skin.

Anne Gautier nude []
Myriem Roussel nude []

917x768, 83 KB, Anne_Gautier_Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-04.jpg824x768, 67 KB, Anne_Gautier_Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-03.jpg663x768, 59 KB, Anne_Gautier_Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-01.jpg1024x768, 84 KB, Myriem_Roussel__Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-06.jpg657x768, 55 KB, Myriem_Roussel__Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-04.jpg704x768, 57 KB, Myriem_Roussel__Je_vous_salue_Marie_1080p-03.jpg
Monday, March 24, 2014

Halina Reijn from Goltzius and the Pelican Company

Halina Reijn A few caps and clips of Halina Reijn, Anne Louise Hassing, Kate Moran  and Maaike Neuville from Goltzius and the Pelican Company, movie directed by Peter Greenaway (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, The Baby of Mâcon).

Goltzius and the Pelican Company tells the story of sixteenth century engraver and printmaker Hendrik Goltzius. He has plans to expand his Pelican Company, which would publish illustrated copies of biblical tales that focus on the sensual part, but lacks the funds. So, he goes on a business trip to Italy in search for people who would invest in his company.

Goltzius finds one investor, but to get the funds, he and his company must first entertain him for six nights with biblical stories that touch on sexual taboos, like for example original sin, incest, adultery, paedophilia, necrophilia…

Two clips from the movie:

Halina Reijn nude []
Maaike Neuville’s sex scene []
1024x722, 121 KB, Halina_Reijn_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-09.jpg586x768, 78 KB, Halina_Reijn_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-05.jpg821x768, 89 KB, Maaike_Neuville_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-02.jpg649x768, 66 KB, Maaike_Neuville_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-01.jpg727x768, 73 KB, Kate_Moran_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-04.jpg579x768, 69 KB, Anne_Louise_Hassing_Goltzius_and_the_Pelican_Company-09.jpg
Monday, March 24, 2014

Celebs on talk shows

Emma Watson Here's a list of some interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly star alongside Russell Crowe, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins in Darren Aronofsky’s epic story of Noah.

Emma will be guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and Late Show With David Letterman tomorrow and Jennifer will talk about the upcoming movie on Jimmy Kimmel Live today.

January Jones will be guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. She has a semi-nude pictorial in current issue of Violet Grey magazine and she also stars on AMCTV’s Mad Men, which will return to small screens for the seventh, and final season on April 13th.

Scarlett Johansson has two movies coming out on April 4th.  Sci-fi adventure Captain America: The Winter Soldier and sci-fi thriller Under the Skin.  She has a few nude scenes in the latter, unfortunately mostly shot in dim light. She’ll talk about her new movies during her interview on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Celebrity Birthdays

Nina Agdal Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.


March 25th – March 31st
  • 03/25
Sarah Jessica Parker (49), Marcia Cross (52), Danica Patrick (32), Bonnie Bedelia (66), Tatjana Patitz (48), Melanie Blatt (39), Katharine McPhee (30), Alyson Michalka (25)
  • 03/26
Keira Knightley (29), Amy Smart (38), Jennifer Grey (54), Bianca Kajlich (37), Catherine Keener (54), Nina Agdal (22), Sara Jean Underwood (30), Jessica Hart (28), Emily Oldfield (36)
  • 03/27
Mariah Carey (44), Elizabeth Mitchell (44), Stacy Ferguson - Fergie (39), Talisa Soto (47), Paula Trickey (48), Pauley Perrette (45), Caroline Winberg (29), Brenda Song (28), Holliday Grainger (26), Kimbra (24)
  • 03/28
Julia Stiles (33), Kate Gosselin (39), Shanna Moakler (39), Nikki Sanderson (30), Lady GaGa (28)
  • 03/29
Elle Macpherson (51), Lucy Lawless (46), Marina Sirtis (54), Jennifer Capriati (38), Natalia Avelon (34)
  • 03/30
Donna D'Errico (46), Céline Dion (47), Helena Mattsson (30)
  • 03/31
Sophie Rogall (33), Jessica Szohr (29)

533x717, 50 KB, Nina_Agdal_Editorialist_ss_2014-03.jpg662x538, 104 KB, JessicaXHartXByXRobXPerry2.jpg918x768, 90 KB, sarah_jean_underwood-newlook_02-notext.jpg1024x768, 117 KB, bianca_kajlich-121311-001.jpg1024x768, 182 KB, Aes12HD-ADangerousMethodKeiraKnightley-11.jpg751x597, 80 KB, Tatjana_Patitz-nude-01.jpg610x458, 92 KB, Danica_Patrick-see-through-01.jpg
Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrity links of the day

Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen butt naked for her new album cover (Taxi Driver Movie)

Varous models nude in Antidote magazine (The Nip Slip)

Jessica Biel in a bikini (GCeleb)

Model and actress Kea Ho posing for 138 water (Boobie Blog)

Pamela Anderson nude for Purple magazine (DS)

British glamour model Lucy Pinder topless for Nuts magazine (YDG)

Model Zippora Seven nude in  Love and Object (ITR)

Mr. Skin’s Breaking Nudes from SXSW film festival

Friday, March 21, 2014

Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie A few HD caps of Australian actress Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street, which comes out on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD next week.

Margot plays DiCaprio’s trophy wife in the movie. When DiCaprio first meets her, he is married to another women, and as a good husband he has second thoughts about cheating on his wife. But when he sees Margot in all her glory, wearing only a pair of high heels and black stockings, he forgets about his wife in an instance.

Unfortunately, DiCaprio’s character is not the world’s greatest lover and the sex scene ends in about eleven seconds, accordion to his words, I counted about four.

Before she landed her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot had a recurring role on Australian TV series Neighbors from 2008-2011. After that she moved to USA and starred on ABC’s drama series Pan Am.

She has four movies in production, the most notable among them is probably Tarzan in which she’ll play Jane of course. The movie is still in pre-production though and won’t come out before 2016.

Here’s Margot Robbie’s nude scene from The Wolf of Wall Street []

1024x768, 172 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-10.jpg502x768, 64 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-09.jpg560x768, 69 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-08.jpg1024x768, 184 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-04.jpg1024x757, 103 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-02.jpg781x748, 97 KB, Margot_Robbie_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-11.jpg1024x768, 125 KB, Katarina_Cas_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_1080p-00.jpg
Thursday, March 20, 2014

Celebs in upcoming movies

Stacy Martin Movies to be released this week:

Muppets Most Wanted (Salma Hayek, Tina Fey, Debby Ryan, Lady GaGa, Bridgit Mendler, Céline Dion, Katie Derry)
Divergent (Shailene Woodley, Maggie Q, Zöe Kravitz¸ Ashley Judd, Justine Wachsberger, Kate Winslet)
Nymphomaniac: Vol. I [limited] (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Uma Thurman¸ Sophie Kennedy Clark, Kate Ashfield, Caroline Goodall, Saskia Reeves)
Rob the Mob [limited] (Nina Arianda, Aida Turturro¸ Aimee Mullins)
Jodorowsky's Dune [limited] ()
Blood Ties [limited] (Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Lili Taylor, Eve Hewson, Tammy Jean)
Cheap Thrills [limited] (Sara Paxton, Amanda Fuller, Claudia Salinas)
McCanick [limited] (Rachel Nichols, Tracie Thoms)

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. I will get a limited theatrical release this week. British actress Charlotte Gainsbourg stars in the title role.  She tells her life story to a man, who took her to his home after he found her beaten on the ground in the back of an alley.

Actress Stacy Martin portrays the younger version of Charlotte’s character in Vol. I. There’s lots of sex with random guys, with some very explicit shoots, but the emphasis is more on the story than on the sex, since none of the sex scenes is particularly long.

Vol. II of the movie deals with more recent events and Charlotte plays her part. Sex scenes get even more explicit in this part. Group sex, lots of S&M and bondage, but again, when it comes to displaying sex scenes on screen, it's all very short.

In the end everything boils down to a simple fact that even though our heroine had sex with 1000s of man, it was all by her choice, and her free will and even though you might think she’s a whore, she is still the one who picks whom she want to have sex with. And her rescuer was not one of them.

The Wolf of Wall Street will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD next week. Margot Robbie and Katarina Cas have full frontal nude scenes in it and there are also plenty of extras who ware naked in the movie, but will be impossible to ID them all.

Celebs in upcoming movies

April 25th

The Other Woman (Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nicki Minaj¸ Kate Upton, Deborah Twiss¸ Madison McKinley)
The Quiet Ones (Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards)
Brick Mansions (Catalina Denis, Ayisha Issa)
Locke (Ruth Wilson, Olivia Colman¸ Alice Lowe)
For No Good Reason ()

Mr. Skin
1024x768, 132 KB, Martin-Nymphomaniac-Vol-1_736134.jpg1020x456, 88 KB, MaggieQ-Warrior-n-06.jpg1024x592, 55 KB, Woodley-The-Spectacular-Now_732523.jpg1024x570, 106 KB, Hayek-Americano-HD-s-06.jpg1024x570, 82 KB, MarionCotillard-RustAndBone-HD-02.jpg1024x768, 124 KB, Paxton-Superhero-u-01.jpg
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence from American Hustle

Amy Adams A few HD caps of Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence from American Hustle.

