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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Celebrity Nudeflash

Margot Robbie Here are some celebrity trends and news headlines from the last week of 2013 according to Nudography's logs and referrers from yahoo and google.

There was some talk about a new Tila Tequila’s sex tape being released for Christmas. There's still no sign of the tape, so I guess someone at Vivid Entertainment was very naughty last year and Santa didn’t deliver the consent of all the parties involved.  Or perhaps they are just slowly building the hype and interest in the tape and it will get released in a couple of months, Valentine’s day perhaps.

Apart from the original article about the sex tape on TMZ, I couldn’t find any news about it. Not a word about it from Tila, and we all know she has a lot to say these days. Although, mostly about whacky conspiracy theories about Nazis and Jews. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons there’s no tape... acting just a bit too crazy to associate your brand name with her.

So instead of Tila's sex tape to watch for Christmas, people had to find some alternative. Looking at the searches, performed at Nudography over the past week, here are some of the most popular Christmas titles.
And some not so classic titles:
  • UFC 168: fighters Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate
  • Devil’s Pass: horror movie directed by Renny Harlin. Holly Goss was the leading actress in the movie. I don’t think she had a nude scene in it. British glamour model Gemma Atkinson also stars in it. She has a sex scene in it, unfortunately she is mostly covered during it. Apart from a quick side boob and a cleavage shot, we don’t get too see anything.
  • Alien Uprising:starring  Maya Grant and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter, Bianca Bree. Maya is briefly topless in the movie during a sex scene. Just a quick flash of her right breast. If you hit pause, you can see that she has pierced nipples, that’s about it.
  • Rehab Addict: DIY Network's TV series in which Nicole Curtis is saving historic houses
Top 10 most searched for celebs in the past week:
  1. Miley Cyrus  
  2. Selena Gomez
  3. Jennifer Lawrence   
  4. Emma Watson   
  5. Amy Adams   
  6. Katy Perry   
  7. Kate Upton   
  8. Megan Fox   
  9. Jennifer Aniston   
  10. Mila Kunis
Here are some of the top trending celebrity searches from the past week sent from yahoo and google:
672x768, 180 KB, Tila_Tequila_nude-01.jpg1000x614, 119 KB, dr-keira_knightley01b.jpg1024x768, 208 KB, miesha_tate-espn_body_issue_2013-ph_kristen_schaefer_geisler-01.jpg760x768, 99 KB, bianca_bree_jcvd-01.jpg383x351, 31 KB, Margot_Robbie___The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street-01.jpg276x612, 24 KB, Margot_Robbie___The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street-02.jpg377x287, 12 KB, Amy-Adams--American-Hustle-01.jpg
Friday, January 03, 2014

Mr. Skin’s Minute

Scarlett Johansson In this edition of Mr. Skin's Minute Video Mr. Skin's takes a look at The most eagerly awaited nude scenes of 2014.

The ones mentioned in the video are Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stacy Martin nude from Nymphomaniac.

Magnolia Pictures has recently announced that Lars von Trier has cut his work into two films. Nymphomaniac: Part One is getting released in theaters across Europe in January and February, the US theatrical release is planned for March 21st, and slightly before that, on March 6th, the movie will also be available through video on demand providers. The good news is that we won’t have to wait for another year for the second part of the movie. The second part will be released on April 3rd on demand and a couple of weeks later in theaters as well.

Next there’s Dakota Fanning’s skinny dipping scene from Very Good Girls. No distributor has picked up this movie yet in any country.

And lastly, Scarlett Johansson in the sci-fi sex thriller Under the Skin. The movie will be released on April 4th in the US.

Link To Mr. Skin Minute Video

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Celebs in upcoming movies

Sylvia Hoeks Movies to be released this week:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
(Molly Ephraim, Katie Featherston)
Autoreiji: Biyondo [limited] ()
La migliore offerta [limited] (Sylvia Hoeks, Liya Kebede)
Open Grave [limited] (Erin Richards)
Interior. Leather Bar. [limited] ()

Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks has probably the best nude scene from what this week’s movie releases have to offer. She has several nude scenes in La migliore offerta. Naked in a bathtub, with a nice shot from behind when she exits the tub, a sex scene, something for the foot fetishists ...

