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Monday, September 14, 2015

Celebrity Birthdays

Keeley Hazell Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.


September 15th - September 21st
  • 09/15
Guinevere van Seenus (37), Caterina Murino (41), Marisa Ramirez (38)
  • 09/16
Alexis Bledel (34), Jennifer Tilly (57), Amy Wesson (38), Madeline Zima (30), Esther Nubiola (32)
  • 09/17
Adriana Karembeu (44), Pixie Geldof (25), Cassandra Peterson (66)
  • 9/18
Keeley Hazell (29), Alison Lohman (36), Aisha Tyler (45), Jada Pinkett Smith (44), Tara Fitzgerald (48), Arizona Muse (27), Mona Johannesson (29)
  • 9/19
Alexandra Vandernoot (50), Victoria Silvstedt (41), Danielle Panabaker (28),  Noémie Lenoir (36), Twiggy (66), Amber Lancaster (35), Katrina Bowden (27), Lydia Hearst (31)
  • 9/20
Asia Argento (40), Aimee Graham (40), JoAnna Cameron (64), Moon Bloodgood (40), Mariacarla Boscono (35), Kristen Johnston (48), Sophia Loren (81)
  • 9/21
Maggie Grace (32), Nicole Richie (34), Faith Hill (48), Bridget Moynahan (45), Nancy Travis (54), Cheryl Hines (50), Christian Serratos (25), Autumn Reeser (35), Laura Neiva (23), Allison Scagliotti (25)
738x768, 67 KB, Keely_Hazell_topless-01.jpg1024x671, 237 KB, adriana_Karembeu_nude.jpg1024x768, 45 KB, Guinevere_van_Seenus__James_Houston_Natural_Beauty.jpg803x768, 67 KB, def333-Flaunt_AmyWesson04.jpg620x768, 52 KB, arizona_muse_vogue_fr_2011-02-01.jpg652x768, 61 KB, Mona_Johannesson_Gravure-2011-05-02.jpg664x768, 72 KB, lydia-hearst-treats-01.jpg
Friday, September 11, 2015

Polly Shannon from The Outer Limits

Polly Shannon A few caps and clips of Canadian actress Polly Shannon from the sci-fi TV series The Outer Limits.

The episode in which Polly is topless is titled The Human Operators. She stars as an operator of a space ship who meets with another space ship and its operator to make some babies… i.e. new human operators.

Polly has a new movie coming out in December, a drama titled Performance in which she’ll star alongside Graham Greene and Sienna Guillory.

Here are clips of Polly’s nude scenes from The Outer Limits

Polly Shannon sex scene #1 []
Polly Shannon sex scene #2 []
Polly Shannon topless #1 []

960x720, 80 KB, Polly_Shannon_The_Outer_Limits_S05E07_The_Human_Operators-05.jpg531x674, 59 KB, Polly_Shannon_The_Outer_Limits_S05E07_The_Human_Operators-04.jpg629x720, 57 KB, Polly_Shannon_The_Outer_Limits_S05E07_The_Human_Operators-03.jpg630x720, 66 KB, Polly_Shannon_The_Outer_Limits_S05E07_The_Human_Operators-02.jpg
Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celebs in upcoming movies

Alison Brie Movies to be released this week:

The Visit (Kathryn Hahn, Erica Lynne Marszalek)
The Perfect Guy (Sanaa Lathan, Rutina Wesley, Kathryn Morris, Shannon Lucio)
90 Minutes in Heaven (Kate Bosworth)
Gui lai (Li Gong)
Sleeping with Other People (Alison Brie, Amanda Peet, Natasha Lyonne, Andrea Savage, Daniella Pineda, Margarita Levieva)
Time Out of Mind (Jena Malone)
Ich seh, Ich she (Susanne Wuest)
Wolf Totem ()

There are a couple of nude scenes in the German movie "Ich seh, Ich she" which comes out in a limited release this week.

Susanne Wuest takes off her clothes on two occasions in the movie. First to check out herself in a bathroom mirror and second time when she goes for a stroll in the woods taking off her clothes, we get to see a few glimpses of her upper buns and a side view of her right boob.