Amy is actually topless in this movie, but without pause but you’ll probably miss her brief boob flash. She also spends most of the movie braless, consequently we get a few nice scenes where her cleavage is on display. And there’s also a brief scene in a strip club, when she’s on the stage, during which we get a nice shot of her buns.

Jennifer stays more or less clothed. Even when she takes of her top she has a one piece underwear underneath, so we don’t get to see much of her, except for some nice cleavage during one scene.

You can check out the clips from the movie at Mr. Skin
962x768, 78 KB, Amy_Adams_American_Hustle_1080p-04.jpg780x768, 64 KB, Amy_Adams_American_Hustle_1080p-08.jpg679x768, 71 KB, Amy_Adams_American_Hustle_1080p-07.jpg744x768, 98 KB, Amy_Adams_American_Hustle_1080p-05.jpg979x768, 113 KB, Jennifer_Lawrence_American_Hustle_1080p-01.jpg909x768, 102 KB, Jennifer_Lawrence_American_Hustle_1080p-02.jpg
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celebrity Nudeflash

Eva Green Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the last week according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo, google and bing.

Eva Green was the most searched for celeb in the past week. The main reason for her rise to the top was her sex scene from 300: Rise of an Empire. The movie is still in theaters, so the only version of the sex scene from the movie so far is a low quality cam recording.

We also got a first peek of Scarlett Johansson’s T&A from movie Under the Skin. Also from a low quality source, and on top of that, Scarlett’s nude scene were all filmed in dim light, so you can barely distinguish anything from the current source. We might get some nice caps of her buns when HD version of the movie is released, other parts of her body will probably remain a blurry mess even in HD.  So, Scarlett’s leaked photos from a few years ago will remain her best nudity she has done so far.

Some other interesting nude scenes from the past week:
Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past week:
  1. Eva Green    
  2. Miley Cyrus    
  3. Jennifer Lawrence    
  4. Emma Watson    
  5. Selena Gomez    
  6. Katy Perry    
  7. Kate Upton    
  8. Kristen Bell   
  9. Amy Adams    
  10. Emma Stone    
Some new names I noticed among the searches performed at Nudography in the past week:
  • Cynthia Lynn… died; she played Helga on Hogan's Heroes
  • Doris Day… celebrated her 90th birthday
  • Lauren Goodger… British reality actress; got new breast implants
  • Marina Nery… a model, did a photo shoot for Terry Richardson
  • Kea Ho… photo shoot for 138 Water ad; she will also be in Sin City 2
  • Katherine McNamara… starred on a recent episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Katherine Cunningham… stars alongside Christian Slater  and Steve Zahn  on ABC’s new TV series Mind Games;
  • Megan Follows… Canadian actress, stars in Reign, historical TV series on CW about Mary, Queen of Scots, who was queen regnant of Scotland in 16th century
  • Maura Kidwell… stars on USA Networks’s new TV series Sirens, a comedy series loosely based on the British series by the same name. The series follows the work lives of three Chicago EMTs  (Emergency medical technicians)
Here are some of the top trending celebrity searches from the past week sent from yahoo and google:
318x210, 15 KB, eva_green_300-01.gif714x506, 50 KB, Scarlett_Johansson_-_Under_the_Skin-01.jpg622x768, 44 KB, Jessica_Parker_Kennedy_-_Black_Sails-01.jpg1024x720, 80 KB, Ivana_Milicevic-Banshee-s2e10-720p-1a.jpg1024x768, 86 KB, antidote_magazine_redroom_13___anja_rubik.jpg1024x768, 97 KB, antidote_magazine_redroom_02___natasha_poly.jpg1024x768, 214 KB, antidote_magazine_redroom_01___lara_stone.jpg690x768, 116 KB, Marina_Nery_L_Officiel_Brazil_4.jpg1024x768, 96 KB, marina_nery_topless-01.jpg759x768, 80 KB, marina_nery_topless-02.jpg1024x727, 117 KB, Adele_Exarchopoulos_-_Numero_Magazine_-01.jpg
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