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. Nothing from the leading cast members though.
There is a scene in the movie where two naked women are painting cult symbols on their bodies with blood.

Japanese crime drama, Autoreiji: Biyondo, has an R rating as well. Brief sexual images is one of the reasons for the rating. I am not sure I remember any of the sexual images the rating is talking about. There's a scene with a girl with a dragon tattoo (or a bird) on her back with a hint of a side boob. Seems like a downgrade from the first part in which Naoko Watanabe took off her clothes.

Celebs in upcoming movies
January 31st

Labor Day (Kate Winslet, Maika Monroe, Brooke Smith, Alexie Gilmore)
That Awkward Moment (Imogen Poots, Addison Timlin, Jessica Lucas, Alysia Reiner, Lola Glaudini, Emily Meade, Kate Simses, Evelina Oboza)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

1024x570, 83 KB, Hoeks-Best-HD-n-04.jpg
Thursday, January 02, 2014

Celebrity links of the day

Alice Goodwin British glamour model Alice Goodwin posing nude, before the implants  (YDG)

Alice Goodwin's 2014 Calendar (DS)

Model Sara Sampaio posing nude for photographer Mariano Vivanco (ITR)

Kristen Stewart's side boob (GCeleb)

The Year 2013 In Boobs!! (Boobie Blog)

Mr. Skin's list of Top 10 Stars Who Should Get Nude in 2014

Gemma Merna rockin her hard pokies (Taxi Driver Movie)
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tuppence Middleton from Cleanskin

Tuppence Middleton A few HD caps of British actress Tuppence Middleton from Cleanskin.

Tuppence has two nude scenes in the movie. And although she’s prancing around topless in one scene, she’s wearing pasties in the other one. I am not sure how to explain this. Most likely she had only one nude scene in the contract, and by the looks of it, wearing pasties, doesn’t count as a nude scene.

Tuppence has several movies coming out next year.  The biggest one will probably be Jupiter Ascending, sci-fi adventure from Andy and Lana Wachowski, in which she will star alongside Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean.

You can get clips from this movie at Mr. Skin, an another movie where you can see Tuppence topless is Trap for Cinderella.
906x768, 96 KB, Tuppence_Middleton_Cleanskin_1080p-06.jpg1024x768, 114 KB, Tuppence_Middleton_Cleanskin_1080p-04.jpg1024x768, 133 KB, Tuppence_Middleton_Cleanskin_1080p-03.jpg800x768, 84 KB, Tuppence_Middleton_Cleanskin_1080p-02.jpg
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eva Mendes from The Place Beyond the Pines

Eva Mendes A few HD caps and a video clip of Eva Mendes  from The Place Beyond the Pines.

Eva definitely knows how to make an entrance. Even Ryan Gosling got distracted by the view for a split second.

Eva does get rid of her top later in the movie, unfortunately Gosling's hand is obstructing the money shot  for the whole time.

Here's a clip of Eva's pokies scene from  The Place Beyond the Pines []
731x768, 85 KB, eva_mendes_The_Place_Beyond_the_Pines_1080p-03.jpg608x768, 80 KB, eva_mendes_The_Place_Beyond_the_Pines_1080p-02.jpg528x768, 63 KB, eva_mendes_The_Place_Beyond_the_Pines_1080p-01.jpg1024x768, 191 KB, eva_mendes_The_Place_Beyond_the_Pines_1080p-04.jpg
Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebs on talk shows

Kristen Wiig Not much on talk shows this week either.

Kristen Wiig and  Juliette Lewis will be on Live With Kelly and Michael today. That's pretty much it for this week.