Sleeping with Other People is also rated R. There are a couple of sex scenes in it, but all the characters keep their clothes on.

Toronto Film Festival is also underway with several interesting films on its schedule. First report of nudity is from horror movie The Witch in which Anya Taylor-Joy shows her buns and hair-covered breasts as she takes a stroll through the woods in the nude.

This week's MPAA bulletin:

  • Films rated for nudity
1.Extraction - Rated R for violence, language throughout and brief sexual content/nudity. (Canada film)

A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.

Starring: Gina Carano, Nikki BreAnne Wells, Summer Altice, Lydia Hull, Sierra Love
  • Films rated for sexual content
1.Krisha - Rated R for language, substance abuse and some sexual content. (USA film)

When Krisha returns for a holiday gathering, the only things standing in her way are family, dogs, and turkey.

Per Mr Skin: Olivia Grace Applegate 'sexy', Krisha Fairchild in underwear.
  • Also rated this week
1.The Accountant - Rated R for strong violence and language throughout.

2.In My Father's House - Rated R for some language.

Celebs in upcoming movies

October 16th

Crimson Peak (Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Leslie Hope¸ Emily Coutts)
Bridge of Spies (Amy Ryan, Eve Hewson, Nadja Bobyleva¸ Daniela Schulz)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lola Le Lann from Un moment d'égarement

Lola Le Lann A few HD caps and a couple of video clips of French actress Lola Le Lann from 2015 movie Un moment d'égarement.

The movie is a remake of the 1977 film Un moment d'égarement, starring Victor Lanoux, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Agnes Soral.

It tells the story of two friends, played by François Cluzet and Vincent Cassel, who bring their daughters, portrayed by Lola Le Lann and Alice Isaaz, with them on a beach vacation. During the vacation one of the daughters seduces her dad’s friend. 

Blame it on Rio, starring Michael Caine, Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson was also based on the original movie. You can check out clips and caps from this one, and the original, at Mr. Skin.

Here are two clips form 2015 Un moment d'égarement (Russian audio):

Lola Le Lann topless changing clothes []
Lola Le Lann skinny dipping then having sex []

832x686, 51 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-15.jpg1024x768, 46 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-11.jpg813x768, 35 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-09.jpg1006x768, 66 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-04.jpg898x768, 59 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-03.jpg1024x768, 99 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-24.jpg1024x768, 59 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-21.jpg1024x768, 58 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-19.jpg844x768, 74 KB, Lola_Le_Lann_Un_moment_d_egarement_2015-16.jpg
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrity links of the day

Emily Kinney Lia Marie Johnson nip slip from her bikini Top (Taxi Driver Movie)

Dakota Fanning braless pokies (The Nip Slip)

Sanaa Lathan's cleavage  (Boobie Blog)

Miley Cyrus topless in Interview magazine (DS)

British glamour model Rosie Jones topless for Page 3  (YDG)

The Naked Ladies of the Fall 2015 Network TV Season (Mr. Skin)

Emily Kinney nude on Masters of Sex (Zorg)
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebs on talk shows

Emily Blunt Here's a list of some interesting celebrity appearances on talk shows this week.

Emily Blunt will be guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live today. She stars alongside Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin in movie Sicario which comes out in limited release on September 18th.

Alison Brie will promote her new movie, Sleeping with Other People, during her guest appearances on Watch What Happens Live today and The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday.

Parents guide warning for Sex & Nudity in Watch What Happens Live says “A couple sex scenes, though no nudity”.

Scarlett Johansson will be guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. She hasn’t any new movies coming out until February next year. Her latest movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, will be released on Blu-ray on October 2nd, though.

You can check the complete list and all the future lineups on talk shows on The Late Night TV Page website.

Monday (September 7th)
Tuesday (September 8th)
Wednesday (September 9th)
Thursday (September 10th)
Friday (September 11th)
Monday, September 7, 2015

Celebrity Birthdays

Jessica Brown Findlay Here’s a list of some upcoming celebrity birthday girls and photos of some memorable nude scenes some of these celebs were in.