Happy New Year!!!
Monday, December 30, 2013

Katee Sackhoff from Riddick

Katee Sackhoff A few HD caps and clips of Katee Sackhoff and Charlie Marie Dupont from unrated director’s cut of Riddick which will be released on January 14th on Blu-ray.

The Director’s cut has a couple of additional scenes happening on the Necromongers’ ship. Vaako (Karl Urban) has slightly more screen time, Riddick’s consorts have slightly more screen time as well, and in the end Riddick returns to the ship to solve some unfinished business.

I am not sure about anything else. It seems like Katee Sackhoff’s nude scene is the same as in the theatrical version of the movie.

Here are Katee’s and Charlie’s nude scenes from the movie

Katee Sackhoff topless from Riddick []
Charlie Marie Dupont nude from Riddick []

1024x768, 100 KB, Katee_Sackhoff_Riddick_1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 90 KB, Katee_Sackhoff_Riddick_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 88 KB, Katee_Sackhoff_Riddick_1080p-01.jpg1024x768, 184 KB, Charlie_Marie_Dupont_Riddick_1080p-04.jpg1024x768, 173 KB, Charlie_Marie_Dupont_Riddick_1080p-02.jpg
Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrity Birthdays

January Jones Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

December 31st - January 6th

  •  12/31
Valentina Vargas (49), Bebe Neuwirth (55), Li Gong (48), Elaine Cassidy (34)
  • 01/01
Dedee Pfeiffer (50), Elin Nordegren (34), Tereza Srbova (34), Edita Vilkeviciute (25), Samantha Gradoville (24), Katrina Law (29)
  • 01/02
Paz Vega (38), Tia Carrere (47), Kate Bosworth (31), Christy Turlington (45)
  • 01/03
Danica McKellar (39)
  • 01/04
Kerry Condon (31), Julia Ormond (49), Vanity (55), Emily Deschanel (36)
  • 01/05
Kylie Bax (39), January Jones (36), Diane Keaton (68), Kristin Cavallari (27), America Olivo (36)
  • 01/06
Joey Lauren Adams (43), Irina Shaik (28), Rinko Kikuchi (33)
905x529, 79 KB, kate_bosworth_topless_big_sur.JPG1024x768, 188 KB, Aes09HD-SexandLuciaPazVega34.jpg907x768, 76 KB, Katrina_Law_Spartacus_Blood_and_Sand_S01E09_1080p-07.jpg662x768, 75 KB, samantha_gradoville_topless-01.jpg880x768, 119 KB, edita-vilkeviciute_nude-01.jpg1024x706, 93 KB, Tereza-Srbova_Strike-Back-s4e8-01.jpg1024x768, 127 KB, Valentina_Vargas_The_Name_of_the_Rose_1080p-01.jpg1024x768, 150 KB, jmoronic1608-JonesJanuary-SweetVengeance02.jpg
Friday, December 27, 2013

Sara Salamo from Tres60

Sara Sálamo A few caps and a couple of HD clips of Spanish actress Sara Sálamo from the Spanish movie Tres60.

Sara made her acting and nude debut in Tres60. Before that she had a recurring role in Spanish TV series Arrayán. Next year she’ll make her international movie debut in the German movie titled The Glorious Seven which will be directed by Harald Holzenleiter.

I couldn’t find much info about this movie, apart forma few photos from the movie Sara posted on her twitter page. You can also find a few interviews and other promo clips with Sara on youtube.

Here are two clips from the movie.

Sara Salamo topless in front of a mirror []
Sara Salamo topless in bed []

1024x768, 75 KB, Sara_Salamo_Three-60_1080p-05.jpg975x712, 74 KB, Sara_Salamo_Three-60_1080p-04.jpg670x768, 55 KB, Sara_Salamo_Three-60_1080p-03.jpg692x768, 58 KB, Sara_Salamo_Three-60_1080p-02.jpg1024x768, 188 KB, Sara_Salamo_Three-60_1080p-01-1.jpg
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