September 8th - September 14th
  • 09/08
Brooke Burke (44), Abi Titmuss (39), Pink (36), Michelle Johnson (50), Heather Chantal Jones (27)
  • 09/09
Rachel Hunter (46), Michelle Williams (35), Emma de Caunes (39), Zoe Kazan (32)
  • 09/10
Lindsay Maxwell (34), Coco Rocha (27)
  • 09/11
Elisabetta Canalis (37), Cameron Richardson (36), Virginia Madsen (52), Taraji P. Henson (34), Rhian Sugden (29)
  • 09/12
Emmy Rossum (29), Jennifer Hudson (34), Rachel Ward (58), Zippora Seven (23)
  • 09/13
Cristiana Capotondi (35)
  • 09/14
Kimberly Williams (44), Carmen Kass (37), Faith Ford (51), Jessica Brown Findlay (26), Heidi Montag (29)

1000x768, 88 KB, rhian-sugden-1363465.jpg879x768, 44 KB, Heather_Chantal_Jones-05.jpg1024x768, 187 KB, Aes14HD-BlameItonRioMichelleJohnson-05.jpg650x768, 60 KB, pink_see_through_top_-01.jpg1024x768, 99 KB, Jessica-Brown-Findlay-_-Albatross-01.jpg1024x768, 165 KB, zippora_seven-_nude-o1.jpg
Monday, September 7, 2015

Ingrid Garcia Jonsson from Hermosa juventud

A few HD caps of Spanish actress with Swedish roots, Ingrid Garcia Jonsson, from Hermosa juventud.

Ingrid won several best actress awards for her performance in the movie which shows a young couple, Natalia and Carlos, from Spain. No job, financial instability, limited resources forces the couple to take some drastic measures, so they decide to film an amateur porn film to catch a break.

Later on Natalia moves to Germany, trying to find a job there. But once again she finds herself in the clutches of porn industry.

Here are two nude scenes from the movie

Ingrid Garcia Jonsson from Hermosa juventud sex scene []
Ingrid Garcia Jonsson from Hermosa juventud casting couch []

704x768, 59 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-03.jpg620x768, 52 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-02.jpg671x768, 61 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-01.jpg1024x768, 68 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-12.jpg746x768, 47 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-11.jpg581x768, 47 KB, Ingrid_Garcia_Jonsson_Hermosa_juventud_1080p-08.jpg
Friday, September 4, 2015

Jessica Morris from Haunting of the Innocent

Jessica Morris A few HD caps of  Jessica Morris from Haunting of the Innocent.

Here's another nude scene from the horror movie Haunting of the Innocent.Jessica Morris lying topless on a bed.

Jessica made her nude debut in Role Models. She was also topless in movie Senior Skip Day. She has a dozen movies in production, set to be released within a year, so there's a good chance wee see her naked again very soon.

To see all of her nude scenes in one place, check out Mr. Skin.
1024x768, 93 KB, Jessica_Morris_haunting_of_the_innocent_1080p-05.jpg1024x768, 90 KB, Jessica_Morris_haunting_of_the_innocent_1080p-03.jpg1024x768, 130 KB, Jessica_Morris_haunting_of_the_innocent_1080p-02.jpg
Thursday, September 3, 2015

Celebs in upcoming movies

Alice Eve Movies to be released this week:

The Transporter Refueled (Loan Chabanol, Gabriella Wright, Tatiana Pajkovic)
A Walk in the Woods (Kristen Schaal, Mary Steenburgen, Emma Thompson, Katie Groshong)
Before We Go (Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick)

No nudity in movies released this week.

Some recent nudity rumors:
  1. Imogen Poots may have a nude scene in the upcoming Frank & Lola.
  2. Sarah Dumont has a couple of nude scenes in Acid Girls.
Celebs in upcoming movies
October 9th

The Jungle Book (Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong'o)
Kidnap (Halle Berry, Malea Richardson)

For a detailed review of all the movies, accompanied with pictures and video clips, where above actresses can be seen naked or semi-naked, you should join Mr. Skin's website.

Mr. Skin
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